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994817 tn?1249738278 Can I have Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, or Heart Disease at such a young age? Did all of the caffeine I drank in my childhood/adolescence possibly have an effect on my heart? And if it did have an effect, is it life threatening? PLEASE, anyone who can give me advice or who goes through the same thing please let me know. Some hope and peace of mind is very much needed.
14991338 tn?1447193706 However, I do believe people greatly underestimated the age range people can have a heart attack. Many seem to think it happens around 60-70, when in fact people should start worrying about it in their 40s. Sigh.
Avatar f tn I am also so sorry about the loss of your brother. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. I agree with Michelle you should also get checked out to be on the safe side. My mother died of her first heart attack at the age of 39 and I was checked out when I was in my 20's. I too have high BP like she had. Also, I think anyone that loses a family member can take as long as they want with dealing with a death.
Avatar f tn You are extremely young for developing a serious heart condition. In addition, you do not describe any significant risk factors that is history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, family history of premature heart disease. With an absence of any risk factors and your age, it is very unlikely that you suffer from a heart condition.
1187301 tn?1264772920 You've had a lot of heart trouble for such a young age. That said, it appears on the little bit you've told me you need to keep a regular checkup with a cardiologist - I have one every 6 months myself even if I have not experienced any new problems. Then I am almost 30 years older than you. The only specific comment I have is (I do not have anything on which to base advice) make sure your ICD is in good working order...
Avatar n tn Your nephew is most likely suffering from panic/ anxiety related episodes. The symptoms can range from breathlessness to rapid heart beat. In fact, in some cases, it seems as though you are suffering a heart attack! Panic attacks typically go away after 15-20 or sooner with medication such as benzodiazeines or just breathing relaxation exercises like pkdonlon alluded. The tingling sensation your nephew is experiencing is also from hyperventilating from a panic attack.
Avatar f tn It depends on what you mean by a "nervous feeling" in your chest. If it feels like your heart is fluttering, irregular, or skipping beats, then it could be related to your heart, though not in a way that is concerning for a heart attack, like your dad had. First of all, you're dad having a heart attack only increases your risk of having heart disease if he was less than 50 years old when he had heart disease.
Avatar n tn one of my very good nurse friends told me that nowadays age is not such a huge factor in heart disease as it has been in the past because of the rising percentage of heart related problems in young people.
Avatar f tn he ran a plaque test and found blocage in my arteries and scared me by saying that i may be have a heart attack even though im young if not make some changes....2 days ago,at night i felt like someone was seating on my chest and could barely breath.trying take deep breaths the pain become worse and i vomited twice,it lastes about 5 minutes...could this be a heart attack like my cardiologist said that could happen?i know that this may be a silly question but i think it was...
Avatar m tn 200 bpm is high but a healthy heart in a young man should handle that just fine, as Jon told you. That said, you don't need to stay at 200 bpm to get effect from your exercise. Most people are not able to sustain that heavy exercise for a long time, maybe just a few minutes. I would say it's better to stay at a lower percentage of max (in your case, without knowing your resting heart rate, maybe 160-180 bpm) for half an hour or more.
19079998 tn?1472020580 Usually, I feel the pain everytime after having my meals sometimes or on times of mental stress. In kinda worried because we have family history of heart problem. Now my question is, could it be possible that at my early age I do have my angina? Thanks in advance & Godbless.
Avatar n tn I went to tons of doctors because of how i felt and how my bp was higher than it should be for my age. I was put on beta blockers in the ER when i was having what i guess was a panic attack now cause im not dead nor did they ever find anything wrong with me. finaly i went to a cardiologist just not to long ago and he told me that he didnt think i needed medication, My heart looked normal and my bloodflow was good.
Avatar m tn I was just wondering why it is you specified gay or lesbian. I can see specifying the young age in regard to a heart attack, but why the sexual preference specification? Did they like treat you differently or something like that?
1583834 tn?1296685960 The facts are that most 25 year olds dont have heart issues, but instead anxiety or other health issues that mimic heart attack. However, heart attacks are not unheard of in that age either. Doctors are not perfect. There was a guy at our local hospital who was in his 70s and they did all the tests and sent him home in spite of horrid chest pain--saying his pain was not his heart. He went home and suffered.
Avatar f tn re all getting up there in years now and only one sister had a heart attack during an operation at age 80 and his mother died they think of a heart attack in her sleep at age 84, and she still smoked! i would appreciate any input as this has bothered me for so many years. thanks.
Avatar f tn It would be wrong of me to say that someone of your age cannot have a heart attack, because it can happen at basically any age BUT the younger you are, the more unlikely it is. Have you ever had any tests, such as EKG or Echo to ensure that you wasn't born with a heart defect? This is being taken more seriously in the UK now, children in many schools are given an EKG before commencing any physical activities. It's a good screening process.
Avatar n tn Whichever one the doctor says is more in need. Why? Because age should not matter. Age does not make one person more or less valuable.
Avatar f tn My father passed away at the age of 36 from a massive heart attack. Last month my sister passed away at the age of 47 from a massive heart attack. I am 39 years old and wanted to know if this could be hereditary. Let me add that my father was a severe alcoholic and my sister had abused both drugs and alcohol for years before getting her life straight. Could their problems be caused from there lifestyles or should I be concerned that this is a condition that I have to worry about?
Avatar f tn First of all, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your Dad. Something caused the heart attack like a blood clot or blockage in the artery. I am not sure why the nurse would tell him to quit taking the heart medication. The medication is very important. Did he die of a heart attack? Now, it is important for you to know your cholesterol levels, make sure that you are eating healthy. LDL levels should be 100 or below, HDL for men 40's, for women 50's, triglycerides below 150.
Avatar f tn Chances of a heart attack in a 21 year old is almost 0. There is no possible way you suffered a heart attack from coronary artery disease or a blocked arteries. That just can not happen in someone young like yourself. It is possible for a young person to suffer heart failure or some other type of arrhythmia from genetic problems with the heart, or abnormal pathways of the heart.
1211508 tn?1343079605 I had high blood pressure from a young age, but back in those days Doctors used to say "Oh it's just one of those things" and the link to heart problems was not known. I started meds after my heart attack. My typical blood pressure was averaging 185-190/100-104 My Cholesterol was also off the scale due to a hyperactive Liver. Strange thing though, since my last stents, my blood pressure has dropped down to normal with no meds. I think I have an explanation for this though.
Avatar f tn s wrong. Heart attacks sometimes present like heartburn in women. Young people can still suffer from heart attack & since you had chest pain last over a minute the second time, that is especially troubling, along with the breathing problem, sweating & fatigue. Please go to the emergency room now!
Avatar f tn I have been told I have a heart murmur and while I was pregnant I was preeclamptic and I had to have several ECG because of fast and irregular heart beats so far I have not been told I have anything wrong with my heart but last night I started having sudden left arm pain in the lower forearm and upper should so I am a little freaked out considering my health history so I am wondering if this could be heart related and if so should I be worried?