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Avatar n tn My ability to run for longer periods and distances has improved over this time but I have been concerned about my heart rate. At maximum exercise my heart reaches around 170 bpm. Minutes after exercise it reduces quickly to 100 bpm, where it remains for several hours. My usual resting heart rate is 60 bpm. Looking at articles on the net, it suggests that the heart rate should fall at least 20 bpm after max exercise and return resting rate after 15 mins.
681584 tn?1263475903 Weight watchers with Keane.
Avatar m tn they assembled the flowers in the back seat no gloves(guys didnt look the cleanest) I paid him put the flowers dowm for a min when I picked then back up pricked my finger with a thron..what are the chances od hiv? Sorry if this question is awkward.
165078 tn?1255606407 It is with a very heavy heart that I tell you all that baby Sean passed away today. I do not know any of the details yet. He was doing better as of yesterday so my guess is he developed an infection. That was the fear. Prayers still were answered because baby Sean had lots of problems and his poor little body just fought so hard for so long now he is resting. I never even got to meet him. I believe he was 14 weeks old. Just call me bad news - thats all I have anymore.
Avatar f tn Yay! Trevor used picture as profile pic.
Avatar n tn Ok, not even that keane pn seeing mates on ausday
2996663 tn?1374169076 I understand totally--I know what you mean,I felt just like that when I had a broken heart,it felt like my heart wanted to cry but no tears.It was an awful feeling and I was in emotional pain.I can relate.
Avatar m tn Sean, I can understand your concern over your medical problems. While easier said than done, I would try not to worry too much about all of the different possibilities. Take things one day at time - get the echocardiogram and discuss the results with your physician. You may find that you were worrying about nothing at all.
Avatar m tn My mother passed away Thursday afternoon from complications after heart surgery. She taught me to love life, people and music. One of her favorites and mine was Louis Armstrong!
Avatar f tn The only thing we agree on is no names that have nicknames. Our last name starts with S and our other kids have 5 letters in their first name though its not a requirement. Suggestions??
Avatar f tn Last year I had 3 nodules, all about 1 cm I think. Two were papillary carcinoma , one cystic. One had grown extra-thyroid, but didn't seem to have gotten far, non-tehcnially speaking. Dr. Doug Fraker is the surgeon. The endo is Dr. Susan Mandel. They're at University of Pennsylvania. Good luck with it all. Thanks for writing back.
801494 tn?1238016887 It was a beautiful day, I Sean Heath and I swam in the AM, Sean and I went to a chainsaw class. Sean was a but head about going- just a negative nelly. but he got over it. I ran and signed my taxes after. We got home- played with Doc for a while than Sean went to work. I cleaned out the garage. Really productive. Sean got home and went to Meghann's to do his taxes. when he came home after we began to argue about whatever- He mentioned--'See It has been over a month now...
Avatar f tn I am 100 percent healthy but in the past five months on a monthly basis have skipped heart beats and this past month experienced at rest a heart rate of 130 beats/minute. I am prone to being anxious. I have had no stomach issues whatsoever. What I want to know is (probably what everybody wants to know) WHAT causes the PVCS and how can I determine what NOT to do so I don't get them?? If you have any insight on this please let me know.
Avatar n tn i think mine is a lot different i have no trouble breathing, no pain in other parts just the heart or chest . i havent consulted any doctors about these but i thought of consulting one as soon as possible, because it just got worse now every time i try to get a sleep, the pain got a little more intense. before it begun, im just living through normal days nothing weird in particular.
Avatar f tn I am nervous about what is going to happen today when i talk to him. I am hoping he won't break up with me.
Avatar f tn morn. hiccups,slime bm lunch dinner ok...815 pm regurg.
Avatar m tn Sometimes it helps to ask questions like "is Sean nice or mean?" "What is he doing?" "Do you see him all of the time" Make her feel like you are really concerned and not blowing it off and that her fears aren't insignificant, ask her probing questions to try and figure out how she came to "meet" Sean. Sometimes little ones just want to know that their parents will protect them and be concerned no matter what they come up with.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr Sean thanks for your reply, may I ask follow up questions regarding the above just to close this matter: 1- does the LOW WBC or leukopenia impact the virus window period? Or is it a sign of infection? Because i read about leukopenia and it's said its May be due to HIV. ( Google wikepidia) I know some posts in the net are not reliable that's why is asked. 2- when and what are the cases the virus can not detected by testing?