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987762 tn?1331031553 I agree with everyone too, you can't play around with it and I know MS presents a lot of symptoms but when they are symptoms that resemble a heart attack it is better to be safe than sorry. Don't take chances, go to the er and get the EKG and blood work if not for yourself then for your loved ones who are concerned.
976897 tn?1379171202 I think this is why so many Doctors dismissed heart problems in women with typical symptoms and some still do. However, it has been realised that since women have taken the roles they have in the work place, heart disease is definitely on the increase for them. It seems the more stressful the job, the worse their condition becomes. Hardly surprising when you think how many look after the children, get them off to school, go to work then get home to feed them etc.
Avatar m tn I was also very tired all the time. You are young at 42 but you do need to find a way to get checked out. My sister had her heart attack at 45. It's better to know what's going on. It could be stress and stomach issues or it could be heart related. Please keep us up to date on what you find out.
Avatar n tn I posted earlier this month after I had a heart attack a few weeks ago so I won't go into all of my history again. Are there causes of heart attacks other than the typical type from a blocked artery or the unusual variant/Prinzmetal angina? Some sort of chemical imbalance?? An allergy to something?? Angio showed arteries and stents are clear and I don't seem to have typical Prinzmetal angina (although docs are leaning towards this). I had a stress echo in Jan. and it was very good.
Avatar f tn I agree with Delta here however there are some very specific symptoms for a woman having a heart attack and you can find the boilerplate symptoms by googling out the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross to kind of put your mind at ease. The issue at hand however is that if you are feeling uncomfortable in any way you should be seen by at the very least your family doctor just to rule everything out.
Avatar n tn Dear CCF MD, This is so called heart month, where every morning show and news station has a segment on Heart health, most focusing on the differece between cardiac symptoms among men and women. It seems to me I am hearing more and more tragic stories of women dying suddenly from heart attacks, most of them had sought medical attention weeks, days and even hours before collapsing and from what I have been told the majority of them were given a diagnosis of "stressed out".
Avatar n tn She said that she suffered a small heart attack because a blood clot must have lodged into her artery of her heart and caused the heart attack. Ive read many stories of young women getting heart attacks because of blood clots or a blood clot disorder. Unless i read wrong i doubt she has coronary artery disease i mean considering her age its quite low for her to have CAD, uless she had other risk factors that she didnt state like early heart disease or high cholesterol.
Avatar f tn It's been getting worse and I have read more than once that these are all symptoms that precede a heart attack in women. I am almost 23 5'9 142Lbs, and I have a pretty bad diet honestly. But there is also a high rate of heart disease on both sides of my family. My great grandmother died at 51 from a massive heart attack, as did her son. My grandfather had a quadruple bypass before he was 50, my mom has had mild heart attacks.
994817 tn?1249741878 And if they can, what type of history do teenage heart attack victims usually have in order to get one? Do my symptoms just sound like typical anxiety symptoms? And could I possibly be a rare case where even though my history is all good I have a serious heart problem? Or is that just pretty darn unusual? I am currently seeing a primary Dr. and had an EKG and chest x-ray that came back normal. I had blood work done but have not gotten the results yet.
Avatar f tn As you know, it is not too common for young people to deal with a heart attack. But, as the two of you know, it can happen. The good news, you are NOT alone. Thank you so much for deciding to join in the discussion. I've found that giving back and trying to help others has actually helped me. Weird how that all works : ) I remember the exact day when my Dad quite smoking. He was on a gurney thinking he had a heart attack (he was 48).
296076 tn?1371338074 According to a new study, women who experience a stillbirth or repeated miscarriages have a dramatically increased risk of heart attack later in life. Compared with women who never had a miscarriage, women who had more than three were about five times more likely to ever suffer a heart attack, the study found. Having just one stillbirth more than tripled the risk of heart attack. Each miscarriage a woman has increases her risk of heart attack by about 40 percent, according to the study. Health.
Avatar n tn In that particular situation the risk of heart attack is outweight by the risk of heart failure, so it is OK not to give the beta blocker. She should have an echocardiogram done to assess her heart function. I suppose the physicians there are holding catheterization until her bleeding gets better. They may not even do a catheterization at all. Others, who have a history of asthma or reactive airway disease can also develop a reaction to beta blockers.
Avatar n tn I have been feeling a lot of symptoms to a stroke or heart attack, but everyone says that I'm too young to have anything wrong with my heart, and that it is muscular. But I'm feeling a lot of chest pain and other symptoms that won't go away and I want to clear things up. Otherwise, I'm very active and healthy.
Avatar n tn Why doesn't a Heart Cath show a heart attack? Doesn't this give patients a sense of false information unless they resort to a Cardiac MRI? Question: How long must one be on Plavix to keep coated stents open? I need knee surgery badly and need to be off Plavix for 5 days prior to surgery. Cardiologist has vetoed all surgery. I have 3 stents and with 2 of the stents, I have been on Plavix for 15 months and the last stent..on Plavix for 9 months. What is Cleveland Clinics thoughts on this?
Avatar f tn The anxiety for me didn't start until after I had my second child. I feel like I am having a heart attack, but the doctors have assured me that my heart is fine. He gave me Paxil but I only took it for about a week because it made all of my symptoms even worse and made it so I couldn't sleep for 3 days. He wants me to switch to Zoloft, but I am afraid to go through all of that again.
1565702 tn?1295296430 Yesterday in the elevator leaving work I accidentally dropped my purse and about five packs of cigarettes fell out onto the floor, along with some of my other stuff - and the gentleman who helped me pick them up commented that I must be some kind of serious chain smoker because he'd never seen such a pretty young lady carrying around so many cigarettes. I told him I was trying to quit and he just chuckled. I was so embarrassed. But its not like I'm oblivious to what it does to me.
Avatar dr m tn Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, and summarized for the lay public in the New York Times. What’s worse is that even if women get to the emergency room quickly, a heart attack diagnosis is made much slower than in men. What this article doesn’t address, however, is how to prevent heart disease in women in the first place.
Avatar f tn Angina, or sudden chest pain or discomfort Pain or discomfort in one or both arms, the back, neck, jaw, or upper part of the stomach Shortness of breath Cold sweat Nausea or vomiting Dizziness or light-headedness Anxiety Rapid or irregular heartbeat   Heart attack warning signs in women Many people think of heart attacks are more commonly a men's health issue, but according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, nearly half of the people who die from heart attacks are women.
237039 tn?1264261657 SO glad to see the update! Sorry PVC Queen :) , but is not weird at all to me if you look back up, past all the garbage, which I am responsible for, to Chatter†Ally's original post.... Your right coronary artery is blocked 90% which can/will cause the SOB and chest pains. This could cause you to have a heart attack, and If this blockage is considered "organic heart disease", which I do not believe it is, the SVT could be serious as the little write-up says below.
377493 tn?1356505749 I have not had one of these in several weeks, but right now I am feeling terrified...and irrationally so. I hate feeling this way. The worst is I recognize it's irrational and that I shouldn't feel this way, but right now I can't seem to stop it. So what started it.....Ryder had very little appetite today. He normally eats around 25-30 oz formula a day plus some of his rice cereal. Today he only ate about 17oz and his cereal. Other then that he is just fine.
Avatar f tn They will want to run an EKG as well, though I've read they are not ALWAYS an accurate indicator that something's wrong. Heart attacks sometimes present like heartburn in women. Young people can still suffer from heart attack & since you had chest pain last over a minute the second time, that is especially troubling, along with the breathing problem, sweating & fatigue. Please go to the emergency room now!
299260 tn?1304219705 ad_06: You are definitely NOT being punished. Please don't think that. I'm sure He knows you will in fact be a wonderful mommy! =) The dark brown sounds good. I think that's old blood, so try not to worry & just know that you've got a whole thread full of women pulling for you & praying for you!!! We'll all be thinking of you tomorrow! Best wishes =) dreamingofson: I'm sorry, what is TR? dnikki & Joyce: Thanks!
299260 tn?1304219705 We still haven't decided if now is the best time. Right now I just want to try to get my body healthy and my mind and heart in a better place. It's going pretty well so far. You are more than welcome to update me to cd5 if you'd like. Although we're not doing opks, or temps, or anything like that right now. I'm just starting to track it again. Thank you all for being so supportive!
299260 tn?1304219705 ) He's saying so much! Guesito: Thank you! :) I did a 5-day transfer too. My RE does a 3 if you have I think 6 or fewer embryos & a 5-day if you have more. I haven't tried accupuncture, but I know lots of women do.
299260 tn?1304219705 I wish Savana was bigger to keep us warmer - I tell you I almost had a heart attack with our last gas bill . . . and we keep the temp in the 60s in our house! Ah well . . . . She is a really sweet kitty. (Don't laugh) but I am talking to a cat behavioral specialist on Friday b/c she is having a hard time getting used to the house and our other cat . . . and I won't give up on her!
429700 tn?1308011423 My 38 female friend had a heart attack and really had a hard time convincing ER staff that she was indeed having a heart attack. Just because she was young and female. She wound up having open heart surgery with a quad bypass, so NEVER take chest pain for anything like indegestion or a muscle strain, it COULD BE a heart attack.
Avatar n tn I often get the chills and shakes after an anxiety attack although I have a lot more symptoms like racing heart or palps, dizziness and stomach upset. I seem to have more palps when stomach is upset or emotionally upset and like an earlier post I also cough when I get these and it helps unless I'm having a bad run of them. No test showed any heart problems. I noticed they increased when last year I had a very bad stomach flu and the palps just seem to come and go now.
Avatar n tn I have had numerous ECGs, an echocardiogram, a holter monitor, and everything shows my heart to be normal. But during a panic attack, my first thought has been the rapid heart rate must mean I have a dire heart condition. I have been relaxing a little after reading some of the messages here that panic attacks are not dangerous - but became alarmed again after reading your message. Please advise!
Avatar n tn they say i am getting healthy amount of oxygen to my body but yet i still find it hard to breath i thing my leg might be making my body crooked and efacting me that way i hope but i also have ribs that look broken kinda looks like my ribs are pushing on my insides maybe my ribs are to far in cuz when i was younger i had been fealing sharp pain in my sternem wrestling with my brother he told me i was a ***** and to suck it up so i did now they look broken and stickin out on the left side only ma
299260 tn?1304219705 I know it is hard, but I also know you are strong. PLEASE stay positive - your heart and mind need it! I think the symptoms are good signs! Naf: Hi! good to hear from you! I am glad you are doing well . . . I did get cramps on provera . . . don't recall the sore boobs. Luyvkayln: I hope you can move foward soon . . . and I hope you are doing well. ArmyPrincess: Hi! It is nice to hear from you . . . I just heard back from the Dr - all is normal.