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674725 tn?1367439630 Had a doctor's appointment today and Dr B gave me an u/s - good thing I packed my camera ! Kel took three video clips - short ones but still got some footage. The last clip shows Cub's profile - can see heartbeat and umbilical cord too. Weeeeee ! Dr B said everything looks fine.
Avatar m tn So my source that has a video clip is somehow irrelevant? Because the clip is somehow not truthful?
Avatar f tn hot little hands didn't like the new video idea that catherine and i came up with and were excited about. a bit depressing and raised issues of inadequacy, rejection. did some writing which was good.
695915 tn?1228665952 s youtube clip of an MS patient giving his testimony about CCSVI and LDN and his change of heart about pursuing the treatment.... you might want to watch it, too . It is quite heart wrenching - what a tough choice to make. http://www.youtube.com/watch?
203342 tn?1328737207 A "Must" watch!!!!! Subject: Interesting video clip from 1969: Red Skelton How awesome is this! Who knew it could really happen...... Watch this clip from 1969 Red Skelton--from his television show in 1969. Just think, he said this on his television show in 1969 and really had no clue it would ever come about. What a wonderful and worthwhile clip to watch and share! http://media.causes.com/604250?
2143641 tn?1396678143 //www.youtube.com/watch?
535822 tn?1443976780 Salmon is amazing on the grill. Look into a cedar plank to grill it on. Or, chunk it and add to skewers with some peppers, red onion, and mushrooms and maybe marinate in a bit of italian dressing first (not long as the acid will cook the fish). You can also buy salmon burgers pre-done. Think about shrimp on skewers and do up lots of grilled veggies - you can do eggplant, peppers, onions, asparagus. And try grilling sliced pineapple (about 3/4"). It is to die for!
Avatar n tn Try you tube,com for "Capsule endoscopy video clip"
306867 tn?1299249709 McCain supporters if you go watch this video , I will in turn watch a video clip about Obama. Just pick one. thttp://my.barackobama.
280369 tn?1316702041 There was hardly any bleeding! I have to admit, I watched a video yesterday on a circumcision and I was truly disturbed. I had to shut it off halfway through it was so bad. This guy was nothing like what I saw in this video and I urge others to be careful what you watch and read about and do your research and find what is the best option for you and your family. When I say it took 15 seconds, I am not lying. The video was minutes long and it should not take that long!!
Avatar f tn I never had a video monitor one but definatly is something that im considering now with a 3 year old in the house with a baby due in october. I would love that peace of mine. But I did always have monitors I got them as a babyshower gift with my first and I could hear every little noise with the 40.00 ones you can buy anywhere. But that was also 7 years ago and like you im considering the ones with video.
Avatar f tn I fell for the first time being pregnant last night, and my boyfriend, John almost had a heart attack. It was entirely because i wasnt thinking. I was sitting in one of the plastic chair things that we keep outside by the grill, and I pushed myself backwards, to get momentum to stand up. Only issue was, I pushed too far, and tipped the chair over.
599316 tn?1256921613 jpg hahah you just gotta try this, another baby generator. But this one is so funny! comes with a video clip of your baby.
Avatar f tn So my brother was cooking burgers, and accidentally set the grill on fire. My house almost caught on fire too. Now, since I'm leaving for the gym soon, I continue to think my house will burn down while I'm gone. What if the grill catches flame again? I'm so scared. Someone please calm me down. I'm having a panic attack.
595559 tn?1241140638 30 went to emergency heart surgery and the docs just finished it around 8 pm! WOW. What a long and scary wait!!! But they are saying now that the next 12 hours are by far the most important and dangerous of his chances of surviving. They will keep him wide open on the table for 12 hours in case something goes wrong, they can get right to his heart. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! So much praying... HOW AM I EVEN HANDELING THIS??????
Avatar n tn two month ago I have had a heart attack. During the heart attack I was delivered to hospital and have had all necessary manipulations done. As it was later explained by doctor - one of my coronary blood vessel was closed by cholesterine capsula. Luckily, the doctors managed to destroy the capsula and let the blood go along the vessel well. Later on I have had coronography done upon request of a doctor.
Avatar f tn I think i do it cuz i look at my nails and go, well this is dirty and this is not straight and even and i just keep going, i even sometimes get a nail clipper and just clip and clip and clip until i basically have nothing. I even do this with my toes. My friends tell me I even do this when i dont even realize I am. I just wanna stop. It is painful but I just cant seem to stop myself from doing this.
Avatar f tn Shirley Sherrod -- an African American -- resigned this week under pressure after the video clip first appeared on a conservative website and later on Fox News. In the video, she seemed to say she withheld services from a white farmer. The video initially brought condemnation from the NAACP, which it later retracted after the context of the clip became clear.
Avatar n tn This is a must watch video clip if you have any doubts about being treated. The speaker is Dr Douglas Dieterich of Mt Sinai He is the study doctor for clinical Albuferon studies. I am on 1200mg of albuferon, plus 1200mg of Riba. I don't see that much written about this drug on this website. Maybe because it doesn't appear to be magic bullet, but it will probably be a significant alternative to regular interferon. The side effects are more moderatate than interferon http://www.