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Avatar f tn I have taken that med for several years and at a high dose part of that time. I have had some dream problems (may not be related to the BB) but no insomnia.
1210142 tn?1266077031 tony969, Sorry to hear about your recent troubles and problems with the medications. The aspirin and plavix you are taking prevent the stents from becoming clotted and are absolutely necessary after having stents placed. These medications are without question the most important that you take. As for the losartan and carvedilol, dizziness and fatigue are two common side effects of the medications.
Avatar n tn Can heart problems be the cause of other health issues? I’ve suffered from all sorts of nuisance problems with my heart, SVT’s, PVC's, Heart murmur, pericarditis and so on and every since I was diagnosed with these over 13 yrs ago, I’ve had nothing but health problems. Any late nights cause me to get flu-like symptoms, I get tonsillitis and sore throats every other month and it doesn’t mater how many vitamins I take, I still suffer from poor health.
Avatar f tn m concerned though because I have read it can cause severe Hyptotension and could cause other heart problems. My BP is normal and my heart rate ranges from 60 to sometimes 80 or 90. What should I do? I'm scared to take this additional heart medication but at the same time, I do want to be able to up my dose of Synthroid without getting angina so that my Hypothyroid gets better. Please advise.
Avatar n tn Is it absolutely necessary for her to see the vet to get the correct dosage for her? I am retired and on a very limited budget, they get their shots, flea and heart worm meds, but another visit to the vet will absolutely break me! Any ideas?
745393 tn?1345077196 I recently had a visit with heart doctor. I had test done,found out that my cholesterol was 190. Couple of months ago it was 166. I have tried a lot of meds for this condition, have taken advicor,lipitor,crestor,zetia,tricor,provastatin,niaspan,gemfibronil. I have been on lovaza (omega 3,and 6 ) for the pass five months, but as you can see it has not helped very much. Heart doctor says I have taken the limit. All of these choles meds causes me to ache in my muscles very very bad, and dr.
Avatar f tn Awareness of your heartbeat is termed as palpitation and it can be due to hyperthyroidism( overactive thyroid), arrhythmias (altered electrical system of the heart), certain medications, heart failure, anemia and low blood sugar. It can be aggravated by exercise, fever, excessive alcohol consumption, smoking and dehydration. Anxiety, fear or stress can cause palpitations. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Hello and hope you are doing well.
Avatar m tn Is the Atenolol suitable, or should I request another beta blocker? Likewise, is there a better diuretic than Chlortalidone? I keep reading about Coreg and & Demadex. Are these better options? Cozaar: They initially wanted to put me on Lisinopril, but I was on that previously and I had a terrible, nagging cough the entire time. I've read that ACE Inhibitors are preferable to ARBs, though, when it comes to CHF.
Avatar f tn s but I am confused about the symptoms that I am having and the medications that I can take. I have gone in every time for the same complaint. I suffer these symptoms: lightheadedness, dizziness, constantly short of breath, heart or chest pressure. I sometimes feel like i'm going to die. The other night I went in to an urgent care and they checked my vitals. My blood pressure when i walked in was 150/100. My temp was fine and oxygen was fine, so the nurse said.
Avatar f tn They simply make a 1cm incision at the top of the leg, or in the arm, and everything is guided up to the heart through the arteries. No pain, no infection complications and the heart can start to recover almost immediately. What type of test did your Mother have to determine the blockages? Maybe she had an Angiogram then? or was it a CT scan?
Avatar n tn And since your ejection fraction is 52%, it does not qualify as heart failure and so your doctor may plan to manage conservatively with medications. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn I have Celiac disease, and it can cause all kinds of problems like you describe with autoimmune problems. Get all 3 blood tests for Celiac disease if you haven't. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I was drinking too much water and not eating well at one time,diluted Sodium and started some heart palpitations and cramps in my leg.
Avatar f tn What is the connection between thyroid problems and heart problems from medications? I have been taking synthroid for about seven years, currently on 125mg. I have been having problems with my heart rate and beat. It goes very fast and then goes very slow. I have a lot of irregular beats and now my cardiologist wants me to do an ablation but I am convinced that something else is causing this. I have just gotten my thyroid levels checked and they are fine.
Avatar n tn He is taking bystolic and amour thryoid as medications. Both seem to have side effects that can be heart arythmia. I am looking at hawthorne berries to assist in helping his arythmias. Are there any other viable solutions? The last visit to the doctor, indicated that his thyroid level may need to be examined.
Avatar n tn but since i was about 15 ive had an irregular heart beat.. and by that i mean its really fast all the time.. and its goten worse over the last 2 years.. ive had an ekg and a 24 hour holter moniter and the results came up perfectly fine but my docter just said my resting heart rate was very high.. average about 124 bps!! its so hard to explain.. but its so so uncomfortable to live with,, its constant 24 hours i put up with it..
Avatar f tn What questions should I ask re what type of blood pressure medication I should be on? I tried benicar and lisinopril and caused sinus drainage - however, they worked Then tried hydrochlorothiazide which cause major constipation .... Now on amlopidine beselate and coreq cr and have fatigue....seems the latter meds are overkill as I had only one coronary stent over 10 hrs ago and cardiologist a few weeks ago said my heart is fine.
Avatar f tn ve read a lot of horror stories of HCTZ causing severe visual problems such as closed-angle glaucoma and other vision losses. Has anyone experienced this with BP medications such as the one mentioned?
4285719 tn?1450903322 What you need to do is write down a list of problems and discuss them with your doc. They need to be reviewed against tests. If problems still persist despite test results, a 2nd review of problems needs to be done.