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Avatar m tn My mother passed away Thursday afternoon from complications after heart surgery. She taught me to love life, people and music. One of her favorites and mine was Louis Armstrong!
1328636 tn?1389367392 After going for a walk this morning, I had a small spot of light brown discharge. As if I weren't worried enough about making it to my 8 week ultrasound. Now I am TERRIFIED. I will be running to the restroom every ten minutes today to check what's going on down there. :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be normal and not a sign of anything bad. PLEASE. The wait until my June 30th ultrasound is now going to be pure agony.
Avatar f tn Having a baby is not all blue skies and roses, and it is even harder outside the confines of marriage. Having kids now, you will miss out on the carefree times of your youth. You'll have plenty of time to have kids later, and in a better situation.
Avatar m tn they assembled the flowers in the back seat no gloves(guys didnt look the cleanest) I paid him put the flowers dowm for a min when I picked then back up pricked my finger with a thron..what are the chances od hiv? Sorry if this question is awkward.
1419501 tn?1320206310 i DID NOT want this to happen.... only cd 25 and im having very heavy painfull bleeding and its like im dieing. I have never had this much bleeding even after my D and C and ive never have a cycle under 30 days....
876979 tn?1310046903 i was supost to have a ultrasound to day but the doctor decide to do it the next monday for my spotting stop...let pray everything is ok and the next monday my baby still have a strong heart bit.
Avatar f tn 15 a.m. Walked from kitchen up 5 stairs to my bathroom. Felt my heart racing, sat down and took pulse. I have no idea what that means??? At around 9 a.m. I started getting pain in the left side of my neck, at the base...not sure if it is related to heart??? I kinda think it could be. I was just sitting on the sofa using the computer. I think I keep getting lightheaded too but since I dont' get up, I am not sure about it!
715068 tn?1392933532 I just got home from the ER & the baby no longer has a heart beat, we will figure out what our 'next step' is in the next few days. I am completely confused, I am 17 weeks & 4 days, at our last loss I was 18 weeks & 4 days....they have to tell me something!
1442282 tn?1332196174 Went in and there was no heartbeat. The baby had grown, but there was no heart beating. I was utterly shocked and stunned. The RE will have me test for blood work for couples with recurring loss.
5054970 tn?1362945800 I will always hold him close to my heart. I am very thankful for the two healthy sons I have.
Avatar f tn took 1/4 pill 3 times today and no heart palps!!
1477811 tn?1321386453 I was so happy to get on Procrit. Have had 4 shots so far and was feeling much better, but now am getting the exact symptoms of low hgb again. Waiting for lab results to see if it started dropping again. Having problems breathing again, heart palpitations, and difficulties walking.
636349 tn?1251486217 t want to sound negative at all but I just dont feel pregnant! No sore boobs, no frequent unination, not tired(other than normal) NOTHING! So, Im just trying my best not to get too excited! But it's very hard! Sometimes I wish there was just some kind of special binocular or something were you can look at your belly and tell if you were pregnant! That way you would have to guess every month about whether your period came or will come! That would be great!!!
Avatar f tn So, about a week ago or maybe two, I ran out of protonix and wasn't able to renew prescription w/o going to doc. No money for that, so have been doing without and I don't know if the pain I feel in my chest has anything to do with that? Feels like heart but also could be heartburn.
636562 tn?1223667445 After yesterday's bizarre heart racing/tingling episode, I laid off the Adderall today. I'm sluggish, slow, and tired but not too terribly bad. Still having heart palpitations. Went home sick at 1:30pm, came home laid in bed all evening/night and slept from 6:00-7:30pm,...woke up and went back to sleep at 10:30pm.
594189 tn?1386916607 We talked about it later and he said he felt nothing, no heart racing also says he feels nothing with kissing either. He did say hes only had a few girlfriends. He never dated much. ( little back note.... he was in a car accident about 5 yrs ago and had brain trauma that caused swelling on the brain and coma for 9 months) When it comes to sex he just does not feel the mood, he has had a tooth ache for like 6 months he says that is why but he said he just dont feel urge to have sex.
711224 tn?1344771687 I have 208 days clean of oxazepam, I'm finishing a 20 months tapering plan, at the end of the month, I'll make the big jump and I don't feel NO pride at all for what I'm doing....
298137 tn?1223307452 So, the visit to the doc yesterday didn't play out as we had hoped. He tells me that with the extent of my endo, even with IUI, we have less that a 5% chance of conceiving. But he's also willing to try it if that's what we want. This has been such an emotional roller coaster I don't know if I can bear the thought of trying month after month and still being disappointed. IUI is $500, IVF, which he pretty much said is our only chance is aroung $10,000!
564698 tn?1245986690 The fact of the matter is that my heart has an ejection fraction of 15% when last measured after my 4th heart attack in 2008. That is down over the past year from 40% following a near fatal heart attack in August 2007 when the veterans administration hospital in Houston, TX saved my life but discharged me to the streets of Houston. They discharged me from the hospital and I found myself to be once again homeless, jobless, and penniless , standing on the sidewalk in front of the U.S.
Avatar m tn my wife and I have both been going to marriege counseling. we agree that are relationship has gone stale are considering a divorce, we have no children and are both professionals. what does one recommend.
559187 tn?1330782856 I have had a rough week. I didn't want it to be and tried my best to keep it from happening because I really wanted to enjoy this one week I have left to spend with both my husband and daughter. DH is going back tomorrow to Afphanistan for anothe 3 months befoe his tour will finally be over and my DD Sarah is leaving home for the first time on Monday. She is headed out West to go to school and start her adult life.
Avatar f tn I went to my first NA meeting yesterday....got a white keychain and all. WOW!!!! I would have never thought that I could do this and without your support in the early days I wouldnt have made it. Thank you all for the support. Anyhow I do have a queston....will the days be up and down for a while or was yesterday a fluke???Also, I have been like, ultra sensitive. Lastnite at 2 am and I couldnt sleep I was watching a movie about volleyball and cried my eyes out???? Well, again thank you all.
Avatar f tn Okay I have no coughing only reg sneezing and my noise is clear. No sore throat but I feel like crap I feel like I'm very tired and my eyes hurt like a heavy hurt. This morning I felt sooo tired that I didn't want to get out of bed and I'm a morning person so I'm usually up and running around. I feel a slight headace but not sure it might just be the pain from my eyes. They feel so tired like I haven't slept in 2 days.
1203557 tn?1345853860 It's with a heavy heart and still in shock that I'm writing this... U/S this morning showed no heartbeat and size only at 9weeks. Also showed a hematoma, but doctor said that could have started after baby stopped growing, no way to know for sure. They did both regular and vaginal U/S to make sure and doctor came in to verify as well. Will be setting up D/C within the next couple days.
Avatar f tn So today in the Hispanic side we celebrate mothers day today, i already knew my bf wouldn't get me anything just because he's not really romantic...so i never get excited for Christmas, no holiday with presents, but im pregnant now and i thought atleast maybe some flowers for mothers day, a card thanks for having my baby atleast lol, but nope nothing...we live with his parents his dad came home from work with alot of beautiful red roses and a cake.....it was soo cute! It just *****....
1367153 tn?1304002380 It's like 10:26 am and i'm already sweating up a storm. Also feel very hot. Couldn't really sleep last night. Tossing and turning. I feel like i'm going to throw up any minute now. Have to go and try to cash out my refund check from the motor vehichle office. I also have to get to the DSS before they turn my lights out. At this point i don't really care too much about this. Now its 10:30 and i'm getting cold. I have no idea why!
Avatar n tn I woke up at 1 in the afternoon and I didn't do anything today, except go and see Avatar at 7:20. Didn't get to eat dinner so made myself ramen and rice along with peanut butter (and honey) on ritz crackers and apple sauce. At about 2:30/3. I'm not feeling so good.
Avatar m tn thought about doing some thing around the house but only got off the couch when my son called. he fell off his bike and I had to also stop at CVS for supplies. I want to get back on track and find a job.
1160836 tn?1332330169 I dont know what is going on here but my temps have not drop as AF does in fact it has just up high again. I have no clue what to think. I will just have to see this week when I am due to Ov this is just crazy. my temps always drop when AF is here and NEVER goes up like this. well I guess I have to wait it out and see...