Heart of the city farmers market

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Avatar m tn farmers market was surprisingly good. then pick-n-save, got boxed in. argument w/ Lindsay about sharing for dinner.
Avatar f tn 106 degrees and very frustrated.
584024 tn?1218208863 Awesome journey to farmers market! Found some really great farmers - super excited!! Today had watermellon, beet juice (10oz), 1 cup chicken broth, and tonight...... vegetable soup!!!
Avatar f tn Going to the farmers market today ^-^ whoooooo
Avatar f tn And I only ate one small piece (it was a sample at the farmers market). I bought one too at the farmers market...guess I need to eat it in small doses...
Avatar n tn Great farmers market and it was Brooke's birthday!
Avatar n tn Great day.
Avatar f tn aa meeting & farmers market (mary, jess) linda's puppu
Avatar m tn Weight 220 worked the fair all week , plus farmers market very fatigued and hip really hurting
1544753 tn?1303614579 went to farmers market with Sharon after.
Avatar f tn Like other investors, they claim they bring stability to the food market and allow farmers to hedge against the risk of lower prices. Read more: http://www.thefirstpost.co.
1390877 tn?1281762980 60 Crunches 20 Push-ups Took a long walk this am then another short walk in afternoon. Walked at farmers market in evening. Feet a bit sore but otherwise I feel great!
Avatar n tn Jogged to beach then hit Farmers' Market. Bought bright pink Gerbera daisies to brighten our kitchen nook. They bring fond memories of mom.
Avatar n tn Farmers market panera took nap ocktober fest good but sad and frustrated about relationship breakdown
Avatar m tn walked to farmers' market. Got brunch. Got dinner: baked beans & rice. Muscle aches & trouble concentrating & remembering.
Avatar m tn What do you get when you combine a bunch of farmers' market cucumbers with a Hamilton Beach 67650 juicer? Good energy literally coursing through your veins!
148588 tn?1465778809 For them, the situation is the opposite—reliance on pesticides and the higher cost of the seeds increase the risk of bankruptcy and thus suicide, the study finds. The smaller and more Bt-reliant the farm in these rain-fed cotton areas, the authors found, the higher the suicide rate. (An analysis that largely jibes with Shiva's, apart from her heated rhetoric.) Even so, the paper does not present Bt cotton as the trigger for India's farmer-suicide crisis.
Avatar n tn Diarrhea, possibly from the iron tablets. Went to Farmers' Market with Rob on bus. Beautiful morning. Also walk with Max. After market, slept for a few hours. Tod was supposed to come over, but I cancelled. Very low energy.
Avatar f tn I ate everything I could get my hands on. Going to be on my best behavior for the week and have lowered my points to 20. I feel like I can do it and I'm not worried about yesterday. As long as I stay with it weigh in should be O.K. for Sunday weigh in.
Avatar n tn Kenzie was being a jerk to me and we had farmers market today so I got to miss 6 classes
1742220 tn?1331356727 s Beanery and Javier was totally shocked at all the gay couples there. there are these pool tables in the middle of the restaurant and this one flamboyant guy smacked his *** i guess when he made a good move with the pool game and Javier blushed so deeply i thought he was going to pass out. a bunch of guys checked him out and i think he noticed. it was funny. I scolded Yu Chen because he hardly ate. i actually asked him why he didn't eat his vegetables. omg!!!! what is wrong with me???
Avatar n tn 2pm Aigerim arrived in city, had Thai market
Avatar n tn 2pm Aigerim arrived in city, had Thai market
Avatar n tn You can order herbs from mountain rose herbs to make pregnancy tea with oat straw, peppermint, red raspberry leaf & nettle leaf...
Avatar f tn I was inside the entrance of my school, about to go to a farmers market we were having, and I could smell that there were sweet potatoes. The farmers market had to be about 50 feet away; outside of the school. Also, I nearly puked in a donut shop because the smell was unbearable. Now here comes the glitch, yesterday, at about 6 pm...I went to pee and when I wiped, there was a blood stain. It was pink, and there were some drops after that. Today, the stain was there until about 8 am.
Avatar n tn i love eating jalapeno peppers i buy them fresh from the farmers market and i bring them home and i stuff them with chedder cheese and i put them in the oven for about 20 minutes then i eat them but anyways i was reading up on jalapeno peppers and it says that they contain capsaicin which it healthy for us. but i was wondering if its possible to overdose on capsaicin cause iv read some studies that say that too much capsaicin can cause death.
Avatar f tn walked to the farmers market. took the dog and met the fam on the green. I walked home with Jackson on his bike he stopped for blackberries. This is what an active healthy family looks like.
Avatar n tn This post is great!