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535822 tn?1443976780 Salmon is amazing on the grill. Look into a cedar plank to grill it on. Or, chunk it and add to skewers with some peppers, red onion, and mushrooms and maybe marinate in a bit of italian dressing first (not long as the acid will cook the fish). You can also buy salmon burgers pre-done. Think about shrimp on skewers and do up lots of grilled veggies - you can do eggplant, peppers, onions, asparagus. And try grilling sliced pineapple (about 3/4"). It is to die for!
Avatar m tn financial, lawsuit and personal losses of family. And it all got to the point where she had a heart attack. She has had various physical vague pains in the past. Lately she complained of severe pain in the breast area and drove to the hospital. There they gave a wrong diagnose. The doc said throat infection or something like that and she went back to home.
Avatar m tn Thanks I think tomorrow I might just check myself to ER and tell them my concerns are maybe they can check out my vitals and stuff and move on it.
Avatar n tn Just because it came back normal, I wouldn't hesitate to go see a doctor again. I've heard that sometimes people think they are having a heart attack when it is really a panic attack. Don't give up on trying to figure out what it is so then you can deal with it.
Avatar n tn he had been doing that for years with no problems, but he went to bed, and never woke up. they said he had a massive heart attack. Can the pills he took, have caused that?
1837563 tn?1339903800 At many intervals of my adult life I've thought I was having a heart attack or heart condition with similar symptoms to yours. Been to the ER on several occasions for blood work, EKG, xray etc. All normal. I've also dealt with heatlh anxiety for most of my life, convincing myself I had cancer in one form or other. After multiple ER visits, CT scans, MRI, X-ray and several specialists, I've always came back with a relative clean bill of health.
Avatar n tn I like to reserve a little marinade to baste chicken in when on grill. Then take chicken out of marinade and grill. Serve the chicken over brown rice and make a mix of mango, finely chopped jalapeno pepper (or can leave that out), chopped fresh cilantro and lime juice. Pretty tasty. Serve with a fresh green vegetable. So, there are some ideas for easy light recipes.
Avatar m tn It's not a scam and its done for your health. Another factor is all the USA but especially Florida is full of under-employed (because of US Recession) trial lawyers who would love to sue th doctors and hospital if anything goes wrong. The fact that you are in your 50's and seem healthy does not mean you could not have heart disease. An abnormal EKG is a pretty significant finding. It's possible you were lucky to pick this up before having a heart attack.
Avatar f tn no i am not my mom was and she passed away on the 27 and i'm trying to gather info on this subject to get the doctor for malpractice because he prescribed every one of the meds to her and i know he knew it was wrong to do she had congestive heart failure and now she's gone due to massive heart attack and i believe the pill combo is the reason why
Avatar m tn Hi I have a question about Grill Brick ingestion. I opened a new grill brick from its plastic cover next to the grill and table where the bread and buns are cut. Some of the grill brick dust/small particles fell from the plastic on the table and possibly on the grill. If some of the particles from the grill brick got on the food like bread/bun or a burger and someone ingested those particles/grill brick dust would they be ok?
277836 tn?1359666174 Who here thinks they have what it takes to become the ULTIMATE GRILL CHAMP I know I could all I have to do is load the grill and hit the highway and get there and start the cooking dang sounds good dosent it ?
Avatar f tn BUT, im mad because i know the dr will tell my dad. And, i cant have that. I dont want my family knowing. Do i have any course of a lawsuit? What do i do? I want to talk to my fam dr but im embarrassed becasue i feel like he wont understand and he will look at me as a dope addict. I never dr shopped, ever. Never.
Avatar m tn I was having panic attacks which caused me to have a little bit of acid reflux one time so my doctor prescribed me a generic form of omeprazole to take twice daily 20mg 2x a day, I took it for over 2 months, and within the 2 months my anxiety and panic got worse to the point where when I would try to eat my heart would race and put me in a panic attack. This drug seemed to have increased my anxiety/panic attacks.
Avatar n tn 34 yr male just suffered my second heart attack in a year. Had a stress test done got mildly depressed ejection fraction of 40 to 45% with inferior hypokinesis. How long do I have left? And is it safe for me to work on my feet in a stressfull work place or do I apply for disability?
Avatar f tn how long before you can return to work after having a inferior stemi heart attack and stent put in
Avatar n tn the next day my father called the doctor to see if they got the results but no one answered, he then called the next day which would be thursday and no one answered again. well that very same day my father had a heart attack. I was wondering how long it takes for you to get the results of the tests and how accurate they are.
Avatar n tn This feeling is like what I imagine the crushing feeling that people who have had a heart attack describe in their chest. Has anyone experienced or been diagnosed because of this symtom?
Avatar n tn Several years ago I had a silent heart attack and was in ER for 3-4 days with consgested heart failure. The RCA was stented providing more blood to the deficit area and wall motion returned to normal with medication as well as a reduction of heart size and normal contractions.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 39 and had a heart attack a month ago got the usual meds but not a lot of support I'm just wondering how I'm meant to feel or what everybody feels when it happens to them ?
Avatar m tn A man beside me told me that he had had a heart attack a week ago. He said that the only pain he felt was in his left arm. He also had some numbness in his arm. He went to the ER. They rushed him into the cath lab and placed a stent in one of his coronary arteries. He saved himself any real damage to the muscle of the heart, by acting on his instinct. He looked just fine to have had a heart attack a week before.