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Avatar f tn I have been trying to find a certified, quality assured Milk Thistle supplement but can not find any legit info. to save my life (no pun intended). Any of you have suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. I have been taking Alternative Med. Solutions' by Lloyd Wright for years but was just wondering.
649848 tn?1534633700 High cholesterol leads to hardened arteries that can cause a heart attack or stroke. Most cholesterol is made by the liver, so diet changes have a limited effect on it. Millions of Americans take statins, which reduce cholesterol dramatically and have other effects that more broadly lower the chances of heart trouble. The patents on Lipitor, Zocor and other statins have expired, and they are widely available in generic versions for as little as a dime a day.
Avatar m tn Chest pain, heart attack, congestive heart failure, stroke, low or high blood pressure any of which can lead to death Lung Disorders: Difficulty breathing, asthma, pneumonia, interstitial pneumonitis, bronchiolitis obliterans, lung infection and/or infiltrates, emphysema, pulmonary sarcoidosis (wide spread lesion forming in the lungs) Renal Dysfunction: Decrease in kidney function and failure leading to dialysis dependency Liver Toxicity: Jaundice, elevated liver enzymes, liver pain, decreas
507037 tn?1210765804 I would stay away as far as possible from Lloyd Wright... Be careful with all these sites claiming 'a cure'. Unfortunately Hep C can only be eradicated by conventional medicine. There are a lot of herbs which can help if you decide not to treat, but never can they kill the virus. Lloyd Wright has been discussed many times on this forum, you can check the threads up to your right on Search this Community.
Avatar f tn I'm almost 39 weeks and feel a lot of pain in my back n Lloyd of tightening in my belly ..
Avatar m tn hepcfree ther you will find lots of research studies.the name of the stuff is liver formula his name is Lloyd wright, fe also had hep c cured himself .
Avatar n tn I am a believer in Lloyd Wright. He is a survivor and I am too. I take his Milk Thistle product religously and it has done wonders for me. He is out there to help people. And has dedicated his life to healing the natural way. Interferon is joke. The chances on that are 50%. It practically destroyed his life. Look at Naomi Judd. Milk Thistle cleared her. Just try the Milk Thistle and see for yourself. Don't buy anything else but that. Also dring xango juice.
Avatar n tn hi. i have a group of doctors at uc san francisco who would be willing to look at lloyd wright's documentation that he has cleared the hep c virus. i have sent him several emails and asked dr. pat (he has been on her radio show) to encourage him to call me. he refuses to give me any documentation. says doctors are not interested. so, i have trust issues that he is not telling the truth??? melody beattie is now a spokesperson for him and i can not get in touch with her.
1632551 tn?1299905038 Has anyone here ever heard of this guys(Lloyd Wright) products and how successful they are?
Avatar f tn Most of the members here have only bad feelings about Lloyd Wright - he is seen as a fraud who preys on innocent sick people to make money. In the future I suggest that before you post about an alternative "cure" you use the search engine in the upper right corner of the page. If you search "Lloyd Wright" you will find posts from other people asking about him and his products. There are a bunch of them and you'll see that the response is never positive.
1488562 tn?1288826355 I have been watching the youtube videos about HCV. What's the deal with Lloyd? He scared me.
Avatar n tn 34 yr male just suffered my second heart attack in a year. Had a stress test done got mildly depressed ejection fraction of 40 to 45% with inferior hypokinesis. How long do I have left? And is it safe for me to work on my feet in a stressfull work place or do I apply for disability?
Avatar f tn how long before you can return to work after having a inferior stemi heart attack and stent put in
Avatar n tn the next day my father called the doctor to see if they got the results but no one answered, he then called the next day which would be thursday and no one answered again. well that very same day my father had a heart attack. I was wondering how long it takes for you to get the results of the tests and how accurate they are.
Avatar n tn This feeling is like what I imagine the crushing feeling that people who have had a heart attack describe in their chest. Has anyone experienced or been diagnosed because of this symtom?
Avatar n tn Several years ago I had a silent heart attack and was in ER for 3-4 days with consgested heart failure. The RCA was stented providing more blood to the deficit area and wall motion returned to normal with medication as well as a reduction of heart size and normal contractions.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 39 and had a heart attack a month ago got the usual meds but not a lot of support I'm just wondering how I'm meant to feel or what everybody feels when it happens to them ?
Avatar m tn A man beside me told me that he had had a heart attack a week ago. He said that the only pain he felt was in his left arm. He also had some numbness in his arm. He went to the ER. They rushed him into the cath lab and placed a stent in one of his coronary arteries. He saved himself any real damage to the muscle of the heart, by acting on his instinct. He looked just fine to have had a heart attack a week before.
Avatar f tn Hi, im an 18 year old female I weigh about 160, my mother & sister has high blood pressure, other than that no family heart issues/attacks. For the past 4 days my left arm (upper) and my left coller bone has been aching, I wouldn't say pain.. its more like pulling a muscle feeling and also my left side of my neck, it can really feel it if I lean forward.
1798872 tn?1346164585 This is because one of the chemicals released by heart cells when they are starving for blood and oxygen during a heart attack, CK, is also released by the muscles of our body under extreme strain or inflammation (caused by extreme exercise, medications, musculoskeletal conditions which cause muscle cell damage).
Avatar n tn Hi Judy- very interesting question. You have mentioned several issues and I will address them separately. 1. Stress cardiomyopathy (CM)/"heart attack" - We see this quite often. Stress CM has several other names - "Tako Tsubo"/"broken heart"/apical-ballooning CM. It refers to a condition where (mostly) women develop chest pain after suffering some sort of emotional or physical stress, and the EKG and blood work suggest a significant heart attack.