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967168 tn?1477584489 //health.yahoo.net/caring/10-heart-attack-symptoms-you-re-most-likely-to-ignore Sudden cardiac arrest, which is often confused with a heart attack: http://suddencardiacarrest.org/content/resources/sudden_cardiac_arrest_fact_sheet.pdf http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/More/CardiacArrest/Warning-Signs-for-Cardiac-Arrest_UCM_307907_Article.jsp http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/Diseases/scda/scda_causes.html Snoring, sleep problems may signal heart risk http://www.cnn.
17567 tn?1276202029 So, awhile back I started getting left arm pain, which is generally a wake up sound for a heart attack? Rather than ignore it and hope it goes away I actually did something about it... and went to a cardiologist. After a few tests he tells me my heart is fine but by cholesterol is very high (260) and puts me on lipitor. Cardiologists are very big on driving blood pressure and cholesterol down towards zero needless to say.
994817 tn?1249738278 Some people confuse heart attack with symptoms of an MI (myocardial infarction). Infarction means heart muscle damage. An infarct is an area of necrotic (dead) cells in heart tissues. An MI (heart attack) can not go on very long without cardiac arrest. Symptoms can go on and off, etc. for a very long time or can result quickly to a heart attack (MI). If you are have heart related heart pains (angina), that condition can slowly or quickly damage heart cells.
1165155 tn?1477431965 felt same symptoms of a heart attack
Avatar f tn 8/17: feelling very dizzy and cold, at 11am (1h meeting from 9-10, in meeting at 11). Feeling better at about 2 (lunch 12:30) Some palps during step class. 8/18: lots of palps during 8:30-9:30 pump class. Feels like long, strong beat. 8/19: feeling palps during night. 8/22: Woke up feeling fine then heart block, uneasiness started at 7:30 (before breakfast). Morning after presentation at acs conference. 8/24: feeling mildly dizzy after got off plan in Chicago and very hungry.
Avatar f tn Felt like i was having a heart attack in the shower this morning and again tonight.
Avatar f tn I think my husband had a mild heart attack early this morning (4 a.m.?). He had all the symptoms as I looked them up. He refused me to call 911 saying he thought he was ok. By 5:30 he felt well enough to rest, and sleep until 7. At 7 he said his chest was still hurting, but it was not a heart attack. He got dressed and left for work, saying he had a busy day and could not call in sick. I am freaking out b/c everything I read says you need treatment within 24 hours.
Avatar n tn Janne, As you can see by the brisk response, there are alot of people that wonder, "why did I have a heart attack?" The psychological impact is often just as long lasting as the physical. The answers are often unknown. One big focus of research here at the clinic is looking into the genetic components that explain why you get a heart attack at age 37 and some other people never get one.
Avatar m tn Mine always look and feel like the classic symptoms of a heart attack.
6530778 tn?1456883801 I then started feeling like I was going to have a heart attack and I felt like I was going to fait. My mom called the ambulance and they said it wasn't necessary to take me to the ER. After I calmed down the headache came back but I went to bed. I woke up feeling jittery. I still feel sensitive to light and sound but not as bad as yesterday. I'm feeling weak right now I can't eat. When I try lay down and relax I feel like sitting up than when I'm sitting up I want to lay down.
1416436 tn?1300317239 And I am currently going through some rough anxiety right now and I had a panic attack last night(symptoms included, feeling heat waves all through my body, feeling sick, having vision problems, and the occassional "what if" thoughts) And usually for me when I get an anxiety relapse it last anywhere from 3 days to a little over a week. I was just wondering about how long it lasts for other people. So my question is this, when you get stuck in anxiety mode, how long does it last?
Avatar f tn I realize the cardiologist is the one with the education, training , and degrees, but I do get concerned about a stroke or heart attack when these episodes happen. I do not have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. I do not smoke. I get enough sleep. I manage my stress. I have stopped taking the medications that caused weight gain and lost 25 pounds in the last six months, with another 50-60 planned (which will bering me to a BMI of 26). I am NOT depressed. Is this guy right?
967168 tn?1477584489 maybe maybe not? I know how quirky EKG/ECG machines are so I'm really hoping this time it's a false reading. My Primary found a new murmur and I've been so sick for about 5-6 months; not feeling right, more winded than normal, major headaches, different types of chest pain than before and ALOT more fainting spells even with my ICD.
Avatar f tn 30 am with symptoms of heart attack. Rapid heart rate, pain in chest, jaw, left arm and nausea. Went to ER. SVT, subsided with out intervention.
1161697 tn?1266960610 felt anxious all day, at one point thinking I was having symptoms of a heart attack.
716924 tn?1235869479 All this started with a close death in the family. He was 49 years. The cause was a heart attack. All this started roughly about that time. So I am sure Anxiety/Panic has something to do with it. Well thats about the sum of it. Just want to match up with others.
Avatar n tn some one on another website i go to for my mitral valve prolapse once said that when they had their heart attack, that there was no way you could mistake it was a heart attack. So lets hope your not really suffering a heart attack. Anxiety can be amazing with the symptoms it can create for people. I know that for my self i was housebound for awhile with bad anxiety that made me think i was dying. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn I was told skipped heart beats are normal and some people notice them more than others. I still get them from time to time, but have managed to ignore them and they do go away. You mentioned you drink only one cup of coffee....try de-caf as well as decaf tea. I switched from regular tea to decaf and it did seem to help. To put your mind at ease, maybe you should see a cardiologist. Good Luck..
4165464 tn?1384457741 Im having major heart palpatations and now im starting to become short of breath and light headed.
Avatar f tn I read everywhere that people experienced symptoms of a heart attack weeks before one actually occurred. My question is if they had gone to the ER as soon as the symptoms started could the ER detect a heart attack was coming? I had chest pain and back pain the other day so I went to the ER and they did an EKG, blood work, chest x-ray and CT scan all which came back normal.
Avatar f tn is it possible that im having heart attack??i dont feel any pain..im just afraid dying specially when i think of the people died in heart attack,..
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor, but I understand people can be having a heart attack and still have a normal or near normal blood pressure. Heart attacks in women don't always include the same/typical symptoms as they do in men. Also, it's fairly common in women that symptoms of a heart attack come and go--so just because the clear up doesn't mean you're not having a heart attack. Better safe than sorry, right? I would seek medical attention immediately. First, take a 325 mg.
Avatar n tn does anyone else suffer from symptoms similar to the symptoms of a heart attack? I have episodes that last for 10-20 minutes.....pain in my jaw, pain down one arm, chest pain, terrible back pain inside my shoulder blade. I have been checked out in ER's and I don't have anything wrong with my heart. I'm trying to ignore the symptoms and get through the episodes. The only thing I can think of is that they are caused by my cutting down from 4 mgs to 2 mg. of Xanax a day.
Avatar f tn I was taken by ambulance from work last night to R/O possible heart attack. I have been having "episodes" of chest discomfort, pressure, tightness, burning under the sternum, and a "twinging" pain between the shoulder blades with nausea lasting usually 35 minutes or more that come and go for over 8 days now.