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1285653 tn?1288358629 Does anyone have a tattoo over or near their zipperhead scar? Probably not the best idea to get one before surgery...but possibly after??? As a tattooed girl, I always figured that one day one would be on the back of my neck. :D Any ideas???
535822 tn?1443976780 Have you ever had flair enough to be able to sell or invent something economical,( okay Cheap) what about childrens clothes , furniture, if you have an imagination, and can draw a straight line , you know the cribs of today ,the changing tables, chests are very old fashioned looking, boring and yet do you know that they and other furniture can be made out of lighter wood, you could design light good looking kids furniture , or any other furniture for a very reasonable cost, so you work out the d
Avatar n tn first of all, and not to be rude but I would only like answers from doctors and such and people who have gotten tattoo's. basically I'm really determined to get my tattoo, my family is a little worried about it but they also dont understand what a tattoo & can represent and do for someone.
3708780 tn?1347928212 I am a Congenital Heart Disease patient diagnosed with Shone's Syndrome, 2 heart srugeries; 1st one a coarctation of the aorta at age 2, 2nd a mitral and aortic valve replacement with mechanical valves and a sinus of valsalva aneurysm repair at 37. Current meds include baby aspirin, coumadin and metropolol and occassionally xanax for anxiety. I'm interested in gettting a tattoo, a small one. Any risk? What is your opinion on this?
Avatar n tn It seems the biggest problem with tats and a heart condition are the blood thinners involved. A good artist will not tattoo anyone on aspirin...excessive bleeding washes out the ink and there are other technical problems. If you are on antiplatelet medication, there may be a slight risk to avoid the medication for several days prior to the procedure.
Avatar m tn m 18 and have wanted a half sleeve tattoo dedicated to my heart surgeries for years and am unsure if I should go for it. My cardiologist I see said no and was pretty much just saying the worst possible thing that could happen, I know many peopel with heart defects similar to mine and are covered in tattoos. Could I get a second opinion? Or go on meds like I do before the dentist?
Avatar m tn what are you into dont get what looks cool you will hate it down the road that happened to me my 2nd tattoo was cool i ride harleys so i went with a harley theme and where the words harley davidson went i had my kids names put in its place on my back i went with photos of all three of my kids thats cool as hell
Avatar m tn ve wanted a tattoo ever since I was 13 years old dedicating it to my heart issues. I currently am on Digoxin for having an Ablation in 2nd grade, which obviously is a result of scar tissue can't prevent that. I asked my cardiologist and she pretty much told me if I do the worst possible thing IS going to happen. I know many many people who have similar or even worse heart defects and are covered in tattoos.
Avatar f tn Wen you get a tattoo your heart races witch maKew the baby's heart race witch can cause miscarriage..
Avatar m tn settle in your heart (remember your blood circulates thru your heart ongoing). Some heart problems make the heart more open to attracting the bacteria to settle in the heart. Please get the answer before anymore procedures. An infection in your heart can be life threatening or leave your heart more damaged. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I have planning to have a tattoo three days ago but my sister asked me if I can have tattoo considering my heart condition
897002 tn?1241675404 2007 I was thinking a getting a tattoo for our baby! My question is can a memorial tattoo hinder your chances of getting pregnant again?
1885931 tn?1371771436 s heart to have a irregular heart beat or even stop. I got a tattoo at 9 weeks and my baby came out fine!
Avatar f tn There are some brands that have boy it girl designs on them (IDK which cause I just use Parents Choice which have a mix of all different kinds of designs) but it should either say what designs are on them or show a picture of what's on them.
Avatar f tn Do any of you already mom's have tattoos that are dedicated to your kids? Are any of you mom's to be getting a tattoo dedicated to your baby after he/she is born. Im planning to get something for my daughter after she's born and I need ideas on what to get and where to get it.
Avatar n tn Okay I Know Its Strange But I Really Want to Get A Tattoo But Idk If Its Safe For The Baby Is It Ok Or No My First Pregnancy And I'm Really Not Sure
Avatar f tn The tattoo I am considering is my son's small hand print on my shoulder. I am going to continue to breast feed when my son is hungry. The tech seemed positive that this will not harm my baby. I was just trying to get some extra opinions.
11729598 tn?1421509457 Why would u wanna take the risk?
Avatar f tn I just turned 18 and i decided to go and get a tattoo, the only thing i researched and that i was told by others is that its fine as long as it doesnt get infected... Is that true? Or could i miscarry?
Avatar f tn This all began when i decided to have an old tattoo covered up with something pretty for my daughter.....About 2 months ago, i sat through a very intense 3.5hr tattoo session. During this time, i had my head off to the side for atleast an hour straight and when i went to move it, it was extremely stiff and sore, but i managed to keep moving it back and forth to help. Anyways, after it was all said and done, i felt perfectly fine other than the stinging from the tattoo.
Avatar f tn You should not have to scar your body to prove your love, What kind of tattoo does he wont you to get? Maybe you can have a tattoo artist draw you a picture or write a special verse, frame it and give it to him and explain how much he means to you. May be you can follow it up by saying some day you and him could use it on a wedding announcement and it will for ever show how much you love him.With out scaring your body.
979826 tn?1389036358 thanks guys!
9077628 tn?1411339700 I have a tattoo of twin girls that we lost. Angel wings shaped as a heart with their names and day they were born in it.
Avatar n tn She does not live close by me. She has been to the Dr who says her heart is skipping beats. Could she be having an allergic reaction to her new tattoo?
4251679 tn?1370305531 I love tattoos! My dad is a tattoo artist so I have the privilege of getting them free. I would like a tattoo of my son and when my little girl is born but I still need to look into some ideas!!