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Avatar f tn Like the prison officier in Australia who was injected with an infected syringe outside a healthcare setting.
Avatar f tn i had posted on the prevention community. its a few more days for me before i am off to the 12 weeks. however i would appreciate anyone here to offer an assurance. i tested negative on 11 weeks by elisa 3rd generation. Am i almost conlcusive till i can declare negative and cofidently get a official negative result by 12 weeks mark?
Avatar n tn Recurrent Heart Attack or Angina Another use of aspirin is for the prevention of heart attacks in people who have suffered either a previous heart attack or who suffer from unstable angina. A regimen of aspirin for people who already had a previous heart attack reduced the risk of a second heart attack by about one-third. In patients suffering from unstable angina, the risk was reduced by 51 percent. Aspirin can prevent first heart attack and stroke in individuals with angina.
Avatar m tn After a procedure of having 5 stents in my left coronary artery I had an episode due the fact the catheter had pierced the artery wall, causing a small bleed. It was sealed with a stent, but caused a rhythm problem to occur in recovery. I remember asking the Cardiac Doctor for a bowl because I felt nauseous and the pain from the incision was unbearable. She looked at me, then the monitor and kept shouting "I want you to cough, and keep coughing".
Avatar m tn Of course there is a difference in preparation and lowering your risks to help prevent stroke or heart attack. Prevention is always the best approach, as much as possible that is.
Avatar m tn These recommendations are based in published randomized trials that showed an increased risk of sudden cardiac death after a heart attack when the EF is persistently low and especially when the patient has new heart failure symptoms. If an ICD is indicated and the patient decide not to get the device, he will be accepting this increased risk for sudden death as the ICD gives additional benefit on top of usual medications like beta blockers. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Your husband should be scheduled for an echocardiogram to determine if there was a heart attack!? If there were a heart attack, the results would be evident as there would be heart wall movement impairment. The impairment, if serious would reduce heart contractions and as a consequence a low cardiac output. The low cardiac output and if the underlying cause is not treated will eventually lead to heart failure (my experience).
Avatar f tn I use coconut oil to fry foods along with taking c0q10 and fish oil. Good heart attack prevention!
Avatar n tn Well, prevention would be not having the heart attack in the first place. After/during a heart attack, the heart can run very low on oxygen, and tissue dies. Within this tissue are conductive fibers (think electrical wiring) that needed to maintain a normal rhythm in order for the heart to do its job.
Avatar n tn My father passed away a few months ago from a massive heart attack at the age of 57. After learning that all of his aunts and uncles had passed away from a heart attack before the age of 60, I am now wondering if I am at risk for a heart defect? He was in okay health, active, non-smoker, but did not eat well and was overweight. He hadn't seen a doctor for as long as I knew him, but I know he had high blood preassure.
Avatar m tn If it was a mild heart attack they would pick it up with an ECG and check your bloodpressure, etc. Please keep us posted.
Avatar m tn So I'm a 20 year old, reasonably healthy, male who has just moved to Australia. Essentially I keep getting skipped beats when I take in deep breaths, and I've been to the Dr, who did several tests including an ECG and X-ray, and found that the only abnormal thing was my CPK numbers which were between 5-7000. This is only a recent development, but it is really scaring me, as I'm afraid I'm about, or already have had a heart attack.
Avatar n tn Sorry about your mother. That is too bad what happened. It could be a lot of things. There are some bacteria that you can get and parasites. At this stage there isn't much you can find out. Did you ask the doctor what caused her to have all this at the time? You might be able to get her medical records. They may have done some testing and found something.
Avatar m tn Prophylactic coronary vessel bypass implies a safeguard against advancing coronary artery disease and a prevention of a heart attack. The subject has come up in response to a high CT heart scan score (soft plaque) that seems to prognosticate a high risk for an MI....so someone can reason a bypass to prevent a possible future heart attack! There are several reasons against prophylatic bypass: 1) Bypass surgery does not reduce the long term risk for heart attack.
Avatar m tn please post on the hiv anxiety community forum.
Avatar m tn So, treating enough people to prevent one heart attack costs $500,000 per year. Since about 70% of the heart attacks were not fatal, prevention of a single death from heart attack would cost even more, approximately $1,700,000. Giving the benefit of the doubt, we may allow for a similar reduction in stroke and say that "only" $250,000 is needed to protect one person from a stroke or heart attack. It is hardly surprising that Astra Zeneca's share price increased by $1.
Avatar m tn It can cause permanent damage to the heart, including damaged heart valves and heart failure. Prevention of recurrence is achieved by eradicating the acute infection and prophylaxis with antibiotics. Monthly injections of long acting penicillin must be given for a period of five years in patients having one attack of rheumatic fever. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn All my life I have had really really bad anxiety but lately its gotten worse. A little bit ago I was doing the dishes and I breathed deep and I felt my chest go thump, it scared the life out of me. I feel like I am having a heart attack, but I don't know if it is a heart attack. I have shortness of breath, I am scared, I'm shaky, I feel like my breath is catching on everything so I can't tell if I have palpitations.
Avatar n tn I do, however, continue to recommend 162 milligrams daily (two low-dose aspirin) to patients who already have coronary heart disease, have already had a heart attack or stroke, or who are at high or moderate risk for one and not at risk for gastrointestinal bleeding. In addition, I now follow the recently revised American Diabetes Association guidelines for aspirin use in people with diabetes.
Avatar n tn 34 yr male just suffered my second heart attack in a year. Had a stress test done got mildly depressed ejection fraction of 40 to 45% with inferior hypokinesis. How long do I have left? And is it safe for me to work on my feet in a stressfull work place or do I apply for disability?
Avatar f tn how long before you can return to work after having a inferior stemi heart attack and stent put in