Heart problems in cavaliers

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Avatar f tn I got a stent put in. Probably a problem from the high blood calcium, treatment, and blood pressure all mixed together. Getting ablation, too.
Avatar m tn recently I have been having these funny little episodes with my heart I get breathless then my heart does these half beats where it feels like its trying to stop then goes back to normal heart rate the doctor did say to me that it was eptopic beat but didnt explain anything to me. which as it does stresses you out even more. I feel like I am going to faint when these episodes happen. I dont drink do drugs I eat really healthy and I do smoke cigarettes which am trying to give up.
1019167 tn?1315588348 have to go see dr on monday... might be getting sent to a cardiologist!!
Avatar f tn I had this problem since my dad passed away, its getting worst, the older i get.
Avatar m tn One of my friends has currently been having some puzzling heart problems. She would be sitting in class, and all of a sudden her hear would race. She would immediately report to the infirmary, where the nurse would take her heart beat into record. I think the highest it ever was was pushing 120, almost into 130. It wasn't like she was doing anything physically strenuous. The only other symptom was a slight tingly sensation in her face, no specific part just all over.
782988 tn?1242685985 Seeking answers for my heart problems-in the process of getting tests. Hoping to get advice and support.
Avatar n tn Visitation with his Dad. Great-Grandma in hospital...heart problems. No problems.
448723 tn?1301454958 So DH made me promise to contact the doctor in the morning and explain what had happened and see if I needed to be checked. The midwife said that I needed to come in immediately (when I rang in the morning) and they went over in detail what had happened the night before. The doctor then saw me and sent me for an ECG which they don't expect will hold any answers for me as I was feeling fine by the time the ECG was done.
1388357 tn?1280189493 Yeah I know about the King Cavaliers....when I first started to look up chiari I found info on dogs and horses...not people....so I knew more about them , then myself...lol... It is sad in a funny way that a vet might be the better Dr for us to talk to.
1616953 tn?1443835511 Beth and I are kind of being arms length. I think I've gotta get off the computer or spend more quality time. Got into bed and tried to decode some kind of pattern to my heart irregularity. For a while (Prev night) I thought it had some repeating cycle. Like 8 beats before it skipped then 4 beats for a while then back to 8 and then 16. All really interesting except none of that happened when I started paying attention last night.
415867 tn?1323365503 livi taken to ER, found some heart problems..
332079 tn?1194973175 I also have pain in my arms when i try to straighten my arm, my elbows click and i get sharp pains in them. Neck and upper back tension. numbness in upper back usally when im moving around. Ive had a few test for carpal tunnel symdrome, A couple stress tests one back in the summer, and a echocardiogram I think its called. I am scheduled to see a neurologist tommorrow for my numbness. I also have a feeling of weak muslces along my left side of my shoulder neck and chest.
619380 tn?1339798596 Found many of problems may have been klonopin all along. Two trips to ER with heart. Checked out OK . Told was medicine. Now suffering withdrawls,but getting better.
1318009 tn?1282696950 Back and left arm extremely sore and left arm from my elbow to my fingers numb and tingly. Recommends shoulder rest, heat and ice. Reviewed my health survey, Many problems. Decided to re- x-ray my back to determine how all of these things tie in. Back has 3 areas of "damage". Cervical disks C4-5 are nearly closed off with calcium deposits causing arm discomfort and falling (balance). T6-7 have bone spurs indicating heart and lung problems (heart problems & apnea), and T10-11 .
Avatar m tn I'm having another stress test done on the 22 Jan to check my heart. Any advise would help.
642877 tn?1281799282 Had the pounding heart sensation. Ate a bunch of junk during the day. Didn't sleep well and had a series of nightmares.
12270954 tn?1424407445 Cavaliers can have their share of health issues and eye problems. Do a Google search for eye diseases in the CKCS. Try cavalierhealth.org, for a start. You obviously realized this was not a reputable breeder you got your pup from. I assume you were not given any health guarantee? This person is obviously breeding for profit. Breeding us a big responsibility and there is a lot of science involved, if done correctly.
739988 tn?1386672969 Sergio's Grandpa is in the hospital having problems with his heart. He needs surgery but is refusing, he's 87, that's his choice. Went to see him early this morning. Then spent the day running errands.
Avatar f tn I've been concerned for a month that I've had or am going to have a heart attack. I've had a couple chest pains and my stomach has been upset all week. Feels like I have a tuning-fork in my gut. Went to doc today; BP 150/90. She wants to prescribe BP medicine. I don't take anything but vitamins and 1 aspirin daily. Had ekg and stress test and did fine. Felt fine when I left and by the time I got back to work my insides are churning again.
1445923 tn?1284580271 Spent 6 hours in urgent care for chest pains. EKG and blood work said no heart problems though.
Avatar n tn Done with Medrol pack now. It helped pain/burning a fair amount. But Peterson had me switch from Prilosec to Protonix during it, and my heart burn flared terribly. It's been a miserable week. Went back to Prilosec a few days ago. Had blood work done for thyroid last Friday the 20th, and it's high again. Stopped taking Levoxyl yesterday. Seeing Dr. Olson today. Hoping to get Beta Blockers to help with hyper feelings. I think I may be getting thrush again, too... from Medrol, maybe??
Avatar m tn Not saying this to scare you. I did see a program once that was done in England with their interbreeding of cavaliers. I don't remember the name of the disease. But apparently as they grow their scull is too small for their brain to grow in. In most cases the dogs were doing strange things (it was unbearably to watch). I'am not saying your dog has it, it might be a behaviour which vets can prescribe medications.
Avatar f tn I just returned from the hospital and for the third time in the past three weeks my resting heart rate is 160 I am getting scared about what this means for my future. Will my heart give out sooner than I am ready to go? I am really beginning to get really upset by the possible problems I may face from this.
572754 tn?1219014208 off my cycle do to unforseen heart problems.
1101326 tn?1421682634 Wife having heart problems, hit me really hard yesterday.
Avatar f tn Is there anyone in their 30's who has had any kind of serious heart problems, I need to talk to someone.
980307 tn?1249862640 I have a breathing problem now and I am so frustrated I am going to the doctors on Tuesday but I don't know what to do I don't know if I should tell him or not because every time I go I have a problem but there real not fake and I am not dramatic or looking for attention i really do have problems the last time I whent though he treated me like I was stupid or something and i was very scared about my problem i had a golf ball growth on my back that every one in my family could feel and s
Avatar f tn The specialist says he thinks I am having heart problems not stomach problems. He called it angina not reflux. He is going to put the camera down my throat to rule out reflux before he refers me to a heart specialist. This has been going on for 3 years or so. I just want it to stop.
1243333 tn?1296446902 Heart Cath.