Gabapentin and vulvodynia

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492652 tn?1252949008 She prescribed another useless cream (Gabapentin and lydocain) and was told that since I'm so young (27) that they most likely wouldn't do the surgery! Hello, I haven't had pain-free sex since I was 18. Why do we have to wait until we are old to enjoy sex? Now is when we form our relationships, and this is detrimental to it. I've been with a very loving man for 8 years, but this is really hard on our relationship.
378725 tn?1200688402 ````Our pain can be sharp and stabbing, or hot and itchy, or dull and achey, or all of the above. Or something completely different. ````Our pain can be anywhere from our scalp down to our toes. (I've had both.) ````Our pain comes and goes like a poltergeist; some of it never leaves me and other types are with me for only a few days, and then gone. ````Our pain will accompany us for all our days, most likely. I hope I'm wrong, but I don't think so.
Avatar n tn Has anyone got any comments about this? I've also been reading about vulvodynia, and wonder if this is what I have - but vulvodynia seems to cause pain during intercourse, which I don't have. Just a burning, stinging sensation...mostly just uncomfortable, but can get quite painful as the day goes on. Anyone got any ideas, experience with these symptoms? I would be so grateful to hear from people, I'm feeling quite worried about it all!
Avatar n tn I'm a senior in college, a wife and mother of three, and I need to figure this out and either fix it and go to work, or get it diagnosed, and accept disability...but not knowing is driving me CRAZY!!! Please help me.
Avatar m tn He performed a q-tip test for the vulvodynia and told me that it was not vulvodynia. I just learned to deal with the burning. It used to be so much worse than it is now, especially also in comparison to the pelvic pain. It wasn't until about a year ago that a light bulb went off I realized that maybe the vaginal burning I have been dealing with for the past 8+ years could be related to the pelvic pain/leg pain. But, then again it may not be.
Avatar n tn For the past 5-6 weeks, I've been having numbness/tingling in my arms, hands and legs and feet. I've also had tingling in the face area.........mouth and tongue. My eyes sometimes feel itchy as sometimes my skin. I've had headaches and felt light-headed. Sometimes my face gets flushed and so do my arms, like I'm burning under my skin. My finger joints feel sore. I can't hold a book or magazine and turn the pages, my hands and fingers feel sore.
Avatar n tn The specialist diagnosed me with generalized vulvodynia and I am now on Gabapentin. The Gabapentin is helping, although it has been a very slow recovery process. I am also taking probiotics and Candex, which have really helped. I began to read up on chronic vaginal pain and discovered that some women reported vaginal pain with asymptomatic HSV2. Both the OBGYN and the specialist did NOT blood test me for herpes.
Avatar f tn Desipramine Gabapentin Amatriptoline Minocycline Lyrica Cymbalta I've had nerve conduction studies, blood work, I've been tested for lyme disease, autoimmune disease I've also tried accupuncture, massage therepy, chiropractor, physical therepy, yoga Does anyone have any idea what my doctors could be missing? What is causing this pain. I've lived with the thigh pain for 8 years and the vulvodynia for three more than that! Let me know your thoughts.
Avatar f tn Was told by one dr vulvodynia, told by another I felt a little tight and need therapy, and told by another I don't look good and did cultures( waiting on results which will probably show nothing. She put me on doxycycline for no reason and the burning is worse so I'm getting off of it. Currently on gabapentin 300 mg 3 times a day and amitripline 25 at night. I dislike the side effects! My symptoms are burning and stinging in my vestibule also burning in my bladder and urethra at times.
358486 tn?1294779988 I also suffer from Interstitial Cystitis, Vulvodynia, and IBS, which are all trademarks of a Fibro sufferer. My entire family died by the time I was 19 from cancer due to pesticide poisoning. 60 minutes did a piece on it about 15 years ago naming my valley "cancer valley" with 5x's the national rate for kindergarden cancer.
Avatar f tn I am also worried about the prices of these vitamins and if they interact with my regular meds. I had asked my PC doctor and my pyschiatrist and they said just take a multi-vitamin and that I dont need to take all that, it will just make me poor. Also since my fentanyl detox I had my potassium levels dropped after the detox and a few weeks ago. Doctors don't have an answer. I am worried about what this horrible detox did to my body and if I had serious damage.