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Avatar f tn Recently had a EKG (actually two) and it suggested a prior mild heart attack. I am scheduled by my cardiologist for a nuclear stress test. I was questioned about any chest pains and could remember none. However, I do remember that my dentist a number of yrs. ago, injected novocaine and I had a terrible reaction, shakiness , flushed and having a difficult time breathing. The doctor said sometime the injection will go straight into my blood system and cause this .
1215847 tn?1266443248 In 2002 I had a heart attack and triple bypass surgery. Prior to that I knew something was wrong but doctors could not find anything. Just two weeks before I had my heart attack I had a nuclear stress test that showed I was fine. Since then my health has declined and no ... [More] w I'm told I'm in stage 3/4 COPD. I believe it was caused by the heart/lung bypass machine because I'd never had problems with my breathing before.
Avatar f tn Prior to the heart attack Unusual fatigue Changes in sleep patterns Shortness of breath Indigestion Anxiety During the heart attack Shortness of breath Pain in the upper back, shoulder, jaw, or chest Lightheadedness Weakness or fatigue Cold sweat Dizziness   What to do if you think you're having a heart attack If you experience the symptoms above for 5 minutes or longer, take action immediately. Call 911 first, not a friend or family member.
Avatar m tn At the time I thought I was having a bad panic attack however now I wonder if I suffered a heart attack. I was under a lot of stress at the time drinking and smoking heavily. I didnt seek medical attention at the time because I didnt think it was possible to have a heart attack at my age. Over the last few years I had been living much healthier. I had stopped smoking was running a lot and I eat well. Is it possible I could have a damaged heart and still have been able to get extremely fit.
Avatar n tn Could I have possible had a heart attack? I am a 38 yr. old female. Also, if I were to be okay for the evening and go see my doc tomorrow, would he be able to tell if I indeed had a heart attack with blood work or EKG? Thanks so much!
Avatar n tn Are the symptoms of heart attack similar to first attack. Can they be entirly different. Can someone please share such information or guide to such source of information Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I'm not a doctor, but to be on the safe side, I would get to your doctor or an urgent care clinic and be checked out. Better safe than sorry. Let us know what you find out.
716924 tn?1235869479 All this started with a close death in the family. He was 49 years. The cause was a heart attack. All this started roughly about that time. So I am sure Anxiety/Panic has something to do with it. Well thats about the sum of it. Just want to match up with others.
Avatar f tn I started taking therapy i like it, but still i get this symptoms, every single day i stress about having a stroke or heart attack! Can someone help diagnose this? Is it serious or just anxiety?? Thanks for your patience, god bless.
Avatar f tn my grandmother,my father,all of his brothers died of heart attack or heart failure...there is also diabeties in my family history...not going to worry about that now but i do have low blood pressure it went down to 105/58..had it took today 100/60 i am on depression medicine that might be why....
Avatar m tn The first time this happened, I was worried I was having a heart attack and called 9-1-1. They did a full workup and ruled out a heart attack and diagnosed me with vertigo instead. I was given meclazine and sent home after a few house and tests. The same thing happened a few months later and I was able to ride it out at home this time. I was in bed all day and just generally felt unwell the entire time. Now this is happening once a month.
1149379 tn?1261809768 my muscle get tight and I SWEAR im having a heart attack or about to. yeah this anxiety is bad its so crazy!!!!! is this normal?!
Avatar n tn Alright, here's the problem (I do plan on seeing a doctor, I just want some more opinions. It's a comfort thing.) I am 20 years old, going on 21. I don't have the best diet in the world, but I try to get plenty of fiber and fruit. I generally avoid red meats and eat only things like chicken and fish. I am 5'11" and weigh 179lbs. My resting heart rate is generally 84 bpm, and has been for years. Blood pressure is usually 120/70 or 60.
Avatar n tn I was trying to stay calm, but nothing I could tell myself would help and I just kept getting even more panic and hotness, rapid heart-rate, and uncomfortable tingling, and dizziness. Are these typical of panic attack symptoms?
1531606 tn?1324836643 Your symptoms could be related to a heart disorder, and often there is no symptoms until there is heart failure (symptoms would be shortness of breath, chest pain, muscle fatigue, etc, any one of the symtoms or all)...happened to me. Also, even when the symptoms go away, that doesn't rule any heart problem. Thanks for your question, and if you have any further questions or comments you are welcome to respond.
Avatar m tn If it were gonna be a heart attack, there wouldnt be numerous like I have which leads up to a heart attack would there? or would it all just happen at once? im really scared something bad is gonna happen to me. hopefully one of you can relieve my worries.
Avatar n tn I have a weak heart & had a heart attack two years ago. No blockage was found & the cause for the heart attack is unknown. Other than I have a weak heart & don't have high blood preasure. A few days ago when I went to bed I felt a tightness in my chest & it was very hard to breath. I didn't even have the strength to wake my husband. This lasted a few minutes and the next day I felt very weak and as though I had been beat up. Is this a cause for concern?
1306034 tn?1277541491 Anxiety is curable,it takes alot of time and patience and remembered that it cant never harm you,its just adrenaline being released to the body which speeds up heart rate,BP,cause dizziness,shortness of breathe and more.Just take it easy bits by bits,cause the more u fight against those symptoms of anxieties the longer they stayed.
Avatar f tn I'm a 14 year girl and whenever I stand up after lying or sitting down from as much as 30 minutes to only 10 seconds I get really dizzy and I get all these black dots in my vision to where I can't see and I lose my balance and have to grab onto something it usually takes from 30 seconds to a minute to go away. I've been having this for many years now.
Avatar n tn My mother, age 96, is mentally alert, but has some mobility issues caused primarily by arthritis. Still, she tries to get out every day. Last week, she went to lunch, came home, and vomited, which is rare for her. Her skin felt warm to the touch. For the next two days, she felt dizzy and stayed home in her nightclothes. But on Sunday, she rallied enough to get dressed, go out for lunch and have an animated visit from her children and grandchildren.
1570981 tn?1295831355 I was held at the ward yesterday, im having chest pain and dizziness, tunnel vision and shortness of breath. A trainee doctor indicates that im having a minor heart attack from the first ECG, so they run some blood test, and multiple ECG that night. That morning a senior doctor came and said i was fine, my heart is okay, the blood test shows im not having a heart attack. I asked her about, whether if its anxiety or something else, she says "maybe" it was from anxiety disorder.
1688079 tn?1305854113 I have taken the same drug for several years now for blood pressure and to aid in preventing a heart attack. The sad part is I have become very dependent on it. I can't seem to function even one day without. I would certainly talk to your doctor to get all the answers you need.
Avatar n tn Does this sound like heart attack symptoms? I have been put on a prescription for beta blocker and given nitro spray, had an ecg, chest xray and blood tests but still waiting for results.