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Avatar n tn can dieting cause chect pain? I am on 10 days diet program of which i only allowed to take fruits, meat, chicken and vegetables. (as usual diet menu) recently, i feel there's a sharp pain in my right chest. Any idea how it is connected?
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has a special diet or menu that they follow for hepatitis c. ie what cooking oils to use, if you can eat meat, if you can eat fruit, etc. would anyone help me with this a husband has it.
Avatar f tn I need a diet/ menu for a person with hepatitis c ie what cooking oils, what meat can they eat, can they eat fruit etc. ?
Avatar f tn Hi Chas715 Can you speak to the doctor who originally said you might need a bypass and ask him what is the reason for delay or holding back on doing it? Sorry that you feel they never listened to you before the heart attack. :-( What else could you do? Is there a chance to change doctors? Or find a way to get them to communicate more clearly to you? I'm no expert but i think people must feel helpless at times, especially when these people are seen to be 'experts'.....
Avatar n tn This can cause very similar feeling of a heart attack. When I went for that visit I thought I had bad indegistion or something b/c my chest felt tight, I had pains raditate into my throat, and I felt short winded. So you might read up on Costochondritis and see if it sounds like a possibility. Just yesterday I had a sharp pain in my upper left chest at the same time I felt like I was going to black out. I grabbed onto my desk and a few seconds later I was okay, other than being a bit shaken.
Avatar f tn Google "scarsdale diet" and you can check out the menu
Avatar f tn That's easy for your doctor to say, since he didn't have a heart attack! I'm curious as to what your diet is. Do you eat store bought crappy food with lots of additives, do you use the microwave oven (lots of free radicals are eaten thanks to microwaved foods) and eat 'low fat' foods? Do you eat at fast food places? Do you use cheap vegetable oils when you cook? Are you a vegetarian or vegan? All these things can contribute to heart attacks or worse.
Avatar f tn i was just googling my symptoms and found these symptoms linked again and again with heart attacks I was wondering if you think this could have actually been a heart attack. I dont really like doctors, and hate feeling like a time waster. I would just like your opinion on what you think this may have been. Thankyou.
Avatar n tn Hi Judy- very interesting question. You have mentioned several issues and I will address them separately. 1. Stress cardiomyopathy (CM)/"heart attack" - We see this quite often. Stress CM has several other names - "Tako Tsubo"/"broken heart"/apical-ballooning CM. It refers to a condition where (mostly) women develop chest pain after suffering some sort of emotional or physical stress, and the EKG and blood work suggest a significant heart attack.
Avatar f tn ve been on a gluten free diet for about a month. My episodes of heart palpitations and SOB seem to be more frequent. I take Lexapro and propranolol to help. Do you have any other suggestions? I've been to several doctors here in San Antonio and it's difficult to find someone who wants to deal with me with these issues. I'm 41 and don't smoke, no heart disease or COPD, and exercise a few times a week. BMI is 21. Thank you for your thoughts.
Avatar f tn Can anyone direct me to a good website that will teach me how and what to eat. I am sure I am going to get a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes this week. My blood glucose this AM when I woke up was 200. It's been running about 125-130 all week. I also get some pretty low numbers during the day and start to feel weak and jittery. I'd just like to see what the diet looks like before I go in to see my doctor. Thanks.
2005895 tn?1327721790 my 14 y.o. niece is suffering from panic attack or anxiety attack. she has a history of malingering when she was 5 y.o. as a result of her parents separation. my question is, is this forever? shes taking exulten a muscle relaxant. shes banned to take caffeinated food or drinks. sometimes she ate white chocolate. she said lately that before her attack she'll feel sudden thinning of her breathing.. thin air and short air and chest pain. im a bit confuse why her doctors..
Avatar f tn fariha u have alot learning abt heart .me also suffered fem heart attack and have blockage of main artery and also blessed by ALLAH having natural bypass butt doctors still recommend me bypass surgery.i m not willing for this.is it possible by medicines??
Avatar n tn My mother died at age 66 of a massive heart attack. Is it possible that this episode is a symptom of heart disease or a pre curser to a heart attack? I should also mention that during rest I felt fine. When I was up moving around or moving my left arm is when I felt the pain. Also during the beginning of the attack it was very hard to take a deep breath. This would make the pain worse. If this was a heart attack or a symptom of one what steps should I take now that I am feeling ok?
Avatar f tn who is associated with the Cleveland Clinic and read about his take on diet, cholesterol, and your chances of a heart attack. Since you've already had one heart attack you should be learning much more about what you can do to prevent another one. With the few numbers you gave here, at age 48, your chance of a heart attack was at least 3% over 10 years. That means 1 in 33. Someone makes up that 1 in 33. Read up, see what steps you can take to reduce your future risk.
Avatar n tn I dont see anything that says menu in my app. I have My Diet Diary app and just need the simple answer of how to delete food added by mistake.
1688079 tn?1305854113 I have taken the same drug for several years now for blood pressure and to aid in preventing a heart attack. The sad part is I have become very dependent on it. I can't seem to function even one day without. I would certainly talk to your doctor to get all the answers you need.
362249 tn?1441315018 Most insurance companies cover the costs of a dietician's services following a heart attack. Education is the key to heart health. Changes of diet are essential to good heart health after a heart attack. I've changed my diet, lost over 50 pounds. It isn't difficult at all to give up fast food. After abstaining from it for a short period of time, fast food loses appeal in a hurry, and believe me, a healthy diet is food that can taste good, be very satisfying.
Avatar n tn There is recent research about ketogenic diet and nutritional ketosis being beneficial for management of heart failure and weight loss. You may want to look further into this. Some cardiologists are beginning to support this approach, although some also follow the opposite approach of very low fat, low salt, etc....
Avatar m tn I also take lisinopril, and pepcid and iron because being on blood thinners at my age it caused other issues. I have had several issues with vasalvega sincope since my heart attack I just pass out.. My heart rate drops in the 40 at night and it wakes me up. I dont sleep well anymore. My life is really changed. I have been fighting being depressed and angry and frustrated because before heart attack I took no pills now I take 10 a day.
Avatar m tn Can we believe the hype? Will oatmeal lead to reduced changes for heart disease? Does it really help?