Heart problems in guinea pigs

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658901 tn?1403814634 hi i have a guinea pig i got 3 months ago he was at the time 5-6 weeks old anyways he was doing fine till this afternoon i saw him in a corner i thought he was dead till i noticed he is breathing his eyes were shut as if they were stuck he afraid of people but he wouldnt move a bit and he was sleeping in diariah i called the vet if there was anything i could do home but the receptions didnt let me finish explaining his problem and said that we wont know if his not here and i cant afford the visi
Avatar n tn I used to show guinea pigs. We kept them in wire cages, but you must have at least a smooth board for them to sleep on and give their feet a rest from being on the wire. This helped keep their coats cleaner and was easier maintenance with having a large number of guinea pigs. Wood chips are ok in the drop pans, but never use cedar. The dust from wood chips can cause respertory problems so use with caution. The best choice however, is CareFresh recycled paper bedding.
Avatar n tn We bought 2 guinea pigs 7 days before our 7 yr old began coughing and running a constant low grade temp. WE're now on day 13, but have taken 5 days of z-pac, xopenex nebulizer and codituss cough med with codiene. Her coughing during the day is much improved but as soon as she lies down for bedtime the coughing begins. She coughed over an hour before falling asleep and then coughed almost non-stop from 1:30-6:30 this am. Still running a low-grade temp.
683576 tn?1227038246 ......sigh..........hopefully this will help: How old is the thing? If they are babies I would not worry too much. Just get them toilet paper or paper towel tubes to chew on. The wood is probably too hard and they probably lost interest. The tubes will be softer and hopefully more appealing to them. You can hide some treats in them too Make sure there is no toilet paper or glue still stuck to the tubes. Also, scented ones aren't good for them, so just make sure.
Avatar n tn I've had several guinea pigs over the years and never experienced that. Looking it up, it seems to be a fairly benign condition. If there are no other symptoms and it's not interfering with his vision, the consensus seems to be to let it go. If you're worried about heart problems (and it's not always connected with pea eye), a vet could check the piglet and let you know.
Avatar m tn Can Airborne (the super-vitamin tablet that dissolves in water) kill guinea pigs? My daughter has been giving a few drops of this to her guinea pig each day for about two days, because the guinea pig was sneezing and making a deep snorting sound. The guinea pig has shown improvements with her breathing, but someone told us a medication like Airborne could cause an animal's stomach to explode. Is this true?
Avatar n tn s all. Last year, on February, I got a guinea pig. And earlier in 2018, I got a second one. Since the end of 2017 up to now, I have been experiencing persistent cough (that may be attributed to some lung related issue. It gets better with the use of inhalers.), constant runny or stuffed nose, I've gotten pink eye once, and I often find it hard to breathe. Could this be caused by the guinea pigs?
Avatar n tn Something such as sweet peppers or romaine lettuce are much better, and will provide the vitamin C that guinea pigs need. See guinealynx.com for the best advice on guinea pig care.
Avatar f tn I have 7 Guinea Pigs. 3 are females and 4 are males. They ive in separate houses to prevent overpopulation. Calleig, one of the females is 1.Jill is 2. Nillie is 4-5.The ales are all brothers,all solid black and live together.Calleigh is a loner and livves alone.Jill and Nillie live together,Jill is Nillie's daughter.Nillie recently developed several lumps on her tummy and one on one of her shoulders.Where I live, the Veterinarans do not know much about piggies.
1747881 tn?1546175878 Response Guided Tx or before there was this concept , research and protocol established ... Guinea pigs is about right .. anyone who is now Tx , or who has gone through P/R Tx in the past ... Tx results and Sx are different for everyone ...
658901 tn?1403814634 Ill see about getting him neutered befor getting a friend =) also for the nail clipping can a dog clipper work or should i get the clipper for guinea pigs?
Avatar n tn She can sit in a room 6 ft from the guinea pigs and not cough at all. Her own bedroom is the same distance from the pigs and once she lays down, she's off and coughing. Help!
121828 tn?1333464491 Does anyone know what causes the terrible ammonia smell in my guinea pigs urine. I've really noticed it a lot lately or how to subside it?
Avatar f tn These sites are 100% devoted to the love and care and raising cavies (guinea pigs). Guinea lynx is an excellent site to join, you can take your medical questions and concerns to the forum for advice and suggestions, overall , take your pig to the vet asap as there can be a serious issue that needs attn. Please take your pig to an experienced vet asap. good luck and please keep me posted.
Avatar n tn i have 9 guinea pigs and one thing i found out is tha guinea pigs have very sensitive feet, i recommend you to take her/him to the vet, they can die from it, sad but true.maybe she/he have a infection.
480448 tn?1426948538 Guinea pigs and rabbits get along just fine but slowly introduce them! dont just stick them in a cage together and always keep the cage where they can see one another and communicate to each other!
Avatar f tn s impaction, a common problem with guinea pigs. However, I am quite worried because even with regular cleaning and removal of the impaction, everyday, he keeps getting skinnier and skinner. I know skinny pigs must eat their own feces to get nutrients, and that my skinny pig obviously isn't, because he cant poo. Is there any solution for impaction so that he will be able to poo regularly and get his nutrients? Also, he has over the last 2 days, developed a large cyst like bump on his face.
Avatar f tn I had a dream I gave birth to guinea pigs LMAOO.
Avatar n tn It's been a while since I had guinea pigs, but I raised them for showing. The best bedding is made from recycled paper. It is very absorbent and biodegradable. I used CareFresh pet bedding and still do for my gerbils, but there are several other brands that cost less. Pine shavings have odors that can cause upper respiratory issues in small animals. Pine shavings are ok if they don't come in contact with it, like in a wire cage, but I don't recommend it.
Avatar f tn That crossed my mind too :) regarding emptying the pantry before spraying. But then I thought that may be there could have been some bugs clinging to the packets. LOL about the Guinea pigs :) Brilliant idea!
Avatar f tn No. They would be the first generation. So they would be the guinea pigs. Why would I make him be a guinea pig with unknown and possibly lethal side effects when I can get a coil inserted, have zero side effects, and still be 100% effective? Pregnancy and birth is a womans chore to deal with, never a mans. JUST MY OPINION. Im sure someones going to get angry for it.
Avatar n tn If it's a cold, then it's caused by a virus and has to run its course. But you don't know for sure if it's a cold. I've had plenty of guinea pigs over the years and have found that if they're the least bit chilled or in a drafty area (under a heating/AC vent for example or near a window) they tend to get sniffly. Keep her in a sheltered area away from breezes. You can see if she improves but again, we don't know exactly what's causing the problem.
463897 tn?1468013750 m not going to answer the poll, as this sounds like advertising, but remember, all, new medications are on patent, meaning very expensive, and have the least known about them, making users guinea pigs. Sometimes it's where you have to go, but it sounds odd trying to determine if someone would be more willing to take a drug -- why are we trying to market more drugs?
Avatar f tn Please see the following -- note that LCMV can be carried by housepet animals like guinea pigs. Do you know how many pregnant women take care of their hamsters and guinea pigs during pregnancy and DO NOT get LCMV? Hundreds of thousands! So please try not to worry. You didn't do yourself any harm. From another site: What is LCMV? The Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis Virus (LCMV) is carried by rodents such as hamsters, guinea pigs or mice.