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627388 tn?1222198212 Has anyone from the MS forum ever seek treatment for their MS at the Mayo Clinic? If so, how was your as your experience with physicians from the clinic? I am considering driving up to Mayo at some point if my neurologist in town can't definatively diagnosis me.
Avatar f tn From the Mayo Clinic website: "Specific causes of high red blood cell count may include: Anabolic steroids, which stimulate red blood cell production Congenital heart disease COPD Dehydration EPO doping (injections of erythropoietin (EPO) to enhance athletic performance) Heart failure Hemoglobinopathies (conditions present at birth that impair the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells) Kidney cancer Kidney transplant Living at a high altitude, where there's less oxygen in the ai
Avatar m tn Truthfully, I've heard one of the best MS Clinics in the US is the Mellen Center at Cleveland Clinic. You might try checking out http://www.mscare.org They list all the clinics available, etc. My neuro said the clinic at Cincinatti isn't that great but thinks Cleveland Clinic is really good. I've never heard of the Mayo Clinic being highly rated for MS, but more for heart desease.
4990031 tn?1362755838 Today is the day that we go over all of my test results and find out what I need to do for treatment. I found out that I do have POTS for sure. My heart rate changed by 50 beats per minute. My iron is also low. He added a new medication because metropolol.
Avatar m tn Some here on the board are not real pleased with the Mayo clinic. It seems they have their own set of standards to give out a dx of MS. I personally know nothing about them and wish you the best....hoping for that answer.
Avatar n tn Hi i read your post...the Mayo Clinic one of the best in the world recommends the "DASH" diet and Omega-3's but no matter which direction you go in make a quick call to your doc to make sure that the food groups that you are putting into your body do not react adversely with the meds you may be on. Your doc should be able to provide you with a print out of recommended supplements that you are able to take...
Avatar n tn Olivia just found out she has to go either Illinois or mayo clinic get second opinion on her heart/ lung issue
6573908 tn?1382562121 You are certainly right that this can be life threatening, as the dissection of the artery creates a flap that can obstruct blood flow to the heart (the same process that causes a heart attack in patients with cholesterol plaques that rupture/clot, its just a different mechanism of blood flow obstruction!).
5889951 tn?1380316047 It coukd be a UTI or kidney infection because you are earlier on. Also could be from dehydration. Here is other causes: There are many other possible causes of protein in urine. Emotional stress, being exposed to cold or heat, fever, and strenuous exercise are some of the temporary conditions that can cause this problem, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Avatar n tn First i would post on our doctors site and secondly i would reseearch the doctors without borders site as well as the Cleveland Clinic as well as the Mayo Clinic here and see what they can possibly offer you. I am sorry that you are going thru this Addis but you need to fight for yourself and your life and you should remain hopeful that you can get this fixed. It may just be that you need medication or an ICD implant to regulate your heart when you are going thru this....
Avatar f tn The test result information you provide, if valid, effectively rules out the common causes of such acute symptoms, such as classical pulmonary embolic disease and coronary artery disease with acute heart failure and raises the possibility of uncommon disorders. One caveat is that in a circumstance such as this, tests that may ultimately provide a diagnosis (for example, heart catheterization, CT scanning of the lungs, echocardiograms) may be normal or marginally abnormal at the outset.
Avatar f tn //www.medhelp.org/posts/Heart-Disease/is-repair-feasible-on-most-mvp-problems/show/1169805 Here's a portion of it.... Although most patients with mitral valve prolapse require no treatment or treatment with oral medications, in very rare cases, surgery (mitral valve replacement or repair) may be required. Rare patients with mitral valve prolapse may suffer strokes because of increased blood clotting.
Avatar n tn You may want to contact the Cleveland Hospital or the Mayo Clinic for information. Also the link provided may be of some help. Thanks for your question. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn You can go online and register or call to set up appointments at Cleveland Clinic and the MAYO Clinic. MAYO has three clinics in the U.S. You do not need a referral to get in to either of these clinics. I have also heard of people the drive there and tell them their symptoms and sometimes they get in right away. So, you might want to consider checking them out online and trying to set up an appointment. I hope this will help you, as I know how frustrating this can be and disabilitating.
Avatar m tn Hello and good evening. Raynaud's disease has many similar5ities to your description. I've pulled some information from the Mayo Clinic, Also, play it safe and see your primary care physician for an evaluation and possibly a referral to a specialist. Probably a Rheummatolgist. I wish you the best! By Mayo Clinic staff CLICK TO ENLARGE Raynaud's disease Raynaud's disease is more than simply having cold hands and cold feet, and it's not the same as frostbite.
Avatar m tn Using your search engine, Google or whatever Just type in Mayo Clinic and whatever problem you want to know about for instance. Mayo Clinic,drug withdrawal. Mayo clinic,dry mouth. Mayo Clinic,oxycontin and so on. It has distinct possibility of helping some or all of us as to what to do. I should have looked there to begin with. Now I have a ton of possible help. Try it, it may be just what you need.
Avatar f tn I have just made an appointment for a full work up at the Mayo Clinic, does anyone know the tests involved and how much they charge? Thank you!
582396 tn?1259863489 I am over the moon excited that DH got a 5-10 day appointment at Mayo Clinic - Dec. 10. Anyone have any experiences on what to expect etc?
Avatar m tn My neurologist is suggesting that I travel to/visit the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota to receive "expert" analysis for my neuropathy/footdrop problems. Living in North Carolina, this does present logistical problems and I am looking for advice on whether the Mayo Clinic indeed has a reputation and special instrumentation that would warrant such a visit.
Avatar n tn I have tried everything under the sun and have just lived through a period of sub-speciality hell (specialists who only look at their particular body part). I now have an offer of a visit to Mayo Clinic. Has anyone been to Mayo? What has your experience been? I appreciate your information.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know of any other Clinic other than Mayo that is as crediable? No Dr. has been able to confirm anything, I know it is not in my head!! This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/295876'>Help with diagnosis</a>.