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1317949 tn?1274210831 you need to go to the ER or if you are alone right now, call 911 (don't drive yourself)!!! Not everyone experiences the same symptoms of a heart attack or the same intensity. If you have any of these symptoms: chest pressure, sweating, jaw or arm pain, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain, or anything similar then you need a cardiac evaluation ASAP!
Avatar f tn Recently had a EKG (actually two) and it suggested a prior mild heart attack. I am scheduled by my cardiologist for a nuclear stress test. I was questioned about any chest pains and could remember none. However, I do remember that my dentist a number of yrs. ago, injected novocaine and I had a terrible reaction, shakiness , flushed and having a difficult time breathing. The doctor said sometime the injection will go straight into my blood system and cause this .
Avatar f tn In addition, he has an implanted defibrillator due to Ventricular Tachycardia he experienced after a heart attack six years ago. Do you think his dizziness is a neurological symptom, or should we be considering some other medical area? Thank you...
Avatar n tn Are the symptoms of heart attack similar to first attack. Can they be entirly different. Can someone please share such information or guide to such source of information Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn This time there are no palpitations or racing heart. I have been feeling primarly dizziness, shortness of breath, and disconnected. Has anyone else had just these symtoms?
Avatar f tn I started taking therapy i like it, but still i get this symptoms, every single day i stress about having a stroke or heart attack! Can someone help diagnose this? Is it serious or just anxiety?? Thanks for your patience, god bless.
659608 tn?1318292966 Just my guess, doesn't sound like a stroke to me. While the symptoms seem to be similar to many associated with a heart attack, you've been checked and I assume no signs were found, and the symptoms go on. Have you had an echocardiogram to check such things as your ejection fraction (pump efficiency)? Much of what you say sounds to me like congestive heart problems, I'll not call it failure as I think that means the heart has stopped...death. What is your blood pressure and heart rate?
Avatar n tn i get those symptoms... nervousness, sweaty, shakes, heart races, stomach ache when i think about or have to attend some function/gathering. i feel as if im being judged, critiqued, i care way too much about others and what they think, how they view me and that need to be perfect. its all very exhausting and can run your life. it does sound like you have some form of anxiety. panic disorder? you also mentioned you think often times something is physically wrong.
Avatar n tn only before I passed out I had a heart twitch but although I am only 20 years old I would compare the symptoms to that of a heart attack. (which is what I thought I was having) Have been to the ER SEVERAL times,I've been to the family doctor and just last week finished an excercise test, ECG, Echo, and wore a holter monitor for the second time for my new cardiologist. They tell me everything is fine!
Avatar n tn now in march 2006 same thing came back again, i actually fainted, felt really weak and was signed off work for 2 weeks cuz i could hardly walk- my dr has refered me 2 heart specialist again as my heart has been poundin, especially at nite and im finding it hard to sleep, blood test wer ok again and blood pressure ok im back at work but still not feelin rite - my appointment with heart specialist is not til June, im finding it hard carryin on with day to day things, had another attack of dizzine
Avatar m tn Oh and by the way - my husband had two normal EKG's and a good blood pressure during a heart attack in January - I'm not so confident of those anymore. Luckily they checked his blood enzymes too.
Avatar f tn My mom says she has low blood pressure so it might be that but then also sometimes but not very frequently I'll have these extreme heart pains in my chest to where it hurts worse to breathe in and they'll last from a minute to 5 minutes. It also hurts my heart to take in a deep breath after running. I'm very active and play soccer and other sports alot but it especially hurts my heart to breathe after I've been swimming for a while and I usually get lightheaded and dizzy.
Avatar n tn Severe dizziness can be a sign of anxiety. Anxiety can cause an increased heart rate which can in turn cause dizziness. A lot of people with unexplained cardiac problems such as increased HR and dizziness get labeled with anxiety. The best thing to do is talk to your doctor about it to rule out other possibilities.
Avatar f tn Told him about my vertigo etc, so he put me on a holter for 24 hours and fortunately I had a vertigo attack during this period. Nothing caused by the heart apparently. Cardiologist sent me to a neurologist, who did a full work over. Nothing wrong. He sent me to an ENT guy, a grumpy and cynical Chinese man, who dispensed with any "bedside manner" by saying "give me symptoms only, nothing but symptoms".
Avatar n tn ) More serious conditions that can lead to lightheadedness include heart problems (such as abnormal heart rhythm or heart attack), stroke, and severe drop in blood pressure (shock). If any of these serious disorders is present, you will usually have additional symptoms like chest pain, a feeling of a racing heart, loss of speech, change in vision, or other symptoms. The most common causes of vertigo are benign positional vertigo and labyrinthitis.
Avatar n tn Went for about 2 months with no dizziness. Approximately 3-4 weeks ago, the dizziness returned worse than ever and more often. ER visit MRI of the head was negative. Carotid ultrasound at MD's office was negative. No heart problems other than MVP. Had a small child run into my left jaw prior to Christmas 07 but CT of sinuses and L jaw show no infections or break/fracture/dislocate. ENT MD diagnosed badly deviated septum, but this dizziness started in January - never present before.
784382 tn?1376934640 Dizziness may be due to multitude of causes like high or low blood pressure. heart attack, arrhythmia, cardiomyopathy, stroke, tumor, headaches, migraines, dementia, medications like blood pressure medications, sedatives, anti depressants, antibiotics, diuretics etc, metabolic disorders like hypoxia, hypoglycemia, dehydration etc. other possibilities are internal bleeding, anemia, prolonged bed rest, infections, endocrine diseases, allergies etc.
Avatar m tn ) So, to cut a long story short, i have dizziness and other physical symptoms of GAD but i am worried that it may not be a symptom of anxiety this time. My instinct tells me to go to ER but my logic tells me i am probably fine. I don't know what to do. I went to ER many times only to be told that i was fine. So if you have any suggestions please let me know. I am confused and anxious and asking for your help.
116881 tn?1189759423 I too, age 49, just was diagnosed with the start of menopause and one of my symptoms is daily quick flashes of dizziness. I've asked my doctor and waiting for a response. I hope you find an answer. If this is related to menopause, I'll be okay with it, but if not then ... that's scary.
Avatar f tn My friend had anxiety and had a heart attack and I can't stop thinking that he was probably trying to brush it off as panic again. I have symptoms, chest pain, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc. Does a heart attack happen quick? Would it linger, could you move around, etc??
Avatar n tn The main reason for my attacks are caused when my chest starts to hurt or i cant breath. I always think im going to have a heart attack, then ALL the symptoms hit my at once. I've done research and checked many forums about both "panic attack/anxiety" and "heart attacks". They are both fairly similiar, so its made me even more confused and worried. I know that it is 'rare' to have a heart attack from smoking at my age, but when i feel these symptoms my mind thinks the worse.
Avatar n tn Could I have possible had a heart attack? I am a 38 yr. old female. Also, if I were to be okay for the evening and go see my doc tomorrow, would he be able to tell if I indeed had a heart attack with blood work or EKG? Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn Cholesterol is 175 (medication brought it down from 229) HIGH STRESS a career. Eat healthy and never smoked. Random heart racing, dizziness, lightheaded, just not feeling right. My right not left upper arm woke me up with the most incredible pain. Scared me it was so bad. I didn't injure myself. Some online stuff says heart symptoms for women can be either arm. It now randomly will hurt really bad for short periods of time. Does this sound like possible pre heart attack issues?
Avatar f tn my grandmother,my father,all of his brothers died of heart attack or heart failure...there is also diabeties in my family history...not going to worry about that now but i do have low blood pressure it went down to 105/58..had it took today 100/60 i am on depression medicine that might be why....
1531606 tn?1324840243 Your symptoms could be related to a heart disorder, and often there is no symptoms until there is heart failure (symptoms would be shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle fatigue, etc, any one of the symtoms or all)...happened to me. Also, even when the symptoms go away, that doesn't rule any heart problem. Thanks for your question, and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.
Avatar m tn I would definitely see a cardiologist and he/she will conduct tests to look at the structure of your heart and the electrical activity of your heart also (sometimes you have to see an electrophysiologist for the latter). I would wait until seeing the specialist before doing any strenuous exercise. I have to mention though that the mention of the levothyroxine really stood out for me because your thyroid and thyroid medication can directly affect your heart.