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1363234 tn?1280882371 We are 7w5d and am being scheduled for a CVS test-Anybody out there have one already so I can get a few ideas what to expect? Thanx and happy day.
Avatar f tn Are the at home tests for HIV just as accurate as the tests in doctor's offices? I tested negative in an office at 9 weeks, and negative on the at home test at 5 1/2 months, but i continue to have symptoms...
Avatar f tn Kiki24115 I don't understand do you mean my insurance will or wouldn't pay for the CVS test?
Avatar m tn m asking this question for a buddy of mine, he said he had unprotected sex with a random girl and today he went to cvs pharmacy and he bought the oraquick oral fluid rapid hiv test and the result was negative but it was only after 4 weeks and 4 days , he just wants to know the accuracy of rapid tests at 4 weeks?
10206952 tn?1408930334 CVS can be invasive. Most docs prefer to do the Panorama blood test now. It is more accurate and tests for several other things as well. The test can also be called Harmony. It is a free cell DNA test. Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn I had an HSG test a few months prior to the CVS test to check the status of my fallopian tubes. That test was much worse and lasted much longer. Blood tests can only show increased risk for genetic abnormalities. They can't indicate physical abnormalities such as hydrops, heart defects, etc. With my first child I had blood work that indicated I was at a higher risk of genetic abnormalities. My doctor told me not to worry because there are so many false positives with that blood test.
Avatar m tn I wanted to know where can i buy an oraquick rapid hiv test? Ive been looking for it at walgreens,riteaid and cvs and they dont have it..Is it supposed to be special ordered?
Avatar f tn In the morning I'm scheduled for a CVS because I'm of advanced maternal age. Has anyone had this done before? What should I expect?
Avatar m tn What are the possibilities of contracting hiv? Can an oraquick oral test from cvs give a good indiciation of hiv status after 5 weeks? Thank you!
Avatar f tn i have not done it but why your doc has recommended you CVS?
Avatar f tn No you do not need a Home Test Kit.
Avatar m tn If you are that worried, go to your local CVS and buy a Home Access HIV test. You will have the results in a few days. (Need to wait a few weeks before you take it though.) Look up "HIV Window period." Again, the chances you caught HIV from this are VERY low. Just do not put yourself in this situation again. The few minutes of pleasure are not worth the incredible anxiety this causes people. Its just not worth it.
1162258 tn?1306916207 well i will be going to my first ever CVS test tomorrow. I'm so scared. with my last 6 children i had amino's. I don't no what to expect and hope all goes well. is any of you ladies getting a CVS done soon? i will post tomorrow after i rest. by the way...yep 6 amino's, my first one was at 17 years my dr. said i needed one and who was i to disagree. then i had one at 18, 21, 29, 31,and 36 and now a cvs at 38. wish me luck.
Avatar f tn I just found out that some HIV drugs can affect the efficacy of my birth control, but in my research, the ones I am on for PEP are not the drugs that cause birth control ineffectiveness (truvada and tivicay) nonetheless I am still worried so I took a test today. It was a CVS test. Initially it was negative, but then like 10 mins afterwards a very thin line came up. I took a second one and the same thing happened like 10 mins later. I panicked.
Avatar f tn Valtrex would not interfere with the Oraquick (or any other ) HIV test. 9 months post-exposure is well outside the window period. You are conclusively HIV-negative.
4377655 tn?1354246709 i havent tried HIV test yet. i already consulted a Dr and he told me to do the smeering test .like that. is that for HIV?
Avatar f tn To me it didn't matter those test results so I didn't get them done.
Avatar m tn I know this is short of 8 weeks by one week, but along with the NAT test I think it is OK. 2. Is the HOME ACCESS test sold at the CVS pharmacy accurate and at what week would it be considered conclusive if so?
Avatar f tn I had unprotected sex with this girl for about 10-20 min 2 nights ago. She seems clean and I was dumb and didn't use condom...I got really worried and went and got hiv test from cvs...The oral quick or whatever it's called. And I called her and we meet up and she took the test. Her result was Negative. Am I still at risk for hiv transmission? Please let me know. I'm worried.
Avatar f tn Has anyone used the urine test at the dr. To determine the gender of the baby?
Avatar f tn We have been referred for cvs testing next week so just wandering if anyone on here has had this test done and what the odds and results were? We're trying to stay positive but its hard.
8339276 tn?1400262023 Did any of you mommy's get the CVS test to test for abnormalities or downsyndrome??