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Avatar n tn Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle can be caused by a variety of infections and conditions and the most common cause is infection of the heart muscle by a virus. The virus invades the heart muscle to cause local inflammation. After the initial infection subsides, the body's immune system continues to inflict inflammatory damage to the heart muscle. This immune response actually prolongs the myocarditis.
Avatar f tn 10 years ago my mother was diagnosed with a heart virus. She has done pretty well except for the fact it caused conjestive heart failure. last februray her heart defibulator started firing alot because of racing heart. At the same time her platelets dropped dramatically to 1700,white cells are up and her stool turned cream colored. She has had a bone marrow biopsy which was negative for cancer. We still dont have any answers.
Avatar f tn A closed friend of mine had what the called virus of the heart, he lost control of his legs spent 1 month in the hospital and two in rehab, doctors have not explained what this exactly is. Also is the a way to heal the hesrt?
Avatar n tn A work colleague was yesterday diagnosed as having a heart virus, and has been told he can carrying on working on light duties. In view of my history, could this virus affect me.
Avatar f tn My husband just got out of the hospital with heart failure due to a virus. His heart function is 10 %. We are still in shock as he had no prior symptoms until we took him in with shortness of breath. He has never had high blood pressure, his weight has always been great, his arteries are completely clear, and he is in good over-all health. They have placed him on meds for 6 weeks to see if there is any improvement in heart function and if not, he'll go on a heart transplant list.
Avatar n tn I have had some alternative practitioners tell me they think i have a virus in my heart. I have had 2 echos, and one stress test and my heart risk blood work is normal. Good HDL and LDL. I have pains in my chest, back and down my arm and it is worse with exercise. I sure would like a cardiologist to respond to this.
Avatar m tn Anyway, they said that there was no blockage and that his heart was attacked by a virus. I just want to know what is a heart virus? And what can it do to you? By-the-way, my brother also smokes about 2 packs a day and usually has a beer or two almost everyday...
Avatar f tn I decided virus or no virus I can't get by without my family! I got a new protection program so maybe I'll be okay. My heart goes out to Mark and Gus and the new born that will never know his Daddy.
Avatar m tn So the last few days I've had lots of problems in my abdomen. The problems started around my liver, which I thought nothing of because I recently started taking this medicine called SP Cleanse due to having too many toxins in my liver. But anyways, my problems moved up into my chest a few days ago.
Avatar f tn Where is it that doesn't have a lot of cases of covid? Not sure if Cleveland is surging right now, don't know. If you drive there and stay socially isolated, it's the best you can do because heart problems are also a concern. Covid isn't the only thing happening to folks.
Avatar m tn Hyperthyroidism can mimic other health problems, which may make it difficult for your doctor to diagnose.
Avatar f tn Could my baby be born with heart problems I was born with a hole in my heart and I have heart murmur my hole closed but I still have heart murmur I sometimes pass out when my rthym changes so my doctors worried when I give birth I might pass out should I be worried.???!!!!
Avatar m tn My resting heart rate is about 120. I've been seeing a personal trainer to try to make it stronger but according to her observations my heart has been able to take less and less over the last few months. I get random chest pain, and sometimes it's so bad I have a hard time moving my left arm. It causes strain in my neck and joints, particularly on my left side. I've had my cholesterol checked and it's fine. Same with my thyroid.
Avatar f tn Mine has a little heart symbol that beats with each beat and I can use that to see if in fact my heart did skip a beat or whatever. You can document your findings in a journal as well and record using cell phone video proof of your heart beat jumping around. I would take the data back to the cardiologist and see what he recommends. If you have evidence of an arrhythmia I would hope that he put you on a 30 day monitor.