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3197167 tn?1348968606 Damage to the white matter can cause a variety of problems, depending on the location of the damage. A common problem is loss of signal conduction between the nerves. This can lead to things like loss of muscle tone, lack of coordination, difficulty balancing, and poor muscle control. People can also develop symptoms like headaches, behavioral changes, and difficulty forming new memories." So, as the neurologist said....
1301089 tn?1290666571 21 PM · Mary Baker - Shreveport Motorcycle Travel Examiner Army Spc. Joshua Tomlinson, 24, of Dubberly, was among five U.S. soldiers killed on Tuesday in Kabul, Afghanistan. The Army said a bomber detonated a vehicle near a U.S. convoy. The bombing, which was part of the Taliban insurgence, killed five U.S. soldiers, a Canadian military officer and at least 12 civilians. Another four dozen people were wounded.
Avatar f tn when I was saved, I joined a southern baptist church, it was a nice little church here in my hometown. while as some have read in my testimony, I backslid. since I have rededicated my life to the Lord, I go to a non denomational,church. it is a pentecoastal church, I enjoy this church because of the freedom you have in the way you want to worship. the baptist church was ok but it is very conservative and thye do not preach the gifts of the spirit.
Avatar f tn I'm in kansas city MO.
485259 tn?1519047026 All the information is endorsed by the Trigeminal Neuralgia Association. This was also recommended to me by my neurosurgeon at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital as well as a very knowledgeable fellow TN sufferer. www.endthepain.org or now know as www.fpa-support.org (Facial Pain Association) Hope you learn something!
446474 tn?1446347682 Gish received his undergraduate training in pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Kansas in Lawrence and his medical degree from the University of Kansas in Kansas City. After graduation, he went on to complete his internship and residency in internal medicine at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine and a fellowship in Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the University of California, Los Angeles.
Avatar f tn She is the founder of Congenital Heart Defect Families Association. You can do so by going to CHDfamilies.com. She will be able to offer you help and support and may even have information about this defect. She has spoken with a lot of families whose children have heart defects and she herself has had a son die to one. I know she will be able to help. She works in the Kansas City, MO area but I'm sure she would do what she can. Good luck to you.
271792 tn?1334979657 Points Normally I would ask that the picks be in by kick-off Thursday night but I know some members wait to make their picks in the event of changes, etc. So if any of you would like to just play the Thursday night game and make the rest of the picks before kick-off on Sunday, that would be fine. Good luck everyone. Enjoy the games!!!
1310633 tn?1430224091 (Reuters) - The suspect in the Passover Eve killings of three people at two Jewish community facilities in a Kansas City suburb has a long history of racism and anti-Semitism, and faces both state and federal prosecution on hate crime charges, law enforcement officials said on Monday.
707563 tn?1587576687 He was the founder of the Midwest Eye Institute of Kansas City, and now practices at Discover Vision Centers of Kansas City. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri, and earned his medical degree from Loyola University. He completed an ophthalmologic residency at Emory University after serving in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. He has published over 140 scientific articles, and designed several surgical instruments.
Avatar f tn I'm 39 weeks pregnant going into 40 I went into my doctors appt today and they noticed I have a a urine infection I have been days feeling bad with a lot of pain and I have gone twice to baptist this week because of the pains and even fluid I've been having and all they do is send me home.
Avatar f tn My grandpa is a preacher and I grew up in a very southern baptist home and was terrified to tell my family but when I did they didn't yell and weren't angry. Just disappointed because of how I was raised. The baby isn't the sin the premarital sex was, so they have no reason to be mad about the baby.
Avatar n tn i recently puchased a home in southern iowa, and am seeking a pain management dr in kansas city missouri. thats the largest city close to us.
Avatar n tn Kon, M.D. Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Wake Forest Baptist, and Edward H. Kincaid, M.D. will perform a mitral heart valve repair using a Medtronic Simplici-T Band® and Gortex® chords live Tuesday, Oct. 23 at noon on www.OR-Live.com. Dr Kon relates, "The most important thing, when you do long term studies on patients who have had mitral valve repair as opposed to mitral valve replacement, they live longer and have a better quality of live.
Avatar f tn Midwest/Southeast tornadoes, April 14-16 Just a few days earlier, an outbreak of 160 tornadoes struck 10 central and Southern states, killing 38 people, 22 of them in North Carolina. Total property losses exceeded $2 billion. Southeast/Midwest tornadoes, April 8-11 One week before that, an estimated 59 tornadoes in nine states didn't kill anyone but caused more than $2.2 billion in damage.
Avatar n tn My daughter has a bruised chin and I am afraid she may be damaging her teeth as she bangs them together hundreds of times daily. Is there any thing that may help speed the process of detoxifying the adderal out of her system?? Also, is there any type of testing available to screen for tics?
4523627 tn?1361648436 The air may not be healthy to breathe because of fires in southern California that are sending smoke and soot this way. Did a nebulizer breathing treatment around midnight before going to bed.
Avatar m tn The results of this study appear in the August 2007 issue of Hepatology, the official journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD). Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., At least eleven studies conducted in southern Europe and Japan have examined the relationship between coffee drinking and the risk of primary liver cancer.
282804 tn?1236833591 "Usta could" is a southern expression as in " I usta could ride my bike all day, now I can barely make it DOWN a hill". Even with all my degrees, I still find that expression very descriptive. I got my first job after college because I used the expression "fixing to" and the interviewer said I was not only way smart, I would be able to communicate and understand some of the people I would be interacting with on that job.
Avatar f tn So i have a question about where i should apply for medicade i live in missouri but im seeing my doc in kansas which is where i plan to deliver since i dont like the way the doctors up here treat me does that mean i should apply in kansas or missouri after i have the baby i plan to come back to missouri
Avatar f tn I can say this because I was raised Baptist.... that is just a baptist for you. Lol you are lucky he isn't one of those baptist preachers that tell you that your going to hell for everything lol. I changed my faith because I got tired of being judged so much. Maybe you should look around for a different church that isn't so judging. If you just love your church more than likely you will have to deal with it. Some of my family is still baptist.