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Avatar f tn It was a CVS test. Initially it was negative, but then like 10 mins afterwards a very thin line came up. I took a second one and the same thing happened like 10 mins later. I panicked. I am not ready to be a mom, so I ran to Walgreens and bout the first response and clear blue tests. Both were negative. I tested at night, so I will test in the morning again with my first urine. But I am having a panic attack.
Avatar m tn Hello guys I'm asking this question for a buddy of mine, he said he had unprotected sex with a random girl and today he went to cvs pharmacy and he bought the oraquick oral fluid rapid hiv test and the result was negative but it was only after 4 weeks and 4 days , he just wants to know the accuracy of rapid tests at 4 weeks?
Avatar n tn Hey everybody, I was just about to order a rapid HIV home test. Could anyone recommend one? There is lots of them online. I am at week 7 after possible expossure. How reliable are they? Thanks.
Avatar m tn hi, i took 7 steroids shot, ,,, i never shared needle cause every time the needle was new and bought from cvs... but i shared the vial of steroids,,,,,,,,, is this risky for hiv? the guy that i shared the vial of testosterone 400 with him said that he injectes two needles of steroids in his shoulders, and he use two different needles..... 1. Can hiv lives on the surface of the vial rubber 2. can the hiv lives in the vial of testostoner or trenobolone....
Avatar m tn i was wondering if I taking the Oraquick oral test that you get at CVS would be accurate enough in this timeframe to let me know if I have HIV or do I have to wait the three months? Also why does the test say you can can't eat or drink 30 minutes prior to the test.
Avatar n tn IF you used a condom and it did not fail, you had NO RISK for HIV and do NOT need to test. If you had unprotected vaginal sex, I would advise testing at 28 days post this exposure with a 4th generation DUO test. Oral sex is not a risk for HIV but can be a risk for other STD's. It is recommended that anyone who engages in oral sex should have an STD panel done every three months for prevention. I am not a doctor.
Avatar f tn Are the at home tests for HIV just as accurate as the tests in doctor's offices? I tested negative in an office at 9 weeks, and negative on the at home test at 5 1/2 months, but i continue to have symptoms...
Avatar m tn After months of having this battle in my mind I drove to my local drugstore (CVS in my case) and bought right off the shelf an Oraquick at home HIV test. It was in a discrete package and in stock. The box didn't have the words in big bold letters that read "HIV TEST - LOOK EVERYONE" and honestly, even if it did I needed to get this and take the test so I could start feeling normal again.
Avatar n tn Hi, Does anyone know if you can buy home testing kits for HIV where you get the results in your home. If you can, any ideas where i can buy one from.
Avatar f tn Both exposures from what I read were considered low risk, nonetheless, I've been scared stupid since. Today I purchased a Oraquick In-Home HIV test from my local CVS. I followed the directions and took the test. It was an oral swabbing inside my mouth. Fortunately the test returned as negative. I do understand that my first exposure was past the 3 month mark so I should be able to rule that as done and move on from it. The second possible exposure, as I said, was 8 weeks ago today.
Avatar f tn Go to Walmart, CVS or Walgreens and get an Oraquick In Home HIV test kit and test. You'll get the results in 20 minutes.
Avatar m tn I went to CVS to get a at home hiv test (oraquick). I took the test, I let 22 minutes go by to see the results (20 is recommended time) and they came back negative. But I still have that doubt because of my sweating and now that damn canker sore came out.
Avatar f tn It's been around 9 weeks and I was thinking about buying a in home hiv test the oraquick oral swab that they sell at cvs pharmacys
Avatar m tn Second test was Oral Swab from CVS in US and it was HIV 1/O/2 Antibodies by OraQuick. Both tests for both my girlfriend and I came back negative. My question is this, can we be confident that neither of us have HIV and continue unprotected sex with confidence? I want to marry this girl... Just to share our history... Before my girlfriend, I had 4 partners. Before me, my girlfriend had 6 partners. We participated in protected and unprotected sexual activity with all of them.
Avatar m tn Are the oral tests from CVS and Walgreens effective or should I have a blood test done? Also, she's been loosing weight but that could be due to alcoholism, poor eating habits, tobacco use etc. I haven't slept with anyone since 2012 and I've been tested prior to 2012 for everything. Thank you for your time, I greatly appreciate your professional insight.
Avatar m tn Would you recommend this test? #5 Would using this test to confirm a negative blood test from lab error, or any other type of error or mistake that could happen be accurate and reliable to do? And assure that I am 100% negative, no questions asked, no ifs, buts or what-ifs? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! I hope you Doctors are having a good weekend! It's 4 degrees here so I am trying to not get Hypothermia!!!
Avatar m tn As a result decided to rather take at home test at 8 and 12 weeks using the home access test kit from cvs this all came negative. with the final 12 weeks test i felt i should just move on however i still continue to have doubts as continue to notice nightsweats at nights and minor rashes. Now i have read these are possible sign after in the long term stage.
Avatar n tn You could also get a Home Access HIV test at CVS or Walgreens. They have two kinds:one that you can get results within 7 days and other 3 days(called express). But If you don't want to go to the pharmacy you could also get it online,, for example. Take care!
Avatar m tn My doctor told me that there is a 5 year window period before HIV shows up on a blood test. She said I must test once yearly for five years and that HIV can remain dormant in your body. I wish you were able to talk to her and tell her that is false information. I can provide you with her contact information. She gave me the HIV AB, HIV 1/2, EIA, with reflexes test at Quest Diagnostics. Is this a good test and is she right that it takes 5 years for HIV to show up?
Avatar n tn Rash went away., I purchased an EZ Aids test from CVS Pharmacy. Sent the blood sample to Home Access Health on July 5 - two weeks after the my exposure on June 13. The result was negative. They said I should be retested in 6 months. However, the low grade temps continued. I decided to have a OraSure Rapid Oral Test on July 29 - 6 weeks after the exposure. This came back negative. Last week, I developed a sore throat. I went to my primary. full blood panel was o'k. .
Avatar m tn Women had viral load in the millions. ID/ HIV dr is worried that I had the symptoms. He is pushing me to test and now I'm worried test will be positive.
Avatar n tn I am pondering whether to get a HIV PCR or P24 antigen test within the next month to assuage my fears even more. What do you recommend in the way of testing?
Avatar m tn For my own benefit I will likely getting tested to ease anxiety. Can I use am at home test from CVS at 6 weeks? reliable? false positive risk? Is a no risk event for HIV and Herpes?
Avatar n tn Anyways like 6 weeks past this incident I travel and had not physically seen here since the day after night we had sex she calls and I can tell something is wrong and she finally stated she just found out she tested positive for HIV and they are doing a confirmation test in like a week, so I panic and go buy a oral test from CVS and it is negative this is at 6 weeks, so anyways i continue to have issue's that all point to HIV that while I am still traveling I buy another test from CVS and its
Avatar f tn I went post 3 weeks for rapid hiv blood test and std screening all came back negative . Also went 111 days post exposure and had a negative rapid blood test and std screening. Still scared after reading online about false negatives so I went and bout an oraquick test at cvs at 132 days post encounter and it was negative then I bought another oraquick test at 1140 days it was negative.
Avatar m tn I have been having trouble trusting these results because I left him at home while I ran to CVS to buy the test. He said he did not eat or drink while I was gone and that it had definitely been at least 30 minutes since he had anything to eat/drink. 3 weeks after the incident I am still paranoid. He is back in Denmark now, and our relationship has ended in part because of my horrific anxiety. I have been begging him to take a blood test at a clinic.
Avatar m tn Thank you doctor, I just got the Oraquick test now from CVS and I will take the test right this second just to stop worrying. I will post the results in 20 minutes. Thanks a lot for the encouragement.