Gabapentin and migraine headaches

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Avatar f tn I take 400 to 700mg a day of neurontin and have since I was dx'd my nl prescribed it, and it controls my headaches, maybe it will give u a small bit of.relief?? I hope so! Let us know!
1140169 tn?1370188676 I was really hoping the Gabapentin would eventually fix the headaches and I could elliminate Tramacet.....but I guess not, not yet anyway, maybe once I build up the dosage. I'm not sure if I should keep increasing dosage till the headaches stop or if this drug will ever help with headaches. Hmmmmmm. Sounds to me like most people need between 1200 and 1800 mg daily. I was hoping a lesser amount would do the trick.
620877 tn?1282767697 Its has been three weeks now and all I want to do is lay down and sleep. I am also having some headaches and I am starving all the time! Does anyone else have this problem?
329994 tn?1301666848 The topamax is still working great for me and I am unsure if the weight loss is attributed to the levels of cortisol dropping in my body or the topamax but either way i will take it and I have only had less than a dozen moderate headaches,,,,headaches!!! not even a migraine since I started the stuff. I'd take 3 migraines a week frankly and be happy with that!! I'm hoping after my B12 goes up, maybe I won't need the topamax anymore or maybe even my anti depressant too.
Avatar n tn however where you are speaking of the classis vasospastic migraine wherein the veins and arteries dialate and then spasm shut....yes I am 100% convinced (personal opinion) that the coronary-vascular systems in our bodies do not differentiate between vessels. In other words for some one who is suffering vaso-spasm related desease....I feel its the same mechanism whether occuring in a carotid artery (supplying head blood flow) or coronary artery(supplying heart's flow) or other.....
Avatar f tn I had a migraine new to me about a month ago went to a neurologist he prescribed meythpredislone 21 pack and after that was completed he prescribed neurotin gabapentin which I am very afraid of taken but I started taken 1 before I go to bed. Why did the neurologist prescribed that if it was just for headaches?
Avatar f tn I did ask my neuro (every visit in fact) if all my problems might have been contributed by migraine aura but he said NO every time. Migraines apparently cause the numbness down one side of your body and not all my stuff fits migraine and my reflexes indicate upper motor. My stomach (below my naval) and butt feels prickly all the time at the moment, very annoying but this is my TM symptom not my but it won't go away but the Gabapentin helps.
Avatar f tn I'm a single mom of an 8yr old, and because of this migraine I cannot spend as much time with her and it's killing me. Any suggestions?? Thanks!
Avatar f tn before i just had the aura left arm left face and tongue balance problem confusion and vomiting and migraine maybe once a month and that was it. .. what about you? i cant have estrogen either fruits and vegetables i can have. the stroke i had was from a clot. it was a right hemisphere cerebellar wedge infarction or something like that.
Avatar f tn I've had headaches,eye pain and facial pain for some time now which was diagnosed as migraine, cluster headache and now trigeminal neuralgia. I am taking Gabapentin for this pain and it does work and relieves the pain until it wears off. Apart from the above, I get tingling in my cheek and sometimes temporary numbness and odd sensations spreading over my cheek.
Avatar f tn I had blood work done 3 times, 2 EKG's, 1 CAT scan, 1 chest X-ray All results were normal Being referred to a neurologist and family care physician for follow up with migraine control, MRI and further testing of MS. In my area it can take 6 months to get into a neurologist. Have any of you experienced these same health issues? How are you coping? What other concerns or questions should I have for the doctor?
Avatar n tn Although it only worked for about 3 weeks and headaches returned worse than ever. Now I am on Gabapentin for the "neuropathic pain". Apparently proceudres did not work or they made it worse. At any rate you need to have the migraines checked out and a brain MRI should be done anytime there are headaches upon waking in the morning or especially at night that are waking you. Mine states "nothing remarkable", hmm, I don't think I like that term. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I ended up in the hospital due to suicide risk and was seen by a russian neurologist. He prx Gabapentin, Cymbalta, Tramadol,as well as lorazepam for anxiety. I'm not pain free but this helps me get by. My pain is obviously nerve related in some way.
Avatar f tn When all of this fails and I'm just vomiting and very dehydrated, then I have to go to the ER and get Benedryl, Reglan and Morphine which helps bring the migraine down a couple points and I'm usually laid up for at least a week afterwards from the migraines continuing, but as bad as before the ER. These solutions are from 4 different neurologists at the University of Michigan, so you're getting the benefit of some very great doctors. Hope that it might help you.
Avatar n tn I have tried numerous medicines without any relief and been to many of neurologist and migraine specialist. I believe each migraine sufferer is different and trust your personal judgement. For me, I am sick of all preventative drugs and their side effects. I have learned for me it is easier for me to deal with my migraines as pain management and not preventative. Recent studies show that COQ 10 and riboflavin help hemiplegic migraine sufferers. I have tried that also and did not see results.
Avatar f tn The pain is situated on the left side behind my eye and aund my temple. I have seen a neurologist who has diagnosed chronic migraine. I have tried anti depressants, NSAIDs, beta blockers and am now on anti epileptics all of which have not helped. My current dose of gabapentin is 900mg.
Avatar f tn On the sidebar there is two videos on headaches. After watching them I have decided that maybe I don't have migraine and that like Quix and My Dr suggested that my tongue thing has gone on too long for it to be migraine. Will ponder and decide if to ring the neuro. Might try the heart drug thinggys I have the script for first.
Avatar n tn Was a scan of the cervical spine done? Cervicogenic headaches may present with neck pain and migraine like symptoms. Given that this has been present for quite a time may suggest that an underlying disorder is present.This needs to be ruled out. Also,were all your medications prescribed by your physician? It is a good thing that the medications improve your condition however, it may not be cost effecive nor truly beneficial in the long run.
1418951 tn?1305041820 no idea why it happened. 6 months ago my neurologist suggested to take Gabapentin (300mg)for 2 weeks,but i ignored ...i was scared of medicenes & their side affects at that time. After that my migraines got increased in pain & frequency. now i'm having almost every day,but not extreme pain every day. i see lots of worms kind of things all the time in my vision,sometimes i see them in sparkles. I have vibrating vision all the time.confusion & dizziness all the time.
Avatar n tn Hi, I can understand your worrying concern about long term migraine headaches and no sure success treatments that you have tried. Generally, one sided headache & orbital pain (eye pain) with numbness symptoms could be suggestive of migraine. The mainstay of the migraine treatment is always to identify the triggering factors and to avoid them. Triggering factors could be different foods such as cheese, chocolate, alcohol and even few fruits.
639773 tn?1401025574 The pain was so bad I could not move I just had to lie still. I'm on triptans and I had to take two of them and 1200mg of gabapentin which revieved the headache after several hours. I take the gabapentin for neuropathy. I thought it might help and it did. I have autonomic and sensory neuropathy with postural hypotension. I've passed out several times in the last 2 years. I have expolsive headaches when I stand up in the back of my head and neck which doesn't involve the throat .
678635 tn?1226658474 Recent Neuro visit Doc said sounds like TIA's due to circulations problems somewhere. He icreased my Gabapentin hoping to decrease my Migraines that I have no headaches or with? He also said keep taking Aspirin.
Avatar n tn The pain can be described as a tight, burning sensation between my eyebrows and a similar feeling in the base of my skull and neck. I have suffered from migraine headaches since starting menstruation 13 years ago, and have been diagnosed with classic, common, and atypical migraine. This new headache is not only uncomfortable but annoying-- I'm not vomiting or crying from pain or incoherent, so people don't seem to believe me when I have one.
Avatar f tn It too is an anti seizure med used to control neurological pain. I suffer from Chiari malformation and other chronic pain issues. The med did not work for me and caused horrible side effects. Anyways, I too have had meningitis. Two years ago it was bacterial. I was in the hospital for about 5 days hooked up to an IV with constant antibiotics, fluids and pain meds. My CSF was cloudy and bloody. A year after that I got viral meningitis.
Avatar n tn I've tried midrin,imitrex, gabapentin, topomax and cyproheptadine. They wont prescribe lithium or depakote b/c of the side affects doctors have reached an end to the medicines and now Im doing physical therapy , unfortunetly I still get daily migraines. Is there anyway I can help myself??? I've already stopped eating anything chocolate, yeast, soda, and anything unnatural.
Avatar f tn She has tried medications (amitriptyline, amlodipine, propranolol, keppra and gabapentin), biofeedback, physical therapy, eye exercises and has recently started acupuncture. So far nothing has helped the continuous headache which slowly gets stronger.
Avatar m tn I was knocked out for a couple seconds. Initially, I thought I was OK, I had headaches and tinnitus right afterward, but was told these would go away with time. Then, I developed Eustachian Tube Dysfunction followed by a nasty "staph like" drug resistant infection. I have tubes in both ears. Although I had headaches from the time of the blast, the headaches became much worse about 2 1/2 months ago. This was troubling because it was about 1 1/2 after the blast injury.
363682 tn?1299492962 What I don't understand is that, even if the headaches are associated with this back problem, why there is always an 'alcohol accompaniment' to their onset. And, in closing, I also have to stress that the headaches and flushing do not seem to be related to each other given their timings. Thank you so much again for your time and patience.
Avatar f tn and would have pins and needles in my extremities and mouth area follow by numbness. When I have these episodes they last until I go to sleep. I used to get these episodes about once every 2 months, and they have been happening less and less frequently(haven't had a full blown attack in about a year).
Avatar m tn Lose the center plane of my vision, feel completely disoriented, confused, and completely depersonalized; and would have pins and needles in my extremities and mouth area follow by numbness. When I have these episodes they last until I go to sleep. I used to get these episodes about once every 2 months, and they have been happening less and less frequently(haven't had a full blown attack in about a year).