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Avatar m tn I have had a racing heart since before surgery, which lately has been diagnosed as a heart attack due to arrhythmia and enlarged heart. Should I be going to get a c-spine MRI to rule out damage or scar tissue? Anyone experienced heart issues post-op?
Avatar f tn I have been recently diagnosed with MS. I have a lesion in the posterior aspect of the left medulla, among others. The medulla, that's a scary spot, isn't it? I have a 13 yr history of irregular heartbeart, and abnormal heart rate. Over the years, I've had all the tests, and my heart has been deemed structurally sound. No one knew what the problem was, and unfortunately sometimes didn't believe me. Is this my answer?
Avatar m tn I recently ended up in Emergency room with breathing problems and heart beating strangely. I had teh following test performed and these are the results. What are these telling me? ECG Sinus rhythm with premature atrial complexes ST & T wave abnormality, consider anterolateral ischemia, abnormal ECG X-Ray of Chest Lungs are markedly hyperinflated. Emphysema.
Avatar f tn Co-morbid conditions such as high cholesterol, blood pressure problems, and heart problems should be considered and ruled out.
Avatar m tn Some of your medications could be causing the heart thumping and the RSD. Have you had a neurologist do an MRI and CT?
Avatar n tn On the FLAIR and T2-weighted sequences, there are several foci of increased signal intensity present within the left frontal periventricular white matter. Foci of increased signal intensity are also present within the left parietal periventricular white matter, right superior frontal sub cortical white matter and right temporal sub cortical white matter. Additionally, there is a focus of increased signal intensity present within the left pons. These foci do not enhance following contrast.
Avatar n tn Other things can cause it such as TIA and disease of the heart, brain, blood vessels and and eyes.
Avatar m tn He needs to be checked for hypertension and diabetes along with ischemic heart disease, the most common causes for a stroke. MRI would also help in figuring out if there has been a subarachnoid hemorrhage secondary to a ruptured aneurysm, which would need to be clipped urgently. EEG needs to be done to check for seizures. Is he exposed to sunlight adequately? He could have drug induced ( chronic use of antiepileptics)or age related osteoporosis and osteomalacia causing instability.
Avatar n tn i suffer from anxiety and i am always worried theres something wrong with my heart and alss lately ive been getting heart flutter i went to the Dr. and they did and EKG and she said everything is fine and stop worry about your heart i cant help it can anyone give me advise. And also they want to put me on Zoloft but im not sure if I was to take any medication.
Avatar n tn My question is i am planning on getting a tattoo, and i want to know the risk due to my heart.
Avatar n tn I could get the heart test done and it would be abnormal. Years later, I could have heart problems and my healthcare insurance company could say that my heart problems are due to a "pre-existing" condition and refuse to pay for my treatment.
368646 tn?1208393887 I have small vessel disease (SVD) of the heart and brain due to advanced arteriosclerosis. I have had 3 brain MRIs that the SVD showed up on. I just googled small vessel CNS vasculitis and it says that an MRI is one method used to determine/detect this condition. I hope this helps :) Jack http://vasculitis.med.jhu.edu/typesof/cns.
Avatar n tn t think if all of your heart tests are as you state normal, including the holter, that this is your heart. This may be a neurological disorder, and you may need nerve conduction studies and an MRI of the brain to exclude any vascular abnormality which may be manifest when you strain during heavy weight lifting.
Avatar m tn I hated getting the MRI in the first place, and now for all I know it could of been just a waste? I have anxiety/OCD and ADHD so to stay like a statue is literally impossible for me. I have a brain MRI on tuesday so I'm hoping that will go a little better - I heard you get a neck brace to keep still. Anyways I was wondering from anyone else's experiences, do you think the neurologist will be able to read the images?
Avatar m tn I can say that I feel more pressure in my head and ears and hear more ringing in my both ears under sun light, and my heart rate increasing horribly. Since May I noticed weakness like on right side of my face specially around my right eye and right side of upper lip and also for 3 or 4 times my lip got swollen.
967168 tn?1477584489 because one time my echo will point towards HOCM and the next will be fine and not even show valve problems. I just had a new echo done and am going to see Dr. Craig Asher @ CC in Weston FL in the fall for another opinion, but would appreciate any info beforehand.
Avatar f tn I was getting an MRI of my neck, I do not have claustrophobia, I had an mri in 2011 no problems. This time when the mri machine started the test it stimulated my heart rate up to 175bpm and thats at rest.. not a good feeling to say the least.
1059090 tn?1254466801 Hi...I also was having many of those same issues...I am also a mouth breather I have been my whole life...but the heart palps had increased and my drs did echo's and US's to be sure I didn't have a heart condition. They did find that I had a thyroid issue, which once on meds the heart palps did stop.....there r other related conditions like EDS that can have an effect on the heart/BP and another one called P.O.T.S.
Avatar f tn I would have to say an ultrasound along with a nuclear perfusion scan.
Avatar f tn This began in November whilst at work, stressful morning sudden left arm pain high blood pressure, I thought heart attack ECG normal, hospital thought stroke pain in leg and arm side of face fluctuating sensations memory problems. CT scan Heart scan Mri scan head normal. Off about five months simptoms seemed to improve although still weakness left side loss of feeling in parts of body.
Avatar n tn I've had an EKG, ECHO, holter, now heart MRI. Is a heart MRI common? I had 22,000 PVC's and PAC's in 24 hours, get dizzy and occasional chest pain. This may seem like a silly question....but why is the Dr waiting for the heart MRI to prescribe any meds....
967168 tn?1477584489 Perhaps it is time to do an echocardiogram, isotope stress test and high speed CTA scan. This is what I would certainly ask my PC or cardiologist to preform. These test will give you all the information needed to assess your current problem. Your symptoms suggest transient ischemic heart problems and I wouldn't hesitate to find answers.