Heart problems and wheezing

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Avatar n tn A ventilating machine can push air into the lungs at a greater pressure than the patient can and gives them a huge chance of recovery. When a patient is laying down and relaxed, the heart doesn't have to work very hard at all to get enough oxygen to the brain and this is why I think its more likely the lungs. Are you sure its the heart?
Avatar n tn Agreed! There are 100's of reasons why you could be wheezing - asthma, acid reflux, heart problems... See a doctor for a propper diagnosis.
1611550 tn?1304327740 I get wheezing randomly and I don't know whats the problem. It is mostly after or before i get coughs, or close to a cold. Can someone please tell me what is the cause of my wheezing?
Avatar n tn Well here I am with a cat who has used up her nine lives and my savings account and is still wheezing and I feel its louder but she still runs around and plays all the time never coughs and I rarley see hairballs since she is still half hairless from the surgery and allergic reaction nearly 4 mnths ago. I dont know what to do I seemed to have gotten the sickest cat in the world I have her on a special diet vet gave vitamins and she is spoiled rotten.
Avatar m tn Hello, I have asthma and every year there are some occasional wheezing. This time I'm having trouble breathing.There's no feeling of wheezing but my breathing feels sort of suppressed, or fast breathing. It's liike i am not exhaling or inhaling at my maximum. It feels like I'm suffocating. I told my regular doctor about this and i think she took it as another asthma related problem so she prescribed me inhalers. And if it's not helping she will prescribe me pills.
Avatar n tn Other causes are anemia, GERD, hypoglycemia or low sugar and some endocrine problems. Heart problems too can cause dizziness. For heart problems you need to consult a cardiologist, get a 12 lead EKG, ECHO or any other tests that the cardiologist advises. Hope this helps. Do let me know if there is any thing else and keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Gurgling sounds you say having,sounds like wheezing if so Albuterol Inhaler and Symbicort Inhaler for Wheezing.
Avatar n tn Just got out of hospital with flu and pneumonia, and still wheezing and taking breathing treatments. In January of this year, I had a colonoscopy and my doctor prescribed prilosec, which I did not take as I should. A friend of mine, who has bad lung problems, told me her lung doctor told her that acid reflux problems can spill over into your lungs, causing you many problems. I have begun, religiously, to take my Prilosec.
328381 tn?1269364102 after my bypass i followed up with my heart surgen they did a chest xray in march because of coughing the dr said mild fluid left lung nothing to worry about it is now july i wheeze during exertion and i wake up 3 times a night with coughing and wheezing i spit up a white mucus. no swelling in legs or feet but my abdomen is very hard but getting large. i think fat would be a little softer. i am just getting frustrated i use a inhaler from my wife to help with wheezing but not much relief.
454221 tn?1259445739 I sometimes feel the right tonsil maybe swollen or enlarged, but no sore throat. I did have wheezing a week ago and that only lasted for a few minutes. I sometimes get neck pain and upper back pain right below my neck. Does anyone know what I'm feeling?
Avatar m tn Everything normal. He said there was no problems with my chest, even though I still have wheezing and a cough. Where do I go now regarding the cause of my problem? I do not smoke. I don't have problems with shortage of breath. If I can get rid of the wheezing I get rid of my cough.
1162998 tn?1282485368 It affected me much more than I expected. Heaviness and heart pain 24 hours post procedure. This is much better today; thank goodness. Now I feel like I have bronchitis. I now have a tickling feeling in my chest and some wheezing. I have a slight fever too (99 degrees). I am taking ibprofen (400mg) for the inflamation, aspirin (325mg) for the blood and Dronedarone (400mg) for arrhythmia. My heart rhythm seems stable but elevated (90 bpm). I am worried about the chest/lung feeling.
Avatar m tn I think the reason why we get "paranoid" about heart desease (especially heart desease as it is a very important organ!) is when you read about young people - younger or just a little bit older than you - that get heart attacks and heart deseases, etc. we wonder: "why do bad things happen to good people and what if I'm next?" In my own experience: if you are worried about something then get it checked out.
306245 tn?1244384967 If a child has a congenital heart defect, coughing and wheezing may be symptoms of heart failure and require evaluation by a congenital heart specialist. Special tests such as an echocardiogram or chest x-ray may be required to determine if a child has a congenital heart defect. Treatment is directed at improving the pump function of the heart with medications.
Avatar f tn Im going through the same thing with my daughter spring summer fall winter...doesnt matter shes always sick and wheezing. Shes was hospitalized back in april because her O2 level was 86...still never really got an answer its always COULD be asthma...i need a better answer too.
Avatar f tn I am wondering if it can be totally unrelated to cardiomyopathy and more related to hormones? I am being treated by a cardiologist and we are trying the diuretic to see if it helps but so far it doesn't seem to. I am only taking the diuretic around the times that I expect to wheeze. I also am having a stopped up nose. Could it be allergies? But if so why only during hormonal changes?
Avatar f tn This is more of a dry cough with wheezing at times or both....With this, sometimes the Heart shows enlargement,but it is not a Heart Problem! It's from lack of oxygen through the respiratory system.....Steroids are useful as needed for allergy season that can be a trigger.....Dust mites in the house affect this a lot (Especially in the winter when the heat is on and the house is closed up tight).......It seems they breath better outside.....
Avatar f tn Sometimes their is wheezing, etc. with CHF and the condition is medically referred to as cardiac asthma. Treatments for heart failure, including medications, can help improve the symptoms for both the heart failure and the cardiac asthma. A combination of bronchodilators, supplementary oxygen is generally effective in controlling the asthmatic symptoms in addition to treating heart failure in such patients. Thanks for sharing. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn It appears you have some heart muscle damage and that may reduce how well your heart pumps blood into circulation and this will cause blood to back up into the lungs and periperal areas causing swollen legs (usually ankles), shortness of breath and dry cough (lung edema). You should see another doctor or go to emergency. I was in ICU for several days with the symptoms you are expressing...CHF.
Avatar n tn I mean I can physically breathe in and out the same volume of air and there is no wheezing or ariticial blockadge or restriction but my body feels like it is NOT getting enough oxygen during these times and I get a slight light headed dizziness and it is almost like I can consistently out of breathe even when I am resting and lying down and not stressed out and doing my best to breathe correctly.... Does anyone know what could be my problem?
Avatar f tn Before the operation I did have pain at the top of my chest (just below the collar bone) that extended into the shoulder during exercise. My heart was checked and that was fine, pain still comes even after the op. The shortness of breath has been worse since the op, sometimes I feel like I just can't catch my breath and try not to panic. Could be because of the anesthetic .
Avatar n tn m leaning towards a really terrible upper respiratory infection to cause the sinus problems, the bronch (or at least the symptoms), the awesome yellow mucus and the wheezing, etc. Allergies are common in asthmatics, but just because you're developing some doesn't mean, "Hey, you have allergies? Oh, yeah, it's totally asthma.
Avatar f tn The chest problems have been going on for a month or two and I'm not sure what to make of them. When I wake up, it feels like its hard to breathe. It feels like someone is squeezing the middle of my chest, making it hard for my lungs to expand and fill up with enough air. It doesn't matter what position I am in, nothing seems to help me breathe better.
Avatar n tn ve been having breathing/swallowing problems for the past 2 months I have really thick never ending mucus, the other night I was having extreme breathing problems once I woke up, I used a rescue inhaler and all was well, they gave me 2 epi-pens for a emergency. When should I use these? As soon as I start having breathing problems? or when I stop breathing? If I did this I'd need refills every few days and the ER doesn't do much for me, they tell me unless I'm blue I'm fine.
Avatar m tn SO you know that your not having a heart attack. Breathing problems usually come along with wheezing coughing or temp. If you have none of these things then that is why MD's are telling you it is your stress, people your age have this happen alot and with the same symptoms. Try taking 10 SLLLOOOWWW deep breaths and see if slowing your breathing down helps you. Good luck!