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Avatar f tn I got a stent put in. Probably a problem from the high blood calcium, treatment, and blood pressure all mixed together. Getting ablation, too.
Avatar n tn The exact incidence of this is unknown in the literature due the previous confusion in defining MVP. The same way depression or anxiety have been associated with MVP and all these symptoms (palpitations, anxiety...
Avatar m tn recently I have been having these funny little episodes with my heart I get breathless then my heart does these half beats where it feels like its trying to stop then goes back to normal heart rate the doctor did say to me that it was eptopic beat but didnt explain anything to me. which as it does stresses you out even more. I feel like I am going to faint when these episodes happen. I dont drink do drugs I eat really healthy and I do smoke cigarettes which am trying to give up.
1019167 tn?1315588348 have to go see dr on monday... might be getting sent to a cardiologist!!
Avatar f tn I had this problem since my dad passed away, its getting worst, the older i get.
Avatar m tn I am a 22 yr old healthy male with no family history of heart problems. I went to the doctor about palpitations and my heart feeling weird. They did an EKG, echo and the lot...everything came back normal except a very slight MVP. I dont know if this is a combination of stress and anxiety but sometimes it feels like I am having symptoms of a heart attack... for instance... feeling a slightly bit lightheaded.
Avatar m tn One of my friends has currently been having some puzzling heart problems. She would be sitting in class, and all of a sudden her hear would race. She would immediately report to the infirmary, where the nurse would take her heart beat into record. I think the highest it ever was was pushing 120, almost into 130. It wasn't like she was doing anything physically strenuous. The only other symptom was a slight tingly sensation in her face, no specific part just all over.
782988 tn?1242685985 Seeking answers for my heart problems-in the process of getting tests. Hoping to get advice and support.
Avatar n tn Visitation with his Dad. Great-Grandma in hospital...heart problems. No problems.
448723 tn?1301454958 So DH made me promise to contact the doctor in the morning and explain what had happened and see if I needed to be checked. The midwife said that I needed to come in immediately (when I rang in the morning) and they went over in detail what had happened the night before. The doctor then saw me and sent me for an ECG which they don't expect will hold any answers for me as I was feeling fine by the time the ECG was done.
Avatar n tn Dear Scott, Q: What is the factor that determines the difference between malignant and benign ? A: By definition there are no malignant PVC's. There is no evidence that reducing PVC's decreases the risk of sudden death ( In fact just the opposite - see the CAST study). Q: I've noticed, from reading questions on this forum, that you docs always refer to " full cardio workups " as being standard. In Canada, our public health care system almost never allows this.
Avatar n tn According to the literature rapamune is not toxic to the kidney or heart, but prograf could be. As long as you are being monitored by your doctor, the benefit of the drugs will outweigh the side effects.
1616953 tn?1443835511 Beth and I are kind of being arms length. I think I've gotta get off the computer or spend more quality time. Got into bed and tried to decode some kind of pattern to my heart irregularity. For a while (Prev night) I thought it had some repeating cycle. Like 8 beats before it skipped then 4 beats for a while then back to 8 and then 16. All really interesting except none of that happened when I started paying attention last night.
415867 tn?1323365503 livi taken to ER, found some heart problems..
332079 tn?1194973175 I also have pain in my arms when i try to straighten my arm, my elbows click and i get sharp pains in them. Neck and upper back tension. numbness in upper back usally when im moving around. Ive had a few test for carpal tunnel symdrome, A couple stress tests one back in the summer, and a echocardiogram I think its called. I am scheduled to see a neurologist tommorrow for my numbness. I also have a feeling of weak muslces along my left side of my shoulder neck and chest.
619380 tn?1339798596 Found many of problems may have been klonopin all along. Two trips to ER with heart. Checked out OK . Told was medicine. Now suffering withdrawls,but getting better.
1318009 tn?1282696950 Back and left arm extremely sore and left arm from my elbow to my fingers numb and tingly. Recommends shoulder rest, heat and ice. Reviewed my health survey, Many problems. Decided to re- x-ray my back to determine how all of these things tie in. Back has 3 areas of "damage". Cervical disks C4-5 are nearly closed off with calcium deposits causing arm discomfort and falling (balance). T6-7 have bone spurs indicating heart and lung problems (heart problems & apnea), and T10-11 .
Avatar n tn that's my thoughts. I am an herbalist myself, with a diploma in it (impressed- huh?) ha. Anyway, I've studied alot of herbs that can help the heart, calm the body, etc..., and I'm still right in there with you other guys & gals. Oh, P.S. The FISH OIL in another thread we were talking about can help the joints also, etc... I know that HAWTHORNE BERRIES can strengthen the heart, but you shouldn't take them with digitalis.
Avatar m tn I'm having another stress test done on the 22 Jan to check my heart. Any advise would help.
Avatar n tn This usually occurs right after I eat. I have no history of heart problems, nor does my family have a history of heart disease. Other than GERD, I am healthy. I have read similiar problems from others on your Forum and I wondered if there is any literature on this issue. This has been an unusually bad bout of GERD and that is when the irregular beats began. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn These have included damage to the fibers of the autonomic nervous system following chest surgeries (such as open heart surgeries etc.), problems in the upper (cervical) spinal cord, congenital/genetic problems present since birth, strokes, masses in the upper chest (where fibers of the autonomic nervous system pass).
Avatar f tn d post some literature I stumbled across on the expert forum.to gain a conclusive result always have a final test 3months post exposure!!!!! But this literature may help ease anxieties during the 3 month period.many will have seen it before but others wouldn't have. The post was written by a top HIV expert here on medhelp... Here goes..... First, failure to understand that not all HIV tests are the same.
Avatar n tn Atrial pacing or cardioversion to reestablish sinus rhythm is indicated for initial episodes of AF in infants, followed by chronic prophylactic therapy in those with significant structural heart disease or in infants in whom AF recurs. Attempts to eliminate AF in children outside the neonatal or infancy period should begin with trials of traditional agents such as digoxin or procainamide, and if unsuccessful, subsequent trials of amiodarone.
Avatar n tn Dear Tandr, Flecanide (Tambacor) is a class IC antiarrhythmic drug that is generally well tolerated and is safe in patients with no underlying heart disease. Side effects are in general low but the drug companies are required to list all possible side-effects in the package insert. Have you discussed ablation with your doctor? This may be the best route for you to take as you can avoid medications alltogether.
642877 tn?1281799282 Had the pounding heart sensation. Ate a bunch of junk during the day. Didn't sleep well and had a series of nightmares.
Avatar f tn My cardiologist says he has seen literature that confirms a connection between these two problems. I have no other underlying heart conditions.