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Avatar n tn If you don't have anemia, you don't have an iron problem. Vegetarians should have no problem getting sufficient iron, as it's present and best absorbed from a variety of plants. Examples are nettles, raw spinach, raw dandelion greens, beets, parsley, watercress -- you get the picture here, green leafy vegetables and others as well. Now, just being a vegetarian doesn't mean you're eating well.
212161 tn?1599427282 m sure they would be dead in minutes with blockages in the heart and brain. Iodine deficiency causes thyroid problems, and was very rare in the UK because the dairy industry used Iodine in the sterilization process of milk churns. The Iodine kind of bonded to the metal and then absorbed into the milk, unknowingly giving a supplement to everyone. Now we get our mile from the EU in plastic containers and thyroid problems are growing in numbers.
Avatar f tn however, you should get both thyroid and B12 levels tested. Many people who have thyroid problems are deficient in B12.
Avatar n tn I have no health problems besides a slightly higher than normal heart rate (100-115bmp) which my cardiologist describes as adequate for me. I recently had blood work done. My GFR was around 58 and my BP was 142/84 (usually 110/76). I've been a vegetarian for about 3 1/2 years now and feel like my diet is better than most. I'm basically wondering if my diet could cause a low GFR and if I should be concerned about this?
Avatar n tn Low iron can lead to fatigue during pregnancy, depression, more bleeding post delivery as well as a longer recovery time. Iron found in vegetables comes with vitamin c in the plant so is easily absorbed and the iron level per calorie is higher in plant forms than meat.
Avatar n tn About two years ago I became a vegetarian but have only recently starting having problems. In addition, I am tired all the time, have bad headaches, and when I work out I have shortness of breath. My doctor thought I had exercise induced asthma and prescribed an inhaler, but it doesn't seem to help. And now I am having stomach pains. Since I have no health insurance I can't go in to a doctor and have a lot of tests run and not get a diagnosis.
Avatar f tn Good to see you Alan. I do hope you are doing well and reclaiming your life a little. You know that's what your mom would have wanted. There is a big difference in meats and people that eat a lot hamburger and fatty meats, just have more problems than other people. Vegetarians, just don't eat a balanced diet. A coroner I knew used to tell me HORRIBLE stories about cutting open people who had 10 lbs of undigested meat in them. YUCK!!
890829 tn?1241204572 Hi...I'm brand new to this forum and to PVC...what a nightmare so far..I started experiencing them last Nov 2008..I'm 51 yo female and have never had heart problems before...I've survived lots of stress including anxiety disorder with panic attacks (15 yrs ago) and don't recall experiencing heart problems at that time. I went to ER for the first time day before yesterday and sometimes my heartrate is slow, 50-53 at rest, but not consistently...rapid heartbeat for me is 77!
Avatar n tn stool (that is, one uncontaminated by the consumption of animal parts) is the Floater. Many vegetarians have spent their entire lives in the quest to produce perfection -- when in fact no particular diet can reliably produce Floaters. The vast majority of us bring forth Sinkers. Sinkers really need a good P.R. person -- they have gotten a bad rap over the ages. Sure, Floaters are cute and all, but a good solid Sinker will never let you down. BACK TO WHAT MAKES POOP FLOAT...
Avatar n tn I would like to know what I should use as replacement as meat in protein, also the servings I should be having of all the food groups, I am a 120 lbs 5'4" female.
Avatar f tn An 8 ounce serving of this dried fruit provides 5 grams of protein. Dried apricots are low in fat and cholesterol and are a great protein option for vegetarians. 10. Avocado Last but not least is a fruit that is high in protein. Avacado is a protein rich food that provides about 5 grams of protein per 8 ounces mashed. This fruit is great added to any vegetarian diet.
Avatar m tn Taking too much for a long period of time is also associated with increased risk of heart disease, especially in men. As for your underlying concern, being a vegetarian should make it easier for you to get iron, not harder. You're thinking most likely of organ meats such as beef liver, but how many people really eat that anyway? The most assimilable form of iron is found in green leafy veggies.
Avatar f tn There are certain nutrients, such as B12 and methionine, which are very difficult to get on a vegetarian diet. Now, in India, vegetarians aren't really vegetarians at all, they eat a fair amount of dairy. There aren't very many humans who can digest dairy, but India is one place where many of those people are, and so they get their animal food from that.
Avatar m tn Most vegetarians rely on beans and nuts for their protein, as should you. The rice should be brown rice for maximum protein and nutrition; beans combined with any whole grain will give you a complete protein. Iron is not a problem for vegetarians -- there are many vegetable sources for it, including beets, parsley, dandelion greens, most green leafy veggies except lettuce, nettles, etc.
1530658 tn?1299766324 I am curious to hear from other vegetarians who are ttc and who have already given birth and are raising their kids vegetarian as well. I moderate my soy intake and I do still eat cheese and seafood.
Avatar f tn He's going to know a lot more about this than we do, I hope. Do you supplement with B12? Were your levels of folic acid and B6 low? These three are in balance in a healthy body. It's usually excess b6 that causes neuralgia. And what form was the B12 in? Also, when you see your doctor, get tested again -- if this only was one test, it could have been an anomaly.
529224 tn?1400648219 ve been on these medications since the start of 2007 with no side effects which blood tests have continually confirmed. Familial hypercholesterolemia affects 1 in 500 people in many countries, so it isn't that uncommon.
Avatar f tn I had a triple bypass in sept 2007 and I suffered from bowel/stomach problems. However, with me it was due to the powerful pain killers. After three days I was taken off morphine which gave me an appetite again. However, I was suffering stomach cramps and constipation. I couldn't come off the Tramadol pain killers until the fifth week, then only taking paracetamol. I began to eat like a horse and my regular visit to the 'throne' on a daily basis returned.
Avatar n tn There can be chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), is a lung disease that causes a blockage or narrowing of the airways, the tubes in your lungs that air flows through. This results in a decrease in the flow of air, both in and out of your lungs. The disease has a slow, progressive course and is irreversible. Need to rule out or treat...its a serious medical condition.
Avatar n tn You can do it, just take it one day at a time and keep in mind how good it will feel when you have won. I quit in 1984 after at least 25 years of smoking... yest I'm an old guy. It took me a log time to really hate smoke, but even that came. For a number of years I fend the smell of smoke distasteful, so I know I've won the battle.
Avatar f tn That said, for patients that reject the treatment they often feel that they can tolerate any discomfort caused by this damage, and would rather enjoy life, spend time with their families etc then risk open heart surgery in an attempt to add a few more years to their life expectency. Quality over quantity is the focus there, no different then a cancer patient that prefers not to risk an operation or chemotherapy.
Avatar m tn I recently ended up in Emergency room with breathing problems and heart beating strangely. I had teh following test performed and these are the results. What are these telling me? ECG Sinus rhythm with premature atrial complexes ST & T wave abnormality, consider anterolateral ischemia, abnormal ECG X-Ray of Chest Lungs are markedly hyperinflated. Emphysema.
Avatar m tn and sharp pain in chest that shoots out my shoulder blade when I raise my arm to put it on the computer desk that's when the tingling starts sometimes the tingling goes down the back of my left arm plus I been getting these pains in my left leg above the knee it's allways in the same spot but that just started about a month ago but all the rest has been going on about 2 years now
Avatar n tn Breathlessness on exertion could be due to the decreased lung function. Again in cardiac disorders the heart is unable to pump the blood adequately, more so when subjected to stress like exercise. The chest pain could also be due to decreased oxygenation. Certain systemic disorders like anemia, diabetes, vitamin deficiencies and thyroid disorders can cause these symptoms.
Avatar n tn I am a 46 year old female, with heart disease in my family. I have for about a month feeling pain in chest, face, jaw and weakness in my left arm. My doctor did a ekg, but saw nothing. What could it be?
Avatar f tn I'm 22 years old & have been having strong palptiations in my heart since I could remember... but now they've gotten worse where I literally cough uncontrollably when one is happening... also I get strong pain shooting through my left side where my heart is at times. I' m wondering what this could be, I already have hypolgycemia but it doesn't matter if i've eaten or not this still happens...