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Avatar f tn My hubby and me when we went away for our honeymoon there was a little tattoo place right next door of the place we stayed and (he already has a tattoo) but anywhos, he wanted me and him to get matching tattoos - i said "Ok" say we went to look at some different designs and found some really cute nice LITTLE ones, this is all i want something small (very small) But then i chickend out. I am such a WOOS!!! I would like to get one just something small one of these days...
1285653 tn?1288358629 Does anyone have a tattoo over or near their zipperhead scar? Probably not the best idea to get one before surgery...but possibly after??? As a tattooed girl, I always figured that one day one would be on the back of my neck. :D Any ideas???
Avatar n tn t do much (anything productive at all) except for doing some really good tattoo designs. Really really keen on getting a tattoo asap. Don't know about the funds though and there are some some complications present...
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Avatar n tn first of all, and not to be rude but I would only like answers from doctors and such and people who have gotten tattoo's. basically I'm really determined to get my tattoo, my family is a little worried about it but they also dont understand what a tattoo & can represent and do for someone.
3708780 tn?1347928212 I am a Congenital Heart Disease patient diagnosed with Shone's Syndrome, 2 heart srugeries; 1st one a coarctation of the aorta at age 2, 2nd a mitral and aortic valve replacement with mechanical valves and a sinus of valsalva aneurysm repair at 37. Current meds include baby aspirin, coumadin and metropolol and occassionally xanax for anxiety. I'm interested in gettting a tattoo, a small one. Any risk? What is your opinion on this?
Avatar m tn m 18 and have wanted a half sleeve tattoo dedicated to my heart surgeries for years and am unsure if I should go for it. My cardiologist I see said no and was pretty much just saying the worst possible thing that could happen, I know many peopel with heart defects similar to mine and are covered in tattoos. Could I get a second opinion? Or go on meds like I do before the dentist?
Avatar n tn If you have a heart murmur, you will need to take antibiotics before the tattoo and any body piercing you may have in the future. Even with dental cleaning of the teeth, you need to take antibiotics. Make sure that you keep the tattoo clean afterwards. You do not want bacteria to travel to your heart. If your heart murmur is gone and just to be safe you may want to take the antibiotic.
Avatar n tn It seems the biggest problem with tats and a heart condition are the blood thinners involved. A good artist will not tattoo anyone on aspirin...excessive bleeding washes out the ink and there are other technical problems. If you are on antiplatelet medication, there may be a slight risk to avoid the medication for several days prior to the procedure.
Avatar m tn ve wanted a tattoo ever since I was 13 years old dedicating it to my heart issues. I currently am on Digoxin for having an Ablation in 2nd grade, which obviously is a result of scar tissue can't prevent that. I asked my cardiologist and she pretty much told me if I do the worst possible thing IS going to happen. I know many many people who have similar or even worse heart defects and are covered in tattoos.
Avatar f tn I have MVP and want to get a tattoo. The tattoo artists in my area will not tattoo because of my MVP saying they require a doctor's note. My doc says I do not need a tattoo and will not give me a note. Is this really because he's opposed to them or is this his professional medical opinion? I can't be sure because he's opposed to them. I am supposed to take antibiotics to go to the dentist.
1370616 tn?1278374466 Dear Decemberwinter, The location of a tattoo has nothing to do with the risk to your heart. The skin has bacteria on it that can get into your bloodstream. It is the risk of an infection that can get through the bloodstream, cause an infection of the heart called endocarditis, damage your already abnormal valve, and potentially be lethal. Overall, with a prosthetic aortic valve, there is a somewhat higher risk of infection as compared to having a normal valve.
Avatar f tn I have planning to have a tattoo three days ago but my sister asked me if I can have tattoo considering my heart condition
Avatar m tn I have SVT, but do not take medication for it. I want to get a tattoo on my chest that will go from shoulder to shpulder straihght across. I heard that with a tattoo on the chest it vibrates your heart and can send you into v tach. i just need to know from a professional for sure what risks im taking by getting this tattoo. I am 22 years old with 2 kids i was never told to take medication for it and dont see a dr for it either.
Avatar f tn Wen you get a tattoo your heart races witch maKew the baby's heart race witch can cause miscarriage..
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Avatar n tn Hello, doc I am a 15 year old male that has Aortic Insufficiency and I have been wanting to get a tattoo. My mom is training to be a nurse and has warned me about Endocarditis as my cardiologist has. They both have said before that not getting a tattoo would be better becouse of the possible risk, however in my dental appointments I have taken an anti-biotic to help prevent Endocarditis. I was curious if I could take the same medication to help prevent Endocarditis while getting a tattoo.
897002 tn?1241675404 2007 I was thinking a getting a tattoo for our baby! My question is can a memorial tattoo hinder your chances of getting pregnant again?
Avatar f tn just over a year ago i got a tattoo, now i know it was a stupid mistake but i was 15 and thought it would be cool to get done, but now it brings me to tears when i look at it, so hopefully if anyone comes across this, i would be grateful if you'd inbox me and ill send you a image of my tattoo&see if you can recommend any designs that would hide it, id be ever so grateful!
Avatar m tn what are you into dont get what looks cool you will hate it down the road that happened to me my 2nd tattoo was cool i ride harleys so i went with a harley theme and where the words harley davidson went i had my kids names put in its place on my back i went with photos of all three of my kids thats cool as hell
Avatar f tn There are some brands that have boy it girl designs on them (IDK which cause I just use Parents Choice which have a mix of all different kinds of designs) but it should either say what designs are on them or show a picture of what's on them.
1885931 tn?1371771436 s heart to have a irregular heart beat or even stop. I got a tattoo at 9 weeks and my baby came out fine!
Avatar f tn I am a christian and I have a tattoo. My sisters, myself and my mother had planned a trip from Ohio to Fla. A week before we were scheduled to leave, my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She no longer wanted to go but insisted that we go without her. Now this was the most miserable trip in the world. 6 months later my mom passed away. The following year in memory of her, at the same time of the year, we sisters got together and came back to florida. Same spot.