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Avatar n tn Travolta's son's story is exactly what made me start thinking there might be a connection, and then I ran across the post from a 27 year old on this site asking about a possible connection between Kawasaki and seizures later in life. I will post an entry on the heart forum to see if I get a response from one of the doctors, and I plan to share this info with my daughter so she can follow up with her neurologist and possibly a cardiologist too. Thanks to both of you for your responses.
234614 tn?1266264964 Kawasaki disease is caused by an allergic reaction to a spider mite bite. The mites live in carpets and are disturbed when carpet cleaning occurs.
1542193 tn?1293194607 Some electrical problems with the heart can run in families such as Long Q-T Syndrome, Wolffe-Parkinson-White. Muscle diseases of the heart, known as Cardiomyopathies, can also be genetic, all of these problems tend to run in the immediate family members. Labs for Kawasaki tend to have high white blood counts with a low red blood count (anemia) and if the child has blood work done later on than the platelet counts are high.
Avatar n tn This illness can be fatel.it can cause heart problems as well. To all parents with children suffering from having their children in and out of the emergency room ask your pediatric care about the kawasaki syndrome and it's symptoms, or Google it.thanks jessie Gonzalez.
Avatar f tn s disease at age 3 and was treated with IV gamma globulin. She followed up with a cardiologist until age 14 and had no apparent problems, and no evidence of aneurysm. She has recently experienced arrhythmias (particularly ones brought on by exertion) and a holter monitor analysis shows that she has PVC. She is now 22. Although she will follow up with a cardiologist, many doctors of adults have never seen a case of Kawasakis and do not keep up with recent research. Her doctor is now retired.
Avatar f tn My son, who had Kawasaki Syndrome as a child, has had irregular heart beat and some chest pain off and on since a young teen. He has been seen by cardiologists, including one in Japan who is experienced in treating adults who had Kawasaki as a child. No cause has been found for his irregular heartbeat or the fact that his EKG seems to indicate an enlarged heart. I suspect that he could have Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, based on his symptoms.
Avatar m tn Atypical Kawasaki disease is mostly a term used when infants less than a year of age present with persistent fevers without the other classic criteria for Kawasaki. It is not the norm to see "atypical" Kawasaki in older children. usually they have the more complete forms, although all of the signs need not be present at the same time. Kawasaki is a diagnosis of exclusion.
Avatar f tn After a full treatment that included trips to scan her heart, the doctor declared her free from the effects of Kawasaki. However, every now and then my daughter suffers from red fingertips that peel. At first we thought it was an allergy but having elimated all the possibilities we are now asking her to wear cream gloves. There is also a concern of her lack of growth. She has a healthy appetite but does not put on weight despite her inactivity. She is among the smallest in size in her class.
Avatar f tn Has a teenage girl ever been diagnosed with Kawasaki Disease? My daughter matches every single symptom, but she's 17.
Avatar f tn Her pediatrician ex her sd she had a virus. Then an ER trip suggested Kawasaki disease and white blood cell alarm in her urine. It was only day 4 of fever so we were sent home cuz she was hydrated. Said come bk after day 5 of fever which we did that ER doc said he wld not treat for Kawasaki becuz no rash. He sd she had swollen lymph nodes and sent us home again. 6th day no fever all of a sudden. I let her rest indoors a few days and return to light playing.
Avatar m tn My other sister has had breast cancer and my grandfather died of cancer. both of my grandmothers have had heart problems, one a peacemaker and the other a heart attack. I am compelety stumped as how these things are happening and Its not being caught or seen by my doctors even with all those test? So any input, thoughts, or suggestions is greatly appreciated. I am having a horrible time living my daily life becuase of this stuff. So thankyou for your thoughts or suggestions.
Avatar m tn Since the rash is on both hands, and on the backs of the hands, it seems you can rule out any kind of insect bite or contact rash like poison ivy. Does he have a fever? The first thing that springs to mind is Kawasaki disease, but that's sort of rare. How is he today? Can you take him to his pediatrician?
Avatar f tn I had aseptic meningitis -- which is just inflammation that was caused by having surgery and was treated with a course of steroids. I also have two pseudomeningoceles. One at my surgery site causing some chiari-like problems, and one a little lower that's not an issue ....
Avatar n tn thank you for writing. i've thought of all of that. nothing new...we use the same soap, toothpaste & eat the same things as we do everyday. i've taken him to the dr. & she is saying that this could be a form of strep throat.... which can also cause infection on the skin. we're waiting for his 2nd diagnosis to come back in. if not strep, she's saying maybe kawasaki disease!! that sounds crazy, but it also an infection on the skin.
Avatar f tn At 13 weeks I was still riding my Kawasaki ninja. Even now i still ride my bike & I feel amazing. A body in motion stays in motion. A body at rest stays in rest. You may feel exhausted but you got it in you Hun. You're pregnant. Not disabled. Try something like.... Yoga. Or... Pregnant friendly Zumba. Or... Walk at the park with pets or... Just something.
701581 tn?1279136038 I am sorry your son is having seizures. I know it is very frightening. I am not in a position to answer your question but I think your friend must be referring to the information that came out with John Travolta's son's death. They were referring to a different disease (kawasaki syndrome) and said that it can be caused by chemicals in carpet cleaning liquids. So I doubt that the carpet removal has anything to do with your sons seizures.
Avatar n tn I have noticed that gamma globulin is given when there is too much exposure to this chemical such as in carpet cleaners (Kawasaki syndrome) and it helps back off the symptoms of that. seems to help with autoimmune action against the platelets, so maybe red blood cells and joint pain, too? Do you have FATIGUE?
Avatar n tn I should also mention that this last bout has added gastrointestinal problems, I do have a chronic sinus infection, and I’m always hotter than everyone else, like I’m going through menopause even though I’m a guy. I don’t get hot flashes but I’m always hot until I’m freezing. There is no I’m netween. Please help, I’m at my wits end and need to figure out what to do next. I did have Kawasaki disease as a kid, I do have a mold allergy according to allergy tests, if that matters. Thank you!