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1165155 tn?1477431965 felt same symptoms of a heart attack
378425 tn?1305628294 I am really worried and tired no sleep last night, My mum was life flighted out she has had a heart attack...My emotions of late have been so much of a roller coaster ride. I came on here to write and I am just so tired I cannot seem to concentrate.
Avatar f tn 8/17: feelling very dizzy and cold, at 11am (1h meeting from 9-10, in meeting at 11). Feeling better at about 2 (lunch 12:30) Some palps during step class. 8/18: lots of palps during 8:30-9:30 pump class. Feels like long, strong beat. 8/19: feeling palps during night. 8/22: Woke up feeling fine then heart block, uneasiness started at 7:30 (before breakfast). Morning after presentation at acs conference. 8/24: feeling mildly dizzy after got off plan in Chicago and very hungry.
Avatar f tn Felt like i was having a heart attack in the shower this morning and again tonight.
Avatar f tn I think my husband had a mild heart attack early this morning (4 a.m.?). He had all the symptoms as I looked them up. He refused me to call 911 saying he thought he was ok. By 5:30 he felt well enough to rest, and sleep until 7. At 7 he said his chest was still hurting, but it was not a heart attack. He got dressed and left for work, saying he had a busy day and could not call in sick. I am freaking out b/c everything I read says you need treatment within 24 hours.
Avatar m tn Mine always look and feel like the classic symptoms of a heart attack.
Avatar f tn Thought it might be good for me to journal my symptoms throughout the day so I/we all can keep track. I am also listing (for me) what day I am in my cycle, this helps me some. So, day - 26 - feeling very tired, out of it, anxious, tingly, off balance, had head pressure this am but it went away. Hada headache earlier but took a bayer and it is gone. I have been feeling well but closer to my cycle and I get off. Will update in about an hour or so.
Avatar m tn recently I have been having these funny little episodes with my heart I get breathless then my heart does these half beats where it feels like its trying to stop then goes back to normal heart rate the doctor did say to me that it was eptopic beat but didnt explain anything to me. which as it does stresses you out even more. I feel like I am going to faint when these episodes happen. I dont drink do drugs I eat really healthy and I do smoke cigarettes which am trying to give up.
967168 tn?1477584489 maybe maybe not? I know how quirky EKG/ECG machines are so I'm really hoping this time it's a false reading. My Primary found a new murmur and I've been so sick for about 5-6 months; not feeling right, more winded than normal, major headaches, different types of chest pain than before and ALOT more fainting spells even with my ICD.
Avatar f tn 30 am with symptoms of heart attack. Rapid heart rate, pain in chest, jaw, left arm and nausea. Went to ER. SVT, subsided with out intervention.
1161697 tn?1266960610 felt anxious all day, at one point thinking I was having symptoms of a heart attack.
Avatar f tn so far today (10am) feel dizzy, off balance, very stoned and unreal. My dad just left and he tends to get me going.
Avatar f tn After my heart attack I am so tired and not sleeping well, very restless. Tried to read which I like to do often, I still awake at very early hours of the morning.
967168 tn?1477584489 //health.yahoo.net/caring/10-heart-attack-symptoms-you-re-most-likely-to-ignore Sudden cardiac arrest, which is often confused with a heart attack: http://suddencardiacarrest.org/content/resources/sudden_cardiac_arrest_fact_sheet.pdf http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/Conditions/More/CardiacArrest/Warning-Signs-for-Cardiac-Arrest_UCM_307907_Article.jsp http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/health/dci/Diseases/scda/scda_causes.html Snoring, sleep problems may signal heart risk http://www.cnn.
1049259 tn?1295088478 Today I have racing heart, felt like it was in my throat, inability to relax/tense/ dizzzy, vomiting, short of breathe, tired. How I am trying to fix it: Focusing on other stuff other then the physical feelings I am having. how long has this gone on: the middle of December (maybe dec 16th?) How long do they last: Depends on how much I focus on it.
Avatar n tn The next day his chest and arm was very sore and he was very tired. Is this symptoms of a heart attack? I made him a Doctors appointment but he cancelled it. He doesn't believe it was anything to really worry about. He said..... it's just stress. I'm worried!!!!!! Heart disease runs in his family.
Avatar f tn You need to go and have a blood test and at minimum an ECG. Please go to the hospital now.
620877 tn?1282764097 buzzing in left bicep continues. anxiety very high in the evening, had anxiety attack at 2 am. very tired. some burning in left arm. Had b12 & b-complex shot today. Hips very sore from PT.
Avatar n tn I have had over the last year 3 incidents which felt like heart attack. ER did EKG which was normal and passed two stress tests as normal. However, I feel pressure in my chest on left side and some stiffness in neck and jaw. Very tired and anxious. Could any of my previous conditions (parathyroid or high calcium level) be contributing to my pressure in my chest? Should I press my Drs to examine my heart further? Does stress test show whether there is blockage? Please help.
681148 tn?1437661591 Severe Gastritis event that mimicked heart attack symptoms. ER visit. Treated with Maalox with Viscous Xylocaine. BP rather high. Cloudy urine.
Avatar f tn This week I ended up in the ER with symptoms similar to heart attack,including nausea and vomitting and a low grade temp. ekg showed no signs of heart trouble. Lots of blood was taken, including blood cultures, all normal. Please Help!!
Avatar f tn s also common to feel more weak and tired after a heart attack, and you should be enrolled in cardiac rehab (basically a supervised exercise regimen) for a few weeks to months after a heart attack to help get you back on your feet. Call your primary doctor or cardiologist and see if you can get plugged into this. And if you are experiencing depression, you should certainly talk to a doctor about it, and possibly even start a medication or therapy for that.
Avatar f tn Skinny margarita, flour tortillas, butter, queso, slight numbness and tingly feeling, attack symptoms, bit of chest tightness, heart pounding, slight left side headache
Avatar f tn I should clarify my earlier statement: a true heart attack doesn't just go away but the symptoms can ease off and go away.
Avatar n tn Mom described symptoms of a heart attack, but doesn't want to go to the doctor.
Avatar n tn HI, I know exactly what you mean. I recently had a heart attack, and I knew that the symptoms were different than anything I had experienced before, and my gut insticts told me it was probably a heart attack, it was something NOT NORMAL, my mistake was not going to the E.R. and because of that, I am having difficulties now getting diagnosed. My attack started around 5:00 p.m while at the local video store, returning a video.