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994817 tn?1249738278 Can I have Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, or Heart Disease at such a young age? Did all of the caffeine I drank in my childhood/adolescence possibly have an effect on my heart? And if it did have an effect, is it life threatening? PLEASE, anyone who can give me advice or who goes through the same thing please let me know. Some hope and peace of mind is very much needed.
Avatar f tn I have been told I have a heart murmur and while I was pregnant I was preeclamptic and I had to have several ECG because of fast and irregular heart beats so far I have not been told I have anything wrong with my heart but last night I started having sudden left arm pain in the lower forearm and upper should so I am a little freaked out considering my health history so I am wondering if this could be heart related and if so should I be worried?
Avatar n tn 34 yr male just suffered my second heart attack in a year. Had a stress test done got mildly depressed ejection fraction of 40 to 45% with inferior hypokinesis. How long do I have left? And is it safe for me to work on my feet in a stressfull work place or do I apply for disability?
Avatar f tn Performed a ecg and told me I was having a (heart attack) and rushed me to hospital where I had two (cardiac arrest) I was informed this happend because the fat in my artrie that runs down the front of the heart had broken of from the wall and formed a blood clot to repair the wall of the artrie with formed a blockige with was also very high up the artrie and another part of the atrie had collapsed.
Avatar f tn You are extremely young for developing a serious heart condition. In addition, you do not describe any significant risk factors that is history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, family history of premature heart disease. With an absence of any risk factors and your age, it is very unlikely that you suffer from a heart condition.
14991338 tn?1447193706 However, I do believe people greatly underestimated the age range people can have a heart attack. Many seem to think it happens around 60-70, when in fact people should start worrying about it in their 40s. Sigh.
Avatar m tn I did some research and found an anxiety attack, can mimick a heart attack,is the intense pain in the chest that lends itself to a heart attack.it is as if a vise is closing around the chest. The other symptoms are pain in the left arm and pain even in the neck area to raised pulse, sweating and dizziness these all can be an anxiety attack as well. But the pain in the chest like a steel band is being tightened seems to be the deciding factor that speaks of a heart attack.
1814992 tn?1316890851 Doctor checked only my blood pressure which was normal and refused to do further checking of heart , telling that I might be very young to have heart attack. Please , help me to understand this symthoms... Thank You in advance!
Avatar f tn To understand the anxiety attack itself is a great step to controlling it, it is a fear based reaction and one can end up simply fearing the fear itself and not the thing that triggered it. The funny thing about your heart beating faster is that the anxiety will cause it to beat faster so the cycle will continue.
Avatar f tn Sweetwaterguy is right. You are obviously young and your symptoms are far from normal. Are you being treated for depression? Besides weight gain, what are the side effects of the drugs you are taking? It could be many things, not just cardiac. Have you had your thyroid checked out?
Avatar m tn There may be other factors contributing to heart attack, particularly one occurring in such a young person? Maybe something congenital? Insulin is 100% necessary to a type 1 diabetic. I doubt it was the insulin.
1187301 tn?1264772920 You've had a lot of heart trouble for such a young age. That said, it appears on the little bit you've told me you need to keep a regular checkup with a cardiologist - I have one every 6 months myself even if I have not experienced any new problems. Then I am almost 30 years older than you. The only specific comment I have is (I do not have anything on which to base advice) make sure your ICD is in good working order...
Avatar m tn t usually come (the pain) but at some times of the day i feel pain in the heart area so i really get depressed and i start searching on the web for what can cause heart attack and sometimes i feel pain in my left arm but as i said it's slight pain. What can it be?? I am sporty guy since i was young, i play football and i can run for many kilometers without getting tired or getting pain in the chest Can it be muscle strain?
Avatar f tn It depends on what you mean by a "nervous feeling" in your chest. If it feels like your heart is fluttering, irregular, or skipping beats, then it could be related to your heart, though not in a way that is concerning for a heart attack, like your dad had. First of all, you're dad having a heart attack only increases your risk of having heart disease if he was less than 50 years old when he had heart disease.
Avatar f tn Heart attack symptoms vary from person to person, and are quite different from what you see on TV. With my first heart attack it was a burning ache that started in the center of my chest and radiated to the jaw and both arms. I had sweating and nausea with it. And the pain was off and on. Come & go type pain. This all started on a Friday morning. By Monday evening I wasn't feeling right. So I went to the ER. Am imposition I thought, but I needed to know.
Avatar m tn Chest pain at your age which is caused by heart disease, is extremely rare even in children born with congenital forms of heart disease. You would be pretty sick at this point if the pain was heart related. Try and get help for your panic attacks, that will help you to calm yourself down and enjoy your teen years.
Avatar n tn the next day when i woke up I felt pretty strange, and later that day i had a panic attack (first ever). I went to the ER and they did an EKG and blood test, all coming back normal. they gave me a holter monitor and then i saw a cardiologist and he did an ultrasound. Everything came back normal, and I had about 15 PVCs recorded. over the next couple months I started feeling better and better in terms of my heart, but had pretty bad anxiety.
Avatar n tn Your nephew is most likely suffering from panic/ anxiety related episodes. The symptoms can range from breathlessness to rapid heart beat. In fact, in some cases, it seems as though you are suffering a heart attack! Panic attacks typically go away after 15-20 or sooner with medication such as benzodiazeines or just breathing relaxation exercises like pkdonlon alluded. The tingling sensation your nephew is experiencing is also from hyperventilating from a panic attack.
Avatar f tn Something caused the heart attack like a blood clot or blockage in the artery. I am not sure why the nurse would tell him to quit taking the heart medication. The medication is very important. Did he die of a heart attack? Now, it is important for you to know your cholesterol levels, make sure that you are eating healthy. LDL levels should be 100 or below, HDL for men 40's, for women 50's, triglycerides below 150.
429209 tn?1224166589 I know that is probably an oversimplification of the problem, but it is a start in the right direction in my experience. Keep us posted!
994817 tn?1249738278 and I very much appreciated the long, detailed, response I received. And in the response, the issue heart attack was addressed but I would like for it to be addressed a little further; just for my reassurance and to know as much as I can on the matter. Well, I've been having terrible anxiety lately with horrible symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hi, Is there a single best non-invasive test to detect potential causes of getting a heart attack in the future? I see discussions about C64-CT with merits and demerits. Is there any thing better out there?
1211508 tn?1343079605 There are many unknowns when someone dies unexpectedly from heart issues. Often, when heart problems are found in young people, the drugs that can protect the heart cause exercise and sexual disfunction and to a young athlete is a reason to not take the drug. Also, lifestyle issues can be a factor. Yes, if he was having a complete yearly physical it's possible a problem could have been detected, but there are no guarantees in life.
Avatar f tn When you have such kind of symptoms, Breathe slowly through the nose using the diaphragm and abdomen. Do not breathe through the mouth. Talking with a supportive person — someone who has experienced true panic attacks personally; someone who is highly trained in treating panic attacks; loved ones who can offer support and comfort. Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted in case of any additional queries and how you are doing.
Avatar f tn a couple years ago i thought i was having a panic attack when i got to the hospital the doctor told me i had a heart attack. being only 23 at the time i didnt believe it. I got a very quick second opinion thatdoctor said i had early repolarizatin and that it was nothing to worry about, but i keep having these terrible squeezing and crushing chest pains that either drop me to my knees or cause me to feel like i am going to pass out.