Heart problems and hot tubs

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Avatar f tn I've read some stuff about hot tubs since that's the temp I like in my bath tub and shower and it said not to let your core temp raise above 102. It had some other helpful info too so maybe Google hot tubs and pregnancy.
Avatar f tn My wife wants me to her and the neighbors in their new hot tub however if I take a long hot shower I get a headache and dizzy. My wife says I am crazy. I can't ask my doctor lost our insurance last January. Am I crazy? Is this all in my head to say?
Avatar f tn ) i would prob not go into the tub and use an excuse why but would go to the party.
Avatar f tn So I got in the hot tub with my husband tonite but when I told my sister we were in it she feaked out and said hot tubs are bad for the baby while pregnant. It wasnt even hot it was more of a warm bath temperature. Is that bad for the baby? Im 19 weeks pregnant and the baby is moving around alot so I know she is doing okay I just wanted to know how bad getting into a hot tub was.
Avatar n tn Regina, this is a question best asked of your physician. I can NOT use a hot tub and even if a bath is too hot and I stay in it too long, my heart rate slows down too much, and I feel like I'm going to pass out. A couple of times I've had to climb out of the tub and lay on the bathroom tile floor to cool off, sometimes for as much as 1/2 an hour till I get to feeling better. And a hot tub is quite a bit hotter than a traditional bathtub.
Avatar f tn I just wouldnt put it right on ur belly. Hot tubs temp never drops and its very hot so u and baby can overheat.
Avatar f tn It is more dangerous in the beginning of pregnancy and avoiding it then is a good idea. I am 28 weeks and when we go to the pool I go into the hot tub for 5-10 mins and then into the cold pool. The dangerous part of it is because our bodies can sweat to cool down (in pregnancy this process takes quite a bit longer, depending on the woman) and baby can't sweat to cool down.
Avatar f tn I know that hot tubs are out of the question. I think it all depends on how hot the water in the spring is.
434240 tn?1216392070 hmmm not sure the exact temperature/degree but I know that hot tubs, jacuzzis, and saunas should be avoided. As for hot bath tub, some say it's not good, some say it's okay I think it just all depends on how much you can take, your body will let you know when to get out. I love taking baths, and somtimes I can't lie in there as long as I want because I can feel my body temp just rising and rising and I just cant take it...but I stay in for about 15 minutes.
Avatar f tn t do it. Jacuzzis and hot tubs is all about the hot temperature, which creates an environment that germs and bacteria like. And besides, hot tubs is normally not too sanitized due to so Many people using it. The risk is the possibility of infection.
5520965 tn?1506009040 No, I haven't heard of any particular hot tub precautions for TAA patients. I guess achillea hasn't either, and she's a smart cookie. I definitely agree with achillea that hot tubs would be a good thing for someone to stay away from while healing from open-heart surgery. I think I may have heard something about the possibility of blood pressure going too low in a hot tub, but that's pretty much the opposite of what you would be worried about with a TAA.
Avatar f tn //health.clevelandclinic.org/hot-tubs-can-land-your-heart-in-hot-water/ What about making your shower cooler? Wonder if that would help at all.
Avatar f tn Hot tubs can kill unborn babies because amniotic fluid heats up extremely fast and takes a long time to cool off.
Avatar f tn Noooo hot tubs raise your heart rate
Avatar f tn Saunas, hot tubs, and hot baths are not recommended. From my understand luke warm baths are okay. If you did get in the hot tub and are experiencing pain I would call your OB...
Avatar f tn Exercise is great in pregnancy! I've read to keep your heart rate below about 140 as a general guideline but it's probably best to speak with your doctor who knows your pre-pregnancy health. I've met women who bicycled 50+ miles at 34 weeks! Swimming is also great exercise for pregnancy but I have been told that hot tubs are a no-no since you don't want to get over-heated. I doubt 1 minute could cause any problems.
1925157 tn?1328929017 An obstetrics nurse who was one of our early members, Peekawho, did a test of this. She sat in a bathtub (at hot-bath temperatures, not even as hot as a hot tub and probably not as much of the body under the water) and took her temperature. Her body temperature went up well past 98.6 almost immediately.
Avatar f tn m not sure I believe that it causes birth defects, but I avoided very hot baths and hot tubs during pregnancy with DD and this one....but I did take some fairly warm ones, LOL, and my daughter had no birth defects....but I think a hot springs would definitely be too hot. ask your doctor I suppose, because like I said I'm not really sure I believe that theory about birth defects but it's usually better safe than sorry :).
Avatar f tn Hot tubs are a big no. You're not supposed to let your body get that hot.
Avatar f tn When I was 8 or 9 weeks I got in the hot tub and the sauna afterwards. I would start to feel kind of hot and then light headed so I just got out. I'm now 13+5 weeks and the baby and I are totally good and healthy. My doctor said that it's good that I listened to my body and got out she doesn't recommend going in hot tubs but told me that we know what our bodies can handle.
Avatar f tn hot tubs are bad for you for the same reason as hot baths. it can raise your body temperature too much, which will also raise the babys body temp. you can take warm water baths.
Avatar f tn Are pregnant woman not allowed at all in jacuzzis? And what happens if you do go in? I'm 5 months and I took a brief dip in the hot tub and my mom flipped and said I was boiling my baby.
Avatar f tn It was quite informing and one of the things was hot baths she said they were not bad they were actually good but she said hot tubs are .