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Avatar m tn I had protected sex with a sex worker on January 9th (nothing that proud of), during intercourse, the condom broke. I immediately took off and put another one, i went home after; took a shower, wash my genital area with alcohol and by the next day i started to worry. i went and got tested the many times after this encounter and my last test was on March 14th, actually 2 months after exposure. So my question is " How accurate is an HIV test after 2 months of exposure".
Avatar m tn You should wait for 3 months to get a conclusive antibosy test, meanwhile you may go for a test after 6-8 weeks with a follow up test at 3 months mark. this is the only way to check and confirm our status.
1265149 tn?1270065489 I am a 21 years male, I had vaginal sex with a girl in November 11 2009, without a condom and i ejaculated but my penis has Vaseline jelly on it. i urinated immediately after 2 minute after the sex , and the next day we went for HIV test and confirms she is positive and I'm negative. since then every month I go for HIV test and always been confirmed negative.. I did the last test on march 22 2010 and the result is negative.
Avatar n tn Thanks LIZZIE, I already have got the Rapid Home Test Kit HIV1/2 so the first test (2 weeks after the exposure) is negative but we will see after 4-6 weeks... huhhhh... hope I will smile again...
Avatar n tn I think the infection does not show up in your blood immediately after the incident, so I think the test has to take place some time after, I can't remember how long you have to wait.
Avatar m tn Do you usually need to have had unprotected sex for a longer length of time? What about my flu type symtoms? I had them for 2 days.
Avatar n tn If your symptoms were due to HIV, your blood test would be positive at this time. I suspect that your blood test will be negative, making it unlikely that you got HIV form the sexual encounter you have described. I hope my comments are helpful.
Avatar n tn Whilst still wearing the condom she briefing gave me oral sex whilst I was still wearing the condom. Shortly after this we kissed. Having thought about this almost immediately after the incident happened. 4 days after I returned home I sat on the internet searching for details on symptoms. Around this time I had a sore throat which last for about 4-5 days, I put this down to the usual sore throat after the 12 hour flight home.
Avatar n tn Seeing blood that I know was infected is creating extreme anxiety for me. I got an HIV test 2 days after the incident. IT was neg.--but i don't think it would have showed up that early anyway? BOTTOM LINE-He was bleeding. I was in the same room. I had not cuts and never saw blood on me or a surface other than his skin-- risk factors for me?
Avatar m tn I am happy to say that I got my last HIV exam at 13 weeks post possible exposure and I came out NEGATIVE! This event is no longer a concern to me and no longer stresses me out. Unfortunately, im a bit worried due to a different event. Yesterday as I was at the HIV testing clinic (prior to receiving my Orquick HIV 13 week negative results) I was sitting in a padded chair. As I was sitting in it; I felt a slight ***** on my back.
Avatar f tn You had no risk for HIV and a test would be a waste of time if you read the second paragraph curfew wrote.. HIV is instantly inactivated in air and also in saliva which means it is effectively dead so it can't infect from touching, rubbing or oral activities. It doesn't matter if you and they were actively bleeding or had cuts at the time either because the HIV is effectively dead. Only adult risks are the following: 1. unprotected penetrating vaginal 2.
Avatar m tn I nver had test I last had unprotected sex around 4 years ago and protected sex more den year ago. and no rish one more den 9 months ago. what I meant is even after 9 month is thr possibility of symptoms? I means is how long symptoms starts to show after sex and what is maximum time symptoms can show in human body after sex?
Avatar m tn i am wondering if there is any cocktails to prevent the contraction of hep c ? i have heard that there is a cocktail for hiv if u can get it within 48 hrs after exposure its supposed to kill the virus.. so im asking if there is somthing similar for hep c it has only been about an hr since this happened. if any body knows of anything and if there is a certain window if there is a cocktail please get bk to me asap thanks !!
Avatar m tn You describe an entirely safe sexual exposure and did not need HIV testing. The home self test for HIV is pretty much foolproof (if it were not, it would not have been approved for marketing), so I am sure your second (negative) result is reliable. Your symptoms, and your rash, do not suggest HIV. So there is definitely no basis for your to be at all worried, and I do believe (again using your own words) that you are "reading too much into all of this".
Avatar f tn Some tests give you a fairly accurate picture four weeks after exposure, but standard guidance is that only a test 3 months after exposure is 100% certain. I would strongly urge you not to have UNPROTECTED sex with anyone unless they are certain of their HIV status, i.e they havent had an at risk exposure since their last test (or ever) and you 100% trust that person.
439070 tn?1207846595 If stress gets up to you, than test at 6 weeks and than at 12 weeks after exposure. The 6 weeks test result will be a good indication for your conclusive result at 12 weeks.
Avatar m tn I immediately after the encounter, i had some fever over the next couple of days that followed. At most 1 week after it happened. I took a test but it was negative and i hope to take another one soon. I think am very worried and i dont know if the mouth sores are as a result of this Am i at risk?
Avatar n tn Please let me know, what is the risk for me to affecting HIV. I also heard about RNA test, Can I go for RNA test after 7 days? Please help me I am too much anxious now and out of control also. some expert recommond PCR RNA test can be done after 72 hours of exposure also. Please help me.
Avatar m tn 6) And finally the 4TH Generation (ab/ag test) which is the most common test in the United States. Works like this the Antigen test is detectable immediately after infection, and only for the first few weeks. The antibody (ab) test has a window period of 4-12 weeks. Finally, the World Health Organization considers this DUO test conclusive at 6 weeks. Accuracy rate is 99.9%.
Avatar m tn I got so worried within this period of more than three months that i had at times contemplated of committing suicide if indeed i am positive with HIV but was too scared to take the test. Finally, at exactly 15 weeks after my potential exposure, i had a test at another city (for anonimity). I had an HIV immunochromatographic assay test and it came back non-reactive. questions: 1. What is immunochromatographic assay test and how accurate is it? 2.
Avatar f tn I had the following tests at 16 weeks after sex with condom: Elisa test reactive Western blot negative 2 oraquick tests negative What do u think?
Avatar n tn Just get a 4th generation (Ab/Ag) test 4-6 weeks post-exposure, and you'll know for sure.
Avatar n tn i did the HIV testing by Eliza 30 days later and the result come negative. do you think is this enough and i have no HIV or i have to repaet the test after 3 and 6 monthes. i have no any sexual acivities (no vaginal, oral ,anal) and even no any mouth kissing.
Avatar m tn 2 days later I got hit with strep throat. You had a test from your first partner at 3 months test was negative. You had sex again now you want to know if you will be okay. Well guess what your first test didn't have anything to do with that second round of sex. So you need to test out to 3 months again.
Avatar f tn Hi experts, I need a suggestion on the below test for hiv, is this method of testing holds good or reliable to get tested after 2 months of possible exposure. If not which methOd Considering the window period? test - Hiv 1 genotyping and drug resistance Method - Reverse transcriptase PCR and DNA sequencing. If anybody is there from India plz let me know the reliable laboratory, which I Can trust on the results. Plz help.. appreciate your kind response.
Avatar f tn I recently had a sexual encounter with an older woman who also happened to be a sex worker. The condom broke and I pulled out immediately after. I got circumcised 4 years ago. What are my chances of contracting the HI Virus? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I did HIV I & II CMIA test on 38 days and it came non reactive. Also VDRL test came non reactive. Thanks for supporting words. Can I rely on the test and go on?please advise.
Avatar m tn After My brief exposure where the condom broke and i withdrew immediately and replaced it with a new one, i took a test yesterday and i am waiting for results. Anxiety is killing me, what can i expect. Anyone please help.