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Avatar m tn This includes a pcr HIV test. What are the chances of me getting HIV from this exposure? And how accurate will the pcr test be after 10 days? The wait for my results is killing me and the ultimate 3m wait for the conclusive test is a nightmare.
Avatar m tn Bear in mind that the first test was HIV ab (antibody) reactive. Nothing was said about the HIV ag (ANTIGEN) as this was also tested according to the 4th generational testing.
Avatar n tn Last Tuesday, six and a half weeks after the event, I had my first HIV test which came back negative. I thought it would give me some confort, but I'm still pretty wound up. When I got the test results back I mentioned that I'd read that there seemed to be fairly good evidence that 80-90% of people would show positive by six weeks if they were going to (having been lurking on this site reading postings for a while!).
6456238 tn?1384753680 More than half of Scots do not know all the ways HIV is transmitted, according to a new survey. One in 10 (11%) wrongly believe it can be passed by kissing. A small percentage think it can be spread by sharing a glass (3%) or touching a public toilet seat (2%). The findings were released as part of a campaign, backed by singer Annie Lennox, to tackle the stigma around HIV in Scotland, where it affects almost 6,000 people.
Avatar f tn There have certainly been cases (maybe just a couple) where it has indeed happened. Coupled with the fact that Edinburgh suffered from a severe HIV epidemic amongst IDUs during the late 80s/early 90s, my mind latches onto that with force and won't let go. I've made it worse by obsessing on reading all about both the epidemic and also the newspaper articles detailing the assaults with needles.
Avatar n tn The ONLY way to determine your HIV STATUS is through an HIV ANTIBODY test 3 MONTHS after your last episode of unprotected sex . If you are an IV drug user, wait 3 months from the last time you shot up.
Avatar m tn Hello, After a night out I went back to my flat (edinburgh) with a girl (20yo), we had sex and the condom broke during the intercourse. We did not realize untill after I came in her. I told her about it, she told me she was cleaned and had been tested recently (she had been with the same boyfriend for long before), she also said she was going to take a morning after pill. I am freaking out I caught something. I am going to get tested this week..
Avatar m tn This includes a pcr HIV test. initially I was most scared of HIV but from the other forum I understand this is not an issue for me and that I shouldnt worry. My attention has now turned to other possible stds and the chances i have become infected? Are my symptoms a sign of anything or is my anxiety getting the better of me?
Avatar m tn I know that at the end of last year I was negative as I went for an HIV test after having stepped on a dirty needle. The worry of having been infected then was awful and it's starting to eat away at me again after this encounter. I have not had a full STD check up since 2008, and so I'm also a little worried that if, since then, I have picked up another STD such as Chlamydia that this will have increased my risk for this exposure.
Avatar m tn ,,, Listen to this; the new test will allow our health care provider to recognize when any adverse effects are taking place because of the drugs we are using to treat hepatitis, HIV, and other infectious diseases. , MitoSciences announces that it has just been awarded $590,000 by the National Institutes of Health to support the development of companion diagnostic tests for antiviral drugs.
Avatar m tn I had a 4th generation HIV test at 30 days post exposure and another at 8 weeks- negative. I have had blood testing by my doctor, tested negative for mono, had a normal blood count and negative for CMV. Negative for all other STD's. Any ideas? My doctor seems unconcerned. I just wonder how long these symptoms need to persist for before they do become concerned.
Avatar m tn You are not at risk of HIV from the episode in the massage parlour in Edinburgh you recounted in your other post.
Avatar m tn My baseline HIV test was negative, I was then tested for Chlamydia, Gon, Syphilis and HIV (4th Gen) at 24 days exposure all neg. On completion of PEP 30 days post exposure....I was retested for HIV using the DUO at a private clinic as the NHS aren't due to test me until 6 weeks post PEP. This was also Negative.
Avatar m tn mat 25 tot chol 187 ldl 106 hdl 65 trgl 76 waiting to see if there is any impact on hbsag test took may 26, it cannot be a big impact from gcmaf yet because it will take at least 20-24 injection to see a result on immune and i am at the 5th
Avatar m tn The research was conducted at the Center for Infection and Immunity (CII) at Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health, the University of Edinburgh, the Center for the Study of Hepatitis C and Pfizer Veterinary Medicine. Human hepatitis C virus (HCV) affects approximately 200 million people worldwide. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 3.2 million people in the United States are chronically infected.
Avatar m tn Don't know about the rest of the world, but here in Britain we do not have any legal obligation to discuss our health with any employer or indeed anyone. Even with an illness like HIV you can have HIV pupils in your class and you as a teacher are not told about this. You are simply expected to follow strict guidelines wherever blood is involved. I would not dream of telling my employer anything about my health other than, 'I'm sick and need a few days off'. Hope this is helpful.
1416679 tn?1282086982 I'd never had stuck around long enough to do the tests I had to take to diagnose my Hep C and all that is involved in the treatment that I eventually took on to try to cure it with interferon and riboviron. Unfortunately, my first test during treatment came back negative for hep C, but my second test at the end of treatment came up positive, though my Dr is convinced that it's just a false positive so we'll see.
Avatar n tn i have the same thing going on.. but i was wondering about something. im new to this. i mean ive had one obgyn visit EVER. bc i needed birth control. what do they have to do to check you for that stuff? and the symptoms i have could be a lot of different things.. i even saw somewhere it could be a symptom of HIV. should i get tested for everything? and what do they do to "test" you for that stuff? pleaseee comment me back.
Avatar n tn Most doctors will not recognize this as a condition because they assume that yeast infections are controlled by our immune system, unless you have HIV or another auto immue disease. The Mayo Clinic has done much research on this. It appears by their data, and other labs have verified it, that everyone who has chronic allergies and sinus infections has fugal sinusitis.