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20803321 tn?1513921914 I also had a hysterectomy at that time. Estradiol and Gabapentin at the dose I am taking for hot flashes doesnt help this pain. What could be wrong? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I have been on the drug for about eight months now. gabapentin has stopped my night sweats, hot flashes and daily fever. I currently take 300mg. three times a day. the drug was prescribed for symptoms that occur with fibromyalgia. what i have mentioned above are the only symptoms that i have gotten relief from. the only downside so far is uncontrollable urine urgency(not able to always make it to the bathroom have to race) and dizziness.
Avatar n tn Hi, Nothing is guaranteed to help, but all of the following have been found to reduce the number and severity of hot flushes (the medical term for what is commonly called "hot flashes) for some women who have been advised to avoid HRT: 1. Accupuncture 2. Relaxation therapy 3. Regular exercise 4. Reduction in weight/body mass index (If overweight, try to lose 10% of weight. This may also lower risk for BC recurrence in hormone receptor positive BC.
Avatar f tn Yes, I found many articles and/or papers on the web, but wanted to know from someone first hand about effectiveness and side-effects (if any) of Neurotin (gabapentin) for Hot Flashes Thanks!
Avatar f tn Hot flashes are mostly caused by the hormonal changes of menopause, but can also be affected by lifestyle and medications. A diminished level of estrogen has a direct effect on the hypothalamus, the part of the brain responsible for controlling your appetite, sleep cycles, sex hormones, and body temperature.
Avatar f tn is gabapentin neurontin helpful in treating pain,hot flashes, and mood after total hysterectomy at 40 i had a bowel resection and large abdomial hernia repair at same time of hysterectomy and 7 months later i just got off wound vac due to open surgical wound and i think i have some nerve damage i still have partial open wound i have a nurse come twice a week i see my doctor every 2 weeks and my husband changes my dressings everyday i did have everything including both ovaries removed i am in alo
1054018 tn?1254614684 kept me awake for good bit of night. Then when i did get to sleep didn't have cpap on yet. No nightmares or sleepwalking though.
Avatar f tn I have hot flashes during the day. All of sudden I feel like I'm on fire and then I break out in a sweat. Thank goodness for my little fan on my desk at work.
Avatar f tn he quit chemo it made him too sick. he is now suffering from hot flashes and they are wondering what can be used naturally to help with that. i know evening primrose oil has helped menopausal hot flashes in women, but what about men? thank you.
Avatar f tn About 40% of women who began taking estrogen due to hot flashes get the symptoms of hot flashes back when they stop estrogen. The best thing to do is to taper off the estrogen slowly. It can take up to 3 months or even longer. Some women just seem to suffer with hot flashes even if they taper off their dose. For them, they need to decide if taking a small dose of estrogen is acceptable and if they want to stay on that for a year or so and try tapering off again from that lower estrogen level.
149816 tn?1212683341 ve read about nasty side-effects of Effexor (full dose for depression). Has anyone tried it for hot flashes and was it effective, did you have side-effects? Is it as bad to suddenly stop HRT as surgical menopause?
Avatar f tn I am experiencing hot flashes; a couple during the day but numerous ones while in bed at night. Should I try a higher dose or give this more time for adjustment? I am 49 and prior to the surgery, was just beginning to have irregular menses.
Avatar m tn Am taking Benazepril for my high b;lood pressure, and having red, flushing face and hot flashes. Can't take Beta Blockers, so I need to continue the ACE. Any suggestions for these side effects would be welcomed. Thanks.
1192994 tn?1305948141 Missed my last dose of gabapentin before bed.
Avatar f tn there is a wide variation in the normal population. The gabapentin is because 600mg is the maximum allowed dose of pregabalin (in Australia), and by taking gabapentin at night I can squeeze a few more hours of lower pain out of the day. Gabapentin's only real side effect has been a little queasiness. Unless you have one of the severe reactions like rash - and that one is a major warning - giving either one of the two drugs a month or two is probably a good experiment.
Avatar n tn I am a breast cancer survivor for 8 years now; I have severe hot flashes; every 45 minutes day and night; it has totally affected my quality of life...and ability to sleep; I recently found out I could take this drug. I am on 200 mg nightly; so far I have been waking up and had insomnia; will this get better and go away; I have only taken it for two nights; also how long does it take before one might notice their hot flashes have decrease? My dr. said I might have to go up to 400 mg.
Avatar m tn More hot flashes. Been at least a week or more of daily hot flashes. laid in best most of the day. Still down.
Avatar f tn The hot flashes started and went for 4-5 days!
Avatar f tn I've had Hot Flashes now for more than 15 years, at one time I was taking a very low dose of prempro, however after discovering that my mother had Breast Cancer I stopped taking this medicine. I really have a difficult time sleeping at night... Cover On and Off all night, switching from the one end of the bed to the other. I don't have high blood preasure, but I do have problems with my kidneys (Kidney Stones).
1014822 tn?1338648073 I got hot flashes last night, never had those before on Clomid but heard alot of woman that had. We get my dh sperm tested today...I pray everything is ok but he has been sick so it could be alilttle low. I have been really tired and am ready to be done with Clomid this time. But I have a good feeling about this cycle. I get my u/s on Nov 3rd to check for follies....that will be cycle day 15.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 55 and have been on Estrace 1mg and Prometrium 200mg for many years for Hot Flashes. I go to the local women's clinic. Recently I called for a refill of Prometrium and the new Dr. said that was way too much and put me on 100mg of Prometrium with my 1mg. of Estrace. Now I am wondering if this is not enough. I am getting hot flashes. I don't want to take a dangerous dose, and I don't know which Dr. was right. Do you know what the suggested dose of Prometrium is?
Avatar n tn My primary care doctor also recommends Remifemen, which combines some of these and has worked for some of her patients. I can certainly empathize with you---my hot flashes are so bad that my onc is holding off on the tamoxifen until they hopefully decrease some. I had surgical menopause at 56 and 5 years later, the symptoms are still pretty bad---YUCK! Hope this information is helpful to you and please let us know if something works. Wishing you all thes best!
378102 tn?1215571666 You may want to ask your doctor about Neurotin (gabapentin). It is supposed to be as effective as HRT for hot flashes, but is a very strong narcotic, so will need to consult your physician and oncologist about possible side effects etc. Good luck.
1026267 tn?1257591273 I had my thyroid removed 2 yrs ago and am taking 137 mcg Synthroid Mon-Thur and half dose Fri-Sun. In the last month I have been dealing with almost constant hot flashes. Could there be a connection to the non thyroid condition or might something else be happening? I am 68 and way past the hot flash stage.
1398693 tn?1343684738 It looks like I'm getting hot flashes all most every day some of them are intense but others are barely noticeable neither of them bothers me I don’t know why. Most women turn on the air, or get an icy cold drink and I don’t do any of that so it makes me wonder what’s wrong with me. Why don’t these hot flashes bother me?
342693 tn?1425621476 having lots of hot flashes today...took a opk to see if we were - yet and it was after 2 days of + I will check my progesterone next week just to be sure I o'd most of the tugging and pulling was on my left so I hope the next cycle when we Are ttc it will happen from the right since there is no tube on the left.
Avatar n tn Dear mjay, I did some checking regarding dosing of medroxyprogesterone for treatment of hot flashes. After some amount of investigation the information was that 10mg pill daily was the recommended dose. The idea being to use the lowest amount of the medication to take care of the symptom. You should know that the resources quoting the studies of its use for treatment of hot flashes are from 1980 and 1981 journals. There could be more up to date findings but I did not come across any.
256553 tn?1258883918 OMG! I am having hot flashes like crazy! This is only day three of the stim meds but I am wondering if this should be the case so early. Have any of you ladies experienced hot flashes? I thought I would have to strip in order to cool off!!! My DH was looking at me as if I grew another head then calmly asked me while smiling if I needed a glass of water......