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Avatar n tn t good. no you are not too young to have a heart attack. STRESS can cause taht in itself. please please get check out for your sake, your life may depend on it, by the way being 16 you should qualify for some state medicaid. I have also never had anyone press on my breast to see if I were having a heart attack eben if I have a pulled muscle I have never had one pressing there.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry about your loss. Unfortunately they tell family that the person had a "Heart Attack" which is not accurate. It's very unlikely that your brother had a interruption of coronary artery flow which caused his death. Most likely it was a fatal arrythmia. The heart either stopped beating or went into atrial fibrillation. It sounds like your brother was quite athletic. There could be many root causes. Was he on a diuretic? Some othe drug?
Avatar m tn I am sure you are aware if you have a family history of anyone under the age of 50 having a heart attack it puts you in a higher risk group as well as a family history of blood clots so they should be super pro active with your treatment plan. With LVEF docs now have all types of new options to combat with including the fairly new med neuregulin that has great results from the clinical testing that i have read about so you may want to talk to your doc and see if it may work for you.
Avatar f tn I think my husband had a mild heart attack early this morning (4 a.m.?). He had all the symptoms as I looked them up. He refused me to call 911 saying he thought he was ok. By 5:30 he felt well enough to rest, and sleep until 7. At 7 he said his chest was still hurting, but it was not a heart attack. He got dressed and left for work, saying he had a busy day and could not call in sick. I am freaking out b/c everything I read says you need treatment within 24 hours.
Avatar m tn There may be other factors contributing to heart attack, particularly one occurring in such a young person? Maybe something congenital? Insulin is 100% necessary to a type 1 diabetic. I doubt it was the insulin.
Avatar f tn You are extremely young for developing a serious heart condition. In addition, you do not describe any significant risk factors that is history of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, family history of premature heart disease. With an absence of any risk factors and your age, it is very unlikely that you suffer from a heart condition.
Avatar n tn one of my very good nurse friends told me that nowadays age is not such a huge factor in heart disease as it has been in the past because of the rising percentage of heart related problems in young people.
Avatar f tn Wrong! Heart attack symptoms vary from person to person, and are quite different from what you see on TV. With my first heart attack it was a burning ache that started in the center of my chest and radiated to the jaw and both arms. I had sweating and nausea with it. And the pain was off and on. Come & go type pain. This all started on a Friday morning. By Monday evening I wasn't feeling right. So I went to the ER. Am imposition I thought, but I needed to know.
Avatar f tn s not impossible for a 38-year-old to have a heart attack, that is not as likely as in an older person. A possible culprit is severe gastro esophogeal acid reflux (GERD), which can easily mimic the symptoms of heart attack and cause debillitating pain. IF that's the problem, you don't want to ignore it any more than you would ignore a heart problem. GERD can eventually lead to cancer of the esophogus if not treated. Bottom line: get to a doctor and don't wait!
Avatar f tn A vasovagal attack may occur in a person of any age, but the attacks are more common in children, young adults, and the elderly.
Avatar f tn I am a 29 year old mother. For the past 3 hours or so I have had chest pain in the center of my chest and above my left breast in the breast bone area. I have left shoulder pain and shortness of breath. It is very late and my girls are asleep. I am a single mom and do not want to drag them out in the middle of the night to the ER. I am worried and very uncomfortable. Aren't i too young for a heat attack? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you!!
Avatar m tn He has done well and had no further problems since his heart attack 18months ago. My question is would he benefit from Bypass and what is the likleyhood he will need Bypass in the future? His recent Echo showed mild enlargement of the right and Left Atrial with an EF of 51% which is improved from 45% after MI. He has something called FH which means his body is not able to get rid of the LDL cholesterol like a normal person. At the time of his MI his total was 402 and LDL was 350.
Avatar f tn That just can not happen in someone young like yourself. It is possible for a young person to suffer heart failure or some other type of arrhythmia from genetic problems with the heart, or abnormal pathways of the heart. This would not be called a "heart attack" A heart attack is describing the situation when blood vessels that supply blood to the heart are blocked, preventing enough oxygen from getting to the heart. The heart muscle dies or becomes permanently damaged.
1211508 tn?1343079605 I too had a heart attack at that age, but luckily survived. It was years of high blood pressure and hypercholesterolemia that did it for me.
994817 tn?1249738278 Can I have Coronary Artery Disease, Heart Attack, or Heart Disease at such a young age? Did all of the caffeine I drank in my childhood/adolescence possibly have an effect on my heart? And if it did have an effect, is it life threatening? PLEASE, anyone who can give me advice or who goes through the same thing please let me know. Some hope and peace of mind is very much needed.
Avatar f tn I have been told I have a heart murmur and while I was pregnant I was preeclamptic and I had to have several ECG because of fast and irregular heart beats so far I have not been told I have anything wrong with my heart but last night I started having sudden left arm pain in the lower forearm and upper should so I am a little freaked out considering my health history so I am wondering if this could be heart related and if so should I be worried?
Avatar n tn 34 yr male just suffered my second heart attack in a year. Had a stress test done got mildly depressed ejection fraction of 40 to 45% with inferior hypokinesis. How long do I have left? And is it safe for me to work on my feet in a stressfull work place or do I apply for disability?
Avatar m tn I thought I had a mild heart attack after bending down to get kitty toys off floor. First felt nausea, pain in jaw. Heart thomping so bad that I had to lay down and not move. I also took aspirin.
Avatar m tn You're young!! you're supposed to get nervous and excited!! What is life without thrills??? A normal resting heartrate is usually between 60-100bpm.. 80 is a great number, especially since making positive lifestyle changes your resting heart rate has come down... It sounds like you're on the right road to recovery and having some lingering doubts...
Avatar m tn Without being able to review your entire history it will not be possible to give you an exact answer, but generally speaking the probability of a chest pain to be related to the heart depends on the characteristics of the pain and the risks factors of the patient (age, gender, smoking, cocaine use, family history of heart attack at young age), diabetes or high blood sugar, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
Avatar f tn and other times lasting up to a week, blurred vision, eye pain, unequal pupils, headaches, dizziness, and loss of appetite. I am only 28 years old and too young to die. Can anyone tell me what might be going on?
1298588 tn?1330318981 I'm scared today ... was feeling weak and shaky in the shower, then felt a couple of skipped heartbeats and was certain I would keel over and die. Are my heart arrhythmias really benign? It doesn't feel that way to me. I feel like my heart is going to stop.
17567 tn?1276202029 the cholesterol is now cut in half to 130. I could probably still do better by shedding another few pounds but in hindsight doing these few things makes one feel good about one's self, sort of a self-positive-reinforcement!