Hiv test two weeks after exposure

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Avatar m tn Syphilis test is 6 weeks after exposure for a conclusive result.
Avatar f tn Hello, I was tested for HIV antigen/antibody test two weeks after possible exposure. The test came out negative. The laboratory said that their testing technology is able to pick up infection after 14 days of possible exposure but a lot of factors can affect the result so they can't guarantee the validity of the result. I'm worried sick. can you please tell me your ideas? P.
Avatar n tn it's not's weeks. test at 6-8 weeks after intercourse for a good indication...but follow that up with a 3 month test for a conclusive result. the odds are with you...and if i was a betting woman...
Avatar n tn I do plan on following up with an ELISA test at 12 weeks and 24 weeks when my test shows negative results. From what I've read, my confirmed exposure gives me a risk of HIV transmission at roughly 1 in 2500. Potentially, the risk is a little greater because my friend developed the first signs of Acute HIV a week after our encounter and that would signify that he probably had a high viral load at the time of our encounter.
Avatar m tn At 8 weeks me and my girlfriend with I had inprotected sex approximately 2 weeks after exposure had a two weeks pharyngitis (no fever) and my girlfriend also swollen glands for two days. I passed test for chlamydia and found out that I caught it from the sex worker, also ureaplasma. Now I´m feeling my lymh nodes on the neck are larger and also have white plaque on my tongue. I´m very afraid that I infected my girlfriend. We have a little baby. I´ts a hell...
Avatar m tn You can test at 6 weeks but if it is negative you'll need to test again at 3 months to obtain your conclusive test result.
Avatar m tn Someone, please...
Avatar f tn Please tell me hiv test conclusive at 3 months instead of 6 months so stressed out
Avatar n tn so, I do not have any signs so far and I took a home HIV test kit (LabPro… with Diluent Liquid stuff) and I was negative but I assume that two weeks after the exposure is to early. So could you please advise what is the earliest that I could undertake another test and if these tests are reliable??? And what is the level of risk that I have with this exposure.
Avatar m tn Acute sero-conversion symptoms never appear before two weeks after the original infection, and never after six weeks, lasting for about 7 to 10 days. This does not mean that you do not need to be tested. If you want some reassurance, you can always have the HIV RNA by PCR test after 7-10 days, but the only test that will give you complete peace of mind would be a Duo at 28 days. Best wishes,.
Avatar n tn I have just got my result about a week ago and in last 10 days i got very mild fever two times which didnt last more than two days. Can symptoms of hiv appear after 3 months of exposure.
Avatar m tn I tested negative for HIV 10 weeks after my potential exposure. Currently, I'm having under arm tightness / swelling and rashes on my chest, neck, face, groin, feet, as well as daily headaches. This is the second time I've had these underarm feelings. The first was about 3 weeks after my last exposure. The rashes have been going on for about a month now. The headache has been daily for about two months. Is there anyway at all this could be HIV related? Could stress cause this?
Avatar m tn My question is if I test for HIV 5 weeks after exposure and it comes out negative, do you think that I'll be ok, I mean what are the chances of me being HIV positive from a negative result 5 weeks after the exposure? She was the only girl I had sex with this year (Yes I know it only takes the 1 to contract the virus) I tested negative for everything else like herpes, syphilis hep a, b etc.
Avatar f tn After nine and a half weeks a negative HIV test means you are OK. Some people like to test out to 3 months for absolute certainty, but it is probably not required these days. You certainly do not need to test out to 6 months - that was the old recommendation, and it is out of date now. In future use condoms for all sexual penetrations - they will protect you from HIV.
Avatar n tn Based on the information you have provided, I KNOW that you did not get HIV from the single exposure you describe. You are correct that the two week test was not sufficient to be sure but even at that time it would have detected over half of infections acquired two weeks earlier. That you were tested three times using Home Access tests however assures you that you did not get HIV. The tests are very good and provide accurate results. I do not see any reason for additional testing.
Avatar n tn other than HIV are far more common, so you shouldn't view that as a 'sign' that you are infected. A test taken at two weeks is going to be too early to be meaningful. You should test at 6 weeks (the tests are very accurate at that time) and then again at 3 months for a conclusive result.
Avatar m tn I got so worried within this period of more than three months that i had at times contemplated of committing suicide if indeed i am positive with HIV but was too scared to take the test. Finally, at exactly 15 weeks after my potential exposure, i had a test at another city (for anonimity). I had an HIV immunochromatographic assay test and it came back non-reactive. questions: 1. What is immunochromatographic assay test and how accurate is it? 2.
Avatar f tn Got a pcr test a week ago Around feb 2 results neg but i have a lump in my throat side of neck is swollen Freaked out before tht cuz of dry mouth sore throat could i possibly have hiv infection ? 3 weeks after incident got tested for any stds cam back neg but too early for hiv to show up.
Avatar m tn All my other test came back negative after 3 weeks, including my hsv2 test. It took the lesion test for it to comeback positive. Do I have HIV? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/HIV---Prevention/Asymptomatic-Herpes-and-increased-HIV-Risk/show/1574884">Asymptomatic Herpes and increased HIV Risk?</a>.
Avatar f tn If my friend's test will be negative (after 7 weeks from our only sexual relation) do I need to do a HIV test too or I can consider that he was HIV negative 7 weeks ago?
Avatar m tn To me you seem to disagree with most of the expect. Most including the manufactures said DUO can detect from two weeks after possible exposure and on your comments you disagree with whatever they say. Do you mean that a DUO test can say negative at three or four weeks and after 3 month positive, why do most of these experts says DUO test is 90% - 95% accurate, what do say about these.
Avatar m tn (1) HIV DNA-PCR test coupled with ELISA (antibody) test at 4 weeks (2) ELISA (antibody) test at 8 weeks (3) ELISA (antibody) test at 12-13 weeks. QUESTION: Can you tell me how much at-risk I was for HIV exposure (I know you're probably gonna say, "VERY LITTLE" or "MINIMAL")? Also, can you tell me what a negative DNA-PCR and ELISA at 4 weeks will mean, especially in my situation? If you could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it!
Avatar m tn I tested 15 days and 21 days it came back negative, mouth swab at 21 and 36 days came back negative, and had a PCR at 23 days that came back negative (the company said Lab Corp who tested it says after 14 days test results are definitive) My question is 1) Can I believe that I don't have HIV after taking the PCR test showing a negative after 23 days of possible exposure? 2) How accurate is the PCR test?
Avatar f tn I was with a man 6 weeks ago allmost two months ago we dated for a couple weeks and broke up but needless to say he called me up out of the blue told me that he had went and gave blood well naturely they test your blood he told me they sent him a letter saying that they could not use his blood because he was hiv positive. Now on to my question I was tested for hiv 7 months ago and it was negative. So I know that he did not get it from me. I do have gential herpes and have had it for 4 years now.
Avatar m tn You can never use symptoms to diagnosis HIV or even get an indication, but your "symptoms" come on way to early. Test at 3 months for a conclusive result.
Avatar m tn I have also tested twice via unigold at a Planned Parenthood. Once at 7 weeks post exposure and 9 weeks post exposure. I am still dealing with abdominal pain and bouts of diarreah off and on. Would the tests at 7 and 9 weeks not have detected antibodies or might my body not have produced any by then? What would your risk assessment and recommendations be for this case? Should I test again at 3 months? 6 months? 1 year?