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Avatar m tn I have been on may drugs for pain and currently on Gabapentin for vocal cord/coughing issues and leg pain (knee, calf, left side back). I don't think it is helping much. Is anyone else on Gabapentin?
Avatar f tn I have recently been prescribed to Robaxin, Vicodin and Gabapentin for back pain/sciatica. Anyone have experience with these meds?
Avatar f tn I need to get off vicodin very soon. If I try to get off, can I use this forum to give me support? I have already gone thru a 12 step program for booze.I still attend meetings but dont say anything about vicodin. I dont drink anymore but I guess I substited vic for booze.
1473217 tn?1289246676 so I am on 7.5/325 Vicodin and 10mg it safe to take the gabapentin with both of those things...or should i just wait til i see the Rheumatologist?? Iv hear good and ALOT of bad things about this drug...and my bdy has a high tolerance to meds, so i have to take ALOT for anything to help..i am just nervous to even touch it(i dont like trying new meds...i swear i feel like a guiney pig).......any thoughts????
Avatar f tn Hi All!! I have heard that gabapentin/neurontin is helpful with withdrawls from vicoden...I was wondering if anyone has used this while in withdrawl and if it did indeed help make withdrawls a little easier? Thank you for your help..I am currently trying to taper off vicoden..
Avatar m tn I went cold turkey off the vicodin and right to gabapentin. It has been amazing how well it has worked. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Best of luck!
Avatar n tn the vicodin you should be okay on c/t. if you think you can taper down with the vicodin the w/ds mite not be as will get more responses after ppl get can do this....keep posting it helps and check out some aftercare it is VERY important.
Avatar m tn I am getting ready to take my final dose of vicodin today and am very nervous about withdrawal symptoms. I've only experienced a few hours worth and that was enough to scare me sh**less. I've heard that neurontin or gabapentin is great for stopping the nerve pain associated with withdrawal. Has anyone had experience with this?
4705307 tn?1447973922 Aft first I was given vicodin then I was given the gabapentin. It really helped me a lot. After tx I stopped taking it. I am really happy that you are getting relief. You sound really good.
9193583 tn?1404494882 you can do this. I went thru vicodin WD's with 3 kids at home and life didn't stop. I did only what HAD to be done...feeding them, driving them, work, etc. I didn't worry about the house, laundry, et al. Truth be told, they kept my head pre-occupied so that I wasn't so absolutely focused on myself and how crappy I felt. I did have to make a conscious effort not to be hateful to them because I felt crappy, but I did it.
1689696 tn?1305822697 I am currently taking 6/ 5-500 vicodin 2/ 150mg lyrica and a 5% lidocaine 12 hr patch a day.I want to stop taking the vicodin but I have severe sleep and restless leg problems when doing this!? I have 20 left will the patch and lyrica help with these problems and if so how should I do this? I am under a docs care and have an apt to see a pain management doc. I have very bad proven back problem.
Avatar n tn my friend is into drugs and wants to know if a pill called gabapentin will mess you up ?, i guess there 100 mlg capsoles. anyone know anything?
Avatar f tn I was doing a google search to see what I can do about these creepy crawly feelings in my limbs. I saw that gabapentin (generic for Neurontin) reduces this feeling. I have this drug at home and if this is true I can stop my Norcos tapering right now. Does anyone out there have success with gabapentin?
329994 tn?1301666848 My primary wanted me to try Savella w/o my test results back yet - waiting on the tests from the rheumatologist, but after reading that other post about Savella, that scares me. I have a friend on Gabapentin (which I believe is Neurotin sp?). Any advice? I want to be prepared because I have found that doctors do what works for them and I like to know what I am up against. I also take Clonopin, Verapamil for my heart, Potassium and Synthroid. Thanks for any advice!
Avatar f tn I've been using it for 15 years, and no matter how hard I try, I can't get myself to taper down beyond about 6 pills a day, and that's a chore. Recently I latched onto a battle of gabapentin and started popping it like crackerjack. I think I'm a gonner. I don't have money or insurance to check into rehab. Just don't know what to do.
Avatar m tn I went from over 25 a day to none. I had another post where I said I have been taking gabapentin. What a life saver. This is my 4th time coming off of vicodin. This time it has been 90% easier. Look gabapentin up on the internet. I just want to make people aware of it. It was precribed to me a few months ago for nerve pain.(I have siatica) I got to reading about it and it's used for many other things including withdrawals. I know all about the horrible withdrawals from vicodin.
Avatar f tn Hey his is my first time posting I'm 29 I've been taking vicodin 10mg for almost 2 years off an on but worse in these last few months.
Avatar f tn I am tapering down from a 6 year habit of Vicodin which is slowly killing my life. I went from alcohol straight to Vicodin. Stopping this stuff has been very painful (to say the very least) and the anxiety is awful. I am embarrassed and ashamed with no one to talk to. So please take me in. I feel for all of you. I did not know antihistamines could help. I'm going straight for those. I am almost frantic and scared, too.
Avatar m tn I am starting cold turkey vicodin withdrawal due to running out of my prescription early yet again. In the past I would have just gotten some from a family member, but I cant bring myself to do it anymore. I had surgery after breaking my back and while the back is mended, the pain has not changed. I have been on pain meds (vicodin) for about 4 years now. I am working on losing weight in hopes that will help out with the pain.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 30 Vicodin HPs a week for a year now, but I am still suffering and I am finding it difficult to concentrate after taking Vicodin. I want to stop taking Vicodin before I become more dependant on it than I already am. My Dr. has suggested switching to Ultram in the past. Some pharmacist say that Ultram is addictive while others say it is not. Before I switch to another medication I would like to know what I am getting myself into. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn This is my 4th time withdrawing from vicodin. I injured my back about 4 years ago and was prescribed vicodin for my pain. The first few years the pain would come and go. It starting bothering me again about 4 months ago. I know how difficult it is to get off of them. I've went thru the horrible withdrawals 3 times before. The last time I was taking around 12 a day and went cold turkey.
Avatar m tn The peripheral nueropathy is a constant pain in all parts of the body that most resembles a traveling bee sting - - the nuerontin (gabapentin) was worthless - - and yes - i am being treated for diabetic neuropathy and have been for 2 years................ Ibuprophen 800mg - - and ice/heat work well - - there is also a transdermal lidocaine patch (same stuff your dentist numbs you with..) that i found effective and non-narcotic..........
Avatar f tn I have been weaning off of vicodin for about a month and a half and now in full detox. Since I started weaning off my vision have been very blurry, grainy and shaky. Has anyone else had this during withdrawals/detox? How long did I it last? Very scared!
Avatar n tn I am a 40 yr old male and I have been taking 2-4 Vicodin a day for the past three years. A medical doctor prescribed it for me after it was discovered I suffered bone degeneration in my lower 2 disk vertebrea. At the time I thought little of taking a prescription painkiller. Now after my first 6 days of no longer taking Vicodin I am realizing how powerful of a substance it actually is. I'm having withdrawal symptoms I didn't expect.
Avatar f tn so anyone who read anything from me knows I like my narcotics....prefer vicodin but tramadol is easy to get so thats what I battled most....and I have gone through withdrawal four times i think since i joined here...i have withdrawn from tramadol 7-8 times and run the gamut of ways to do....taper has less side effects but takes more discipline...cold turkey on its own...very rough...severe insomnia and rls....but twice now I have decided to up the craziness and withdraw from xanax as well....
Avatar f tn I am going cold turkey off 20 vicodin es a day for the last two years. Today is day 2 and I feel like I would rather die. How many more days until I feel a little better? I detoxed off 90 mg of methadone 4 years ago and that was horrible. I'd rather go cold turkey this time. Any suggestions?
5761335 tn?1374265930 One day my my back doctor prescribed a medication to me to also help relieve my daily pain. It was GABAPENTIN 300 mg. I ran out of my regular hydrocodone fix early and I was really freaking out worried that I would have to deal with the DT's. I will be damned. The GABAPENTIN eliminated all of the DT's. No suffering what so ever. I quit cold turkey for a month without any problems other than the diareah for a week which is expected.
1372475 tn?1278515899 I have been seeing a pain management doctor as well as a accupuncturist and massage therapist. I had been prescribed Gabapentin 2 pills 3x a day, tramadol 1-2 pills 2-4x a day, and Zanaflex as needed. That is what I was taking until I found out that I am pregnent (about 5 weeks). I've halved the gabapentin dosage stopped taking the tramadol, and am taking about 1/2 a zanaflex a day.