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Avatar m tn Works like this the Antigen test is detectable immediately after infection, and only for the first few weeks. The antibody (ab) test has a window period of 4-12 weeks. Finally, the World Health Organization considers this DUO test conclusive at 6 weeks. Accuracy rate is 99.9%.
Avatar f tn Had a low risk exposure a month ago , took a HIV duo Ag/Ab test after 6 weeks come back negative - is this conclusive enough or do I need to test after 3 months
Avatar m tn 3 weeks is little bit early, though the test is capable of detecting HIV antibodies 4-6 weeks after exposure. BUT, you had oral sex which is NOT a risk of contracting HIV. so there is no need for further testing.
Avatar m tn I nver had test I last had unprotected sex around 4 years ago and protected sex more den year ago. and no rish one more den 9 months ago. what I meant is even after 9 month is thr possibility of symptoms? I means is how long symptoms starts to show after sex and what is maximum time symptoms can show in human body after sex?
Avatar n tn i got my test done today HIV-Ag / AB and resulted negative... thanks a lot Teak...God Bless you always...
Avatar n tn But i had it after approx 75days of the exposure and the test was HIV 1/2 antibody screening combo(CMIA) test and it was non reactive. Should i consider it conclusive or should i repeat it?
Avatar f tn if a pregnant women that be HIV test may have the From week for a positive result with this method Antiboby Rapid Test? time period was 8 weeks risk is travel? HIV test and if two 8-week resistance can figure out the sour?
Avatar m tn Hi, I just had sex only 1 time in my whole life except with my fiance, that things happen in Dubai with a young girl (maybe she's a sex trade worker) (Dubai rules is every 3 month HIV testing for getting the residency visa ) ,during vaginal intercourse condom tears, possible exposure less than 10 seconds and immediately stop and pull out and change with the new condom and continue action till end (5 min after that ejaculation is done), after that i go to bathroom and wash my penis with soa
Avatar n tn If there were any cuts, nicks, or grazes where you shaved your penis then it is possible that you could have picked up an HIV infection. The gauze where she had her tooth removed won't make any difference at all, that's not enough to prevent blood moving. The chances are small, but there's a definite chance, and I'd advise getting tested.
Avatar f tn I recently had a sexual encounter with an older woman who also happened to be a sex worker. The condom broke and I pulled out immediately after. I got circumcised 4 years ago. What are my chances of contracting the HI Virus? Thanks.
Avatar n tn This situation does not meet most authorities' guidelines for PEP, at least not if you are in the United States or other western industrialized country. Few commercial sex workers in the US have HIV, and that's probably especially true if "call girl" means a relatively upscale CSW, i.e. not a brothel worker or streetwalker. Further, it is likely she told the truth when saying she isn't infected with HIV or other STDs.
Avatar m tn t settle your fears and you need to have a negative test result to help you get past this. In that case, have an HIV antibody test after 6-8 weeks. 3) This situation does not meet standard criteria for PEP. 4) My standard response to this question is the this: No distant online provider can guarantee someone isn't infected. But if I were in your situation, knowing what I know, I would continue unprotected sex with my wife without fear for her health. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Lack of sleep - getting good sleep no night sweats As per doctor suggestion i took HIV TEST - CLIA METHOD after 5 weeks of exposure(1 week after PEP Completion). Test result came negative. Doctor told its conclusive.. Now im in 6th week ... i found still some uncomfort... 1. Red spots again started in my penis head (very mild and small to see with naked eye - on stretching i can able to see the red dots)- not itchy feeling 2. Random Throat pain- lasts for some hours and vanished. 3 .
Avatar n tn Thanks LIZZIE, I already have got the Rapid Home Test Kit HIV1/2 so the first test (2 weeks after the exposure) is negative but we will see after 4-6 weeks... huhhhh... hope I will smile again...
Avatar n tn Sir, I had protected sex with a women / sex worker around 37 days back. She was having periods at that time, which I was not aware about. While removing the condom, a drop of blood came on my finger (My condom was not torn or damaged). After around 20 days, I developed a small genital wart on my pence. I immediately went to a dermatologist / STD specialist and told him the entire episode correctly.
Avatar n tn At 6 weeks about 95% of tests that are going to become positive will be, at 8 weeks the figure rises to 98-99% and at 12 weeks the figure exceeds 99%. Thus a test, any commercially used HIV blood test, at any time beyond 6 weeks makes the odds of infection in your own case vanishingly rare (because your exposure was protected). PEP? Forget it. PEP's impact is greater when it is started sooner, preferably less than 48 hours after exposure.
Avatar f tn I also had unprotected oral with him, and a few other men between February and April. In July of 2019 I had both a rapid hiv test and a 4th generation lab test done on the same day. Both came back negative. Since I had a real exposure, was this conclusive? Should I need to retest? I also gave unprotected oral again to a guy in early July about 10 days before the test, now 6 months later I got a fever and sore throat so I thought maybe late seroconversion? I’m very worried.
Avatar m tn Thanks Lizzie lou and ricky. my test was great did an ELISA after 6months...and some other test tall came back negative. like a new life 4me now. thankin God so much nw. b aiit guys. 9ce work guys....keep it up.