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Avatar m tn Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-checkup/post/calcium-boosts-risk-of-heart-attack-stroke-for-women-study-finds/2011/04/19/AFKcJK5D_blog.
Avatar m tn Please read, pay attention, and send it on!... FEMALE HEART ATTACKS I was aware that female heart attacks are different, but this is the best description I've ever read. Women rarely have the same dramatic symptoms that men have ... you know, the sudden stabbing pain in the chest, the cold sweat, grabbing the chest & dropping to the floor that we see in movies. Here is the story of one woman's experience with a heart attack.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor, but I understand people can be having a heart attack and still have a normal or near normal blood pressure. Heart attacks in women don't always include the same/typical symptoms as they do in men. Also, it's fairly common in women that symptoms of a heart attack come and go--so just because the clear up doesn't mean you're not having a heart attack. Better safe than sorry, right? I would seek medical attention immediately. First, take a 325 mg.
469720 tn?1388146349 Through early detection, interventional radiologists can save women from future stroke, heart attack, and early death. To combat this major public health issue, Vascular Medical specialist recommend greater screening efforts by the medical community through the use of the ankle brachial index (ABI) test. PAD Under-recognized in Women Like heart disease, peripheral arterial disease is under-recognized in women.
Avatar f tn I think my husband had a mild heart attack early this morning (4 a.m.?). He had all the symptoms as I looked them up. He refused me to call 911 saying he thought he was ok. By 5:30 he felt well enough to rest, and sleep until 7. At 7 he said his chest was still hurting, but it was not a heart attack. He got dressed and left for work, saying he had a busy day and could not call in sick. I am freaking out b/c everything I read says you need treatment within 24 hours.
Avatar n tn I have been told that heart attack symptoms are different in women than in men. What signs should a woman look for?
Avatar n tn Heart attacks are very common in women and does not always present with chest pain which is why some women do not even realize they are in danger. Please have her checked out. Keep me posted on how she is doing.
Avatar n tn The Doctors informed me (in passing) that I would not be able to have children because of the attack. Have women gone on to have children after a heart attack? Are the risks really that high if I were to become pregnant? Wouldn't a csection eliminate the added stress to the heart? Thanks!
Avatar n tn I have not had a heart attack but have two stents in my LAD which is considered the widowmakers heart attack. My stymptoms were very vague when my stent in my LAD was occluded 90%.Basically i lost my appetite and had lost 12 # over 5 months-just felt full and bloated,when did eat very much my heart would race. My doctor never appreciated my complaints until I actually had an episode of chest pressure with shortness of breath. At that point my stent was occluded by 90% and they restented me.
976897 tn?1379167602 It would appear from some papers published that Heart disease in women used to be a lot less in numbers than in Men, especially up to a certain age. I think this is why so many Doctors dismissed heart problems in women with typical symptoms and some still do. However, it has been realised that since women have taken the roles they have in the work place, heart disease is definitely on the increase for them. It seems the more stressful the job, the worse their condition becomes.
Avatar n tn re female, these could be symptoms of a heart attack. Women can feel subtle discomfort, different than the typical movie heart attack - clutch your chest and collapse. Did the Tums help at all? Doesn't sound like they did much if you still have pain in your back, pressure in your throat and headache. No one wants to hang out in a hospital but if it's a blockage in one of your arteries, then time is muscle. The longer you wait, the greater damage to your heart. Don't be embarrassed.
Avatar n tn It would be highly unusual for a young woman to have a true heart attack where there is a lack of blood flow to the heart. Did your doctors mention either of these possibilities to you? Some of these conditions do improve and you can find previous questions addressing these topics on this site. How old are you? Depending on what is the cause of the problem would depend on the outcome. I hope you find this information helpful.
937826 tn?1261333879 after getting home from having my asthma attack I was rushed back in for chest pain.at hospital they took the oxygen out of my nose at 4 liters and put me on oxygen mask at 10 liters I was having so much trouble breathing my oxygen sat was 55 .
Avatar f tn t get exactly that there is no way in medicine science without bypass surgery as now i m living more hectic life befr heart. attack doing walk n exercises and no hard feelings then what are the measurement for such major surgery.how i can feel that now the bypass surgery is needed.A doctor asked me that if u r living normal life den no nees of surgery bcz surgery is also for ur normal life. what can i do for myself??
17567 tn?1276202029 So, awhile back I started getting left arm pain, which is generally a wake up sound for a heart attack? Rather than ignore it and hope it goes away I actually did something about it... and went to a cardiologist. After a few tests he tells me my heart is fine but by cholesterol is very high (260) and puts me on lipitor. Cardiologists are very big on driving blood pressure and cholesterol down towards zero needless to say.
378425 tn?1305628294 I am really worried and tired no sleep last night, My mum was life flighted out she has had a heart attack...My emotions of late have been so much of a roller coaster ride. I came on here to write and I am just so tired I cannot seem to concentrate.
967168 tn?1477584489 maybe maybe not? I know how quirky EKG/ECG machines are so I'm really hoping this time it's a false reading. My Primary found a new murmur and I've been so sick for about 5-6 months; not feeling right, more winded than normal, major headaches, different types of chest pain than before and ALOT more fainting spells even with my ICD.
Avatar m tn I thought I had a mild heart attack after bending down to get kitty toys off floor. First felt nausea, pain in jaw. Heart thomping so bad that I had to lay down and not move. I also took aspirin.
469720 tn?1388146349 tightness in the chest, arm pain, and shortness of breath. Women's symptoms may resemble those of men, but on occasion nausea, an overwhelming fatigue, and dizziness are the main symptoms and are ignored or chalked up to stress. Women have reported that they have had a hard time getting their doctors to listen to them about these early warning symptoms. Cut and paste for full article http://health.nytimes.com/health/guides/specialtopic/heart-disease-and-women/overview.
Avatar n tn My question is, now I am experiencing some other things that I have read could be the early warning signs of an impending heart attack in women, they are - spasmodic dry cough (comes out of the blue, sometimes 12 x day, others 2 x day), and I am suffering from very interrupted sleep. I am waking up almost every hour on the hour every night for the past week or so. I also suffer from extreme bouts of fatigue (not always in conjuction with lack of sleep).
Avatar n tn Chest pain does not always indicate a heart attack (MI, heart cell necrosis), but it could indicate angina (chest pain, etc.) due to the heart not receiving an adequate supply of blood...usually happens when there is exertion and goes away immediately with rest (but not always, usually). A nitrate medication can relieve angina by dilating the coronary arteries (usually).
Avatar n tn Hi Judy- very interesting question. You have mentioned several issues and I will address them separately. 1. Stress cardiomyopathy (CM)/"heart attack" - We see this quite often. Stress CM has several other names - "Tako Tsubo"/"broken heart"/apical-ballooning CM. It refers to a condition where (mostly) women develop chest pain after suffering some sort of emotional or physical stress, and the EKG and blood work suggest a significant heart attack.
Avatar f tn s health issue, but according to the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, nearly half of the people who die from heart attacks are women. Heart attack symptoms in women usually differ from men's, even though men's symptoms (like chest pain) are often touted as the most common sign of a heart attack.
Avatar n tn Could I have possible had a heart attack? I am a 38 yr. old female. Also, if I were to be okay for the evening and go see my doc tomorrow, would he be able to tell if I indeed had a heart attack with blood work or EKG? Thanks so much!