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1179332 tn?1297482590 I frequently wake up at night due to very restless arms and legs as well as joint pain. So she recommended that I try a very low dose of Gabapentin (which I think is neurontin?). I read the info that came with it and I see that it is an anti-seizure drug but at a much lower dosage it is used to treat nerve pain. My first question: Has anyone tried it for the same reasons and what results have you had?
5288248 tn?1370882123 I have heard/read that Neurontin/Gabapentin has really helped ease the WD for a lot of people, and has also been prescribed to help restless leg syndrome. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this. Thank you and God Bless!
Avatar f tn I was put on Gabapentin for fibromyalgia symptoms today. If anyone else has used it, how well did it work?
Avatar f tn hi,I am on prozac 25mg daily,omeprazole 1 pill at lunchtime and gabapentin 300 mg at bedtime, xanax when needed for anxiety & panic .my question I also had took gabapentin 150 mg during day and found myself getting mad alot ,so I decided to stop it during the day and then wean myself off the 300mg at night, THAt was a big mistake, now MY anxiety & panic is 100% again I need help .
Avatar f tn The gabapentin has been helping tremendously(yes I was prescribed it before but never took it). I'm still exhausted, no energy, and loose stools(can't take immodium, it makes me sick) and slight RLS. Well my whole body lol. Will it really get worse on day 3 and 4?? I was taking 7-8 and cut down to 4 in a week then took my last half 40 hours ago. Or is this the worst part?
Avatar f tn I scrape under my toenails, scrub my whole foot with soapy, bleach water. Spray with Dr.Schol's fungus spray. I put baby powder, Gold bond powder in my shoes, NOTHING works... I've tried putting clinical deodorant on my feet, both role on and stick. I have even been so desperate as to wear latex hand gloves on my feet, under my cotton socks, but the amonia smell still seems to seep through. I really need help. This is ruining my life.
Avatar n tn I have been taking 800 mg of Gabapentin 3 times a day as per my prescription. I have been taking 4 or more a day cause it won't stop bothering me. I seriously want to rip my you know what off. I have looked online for similar stories, remedies, etc but to no avail. Every time I go to the supermarket I buy another over the counter hydrocortisone/anti itch cream/powder etc. Nothing seems to work...
Avatar n tn I did have a couple of weird visual-field disturbances followed by migraines, but I had a migraine three days before my period every month and ibuprofen took care of it, so I chalked that up to a development in the epilepsy. Plus the gabapentin helped my restless legs. I took gabapentin every 8 hours. found that if I stayed up late and took my gabapentin at 1 in the morning instead of 11 p.m. I would have trouble sleeping.
Avatar f tn The main side effects of Neurontin® (gabapentin) are dizziness and sleepiness. It could be the cause of your feeling tired. You should inform the doctor who prescribed the Neurontin® (gabapentin) of your new symptoms. He/she may want to have you temporarily discontinue the medicine to see if your symptoms subside. Significant chest or respiratory symptoms are not reported as an adverse effect of this medicine.
Avatar f tn rmarie is right about B6 as well! I guess it's out of my mind because my mom's oral chemo doesn't allow B6 for PN (you can, but it works slower with this particular type of chemo). No, tablets or powder is fine. with l-glutamine you can normally get more from powder (remember you are looking for "G" and not "MG") and tablets are usually lower dosage, but all are the same typically. I buy the one from GNC.
507619 tn?1211849450 i had realized that when i went to school in the morning if i didnt take any pills i get withdrawls in school and we all know there no fun my question is when will the withdrawls stop. i have gabapentin 300mg it seems to work but idk if its an opiate to and that would mean that it was all pointless...
Avatar m tn soothes the digestive tract. I take (light) fiber (dly), the white powder stuff, not the gritty or stimulating kind. I also supplement meals with an Intestinal support product: Manna Cleanse (GlycoNutrinal) by Manntech. For the respiratory sys: I take an ALJ-combination, with Horseradish root, Mullein& Fennel - also a nasal spray w\Eucalyptus. This is sufficient to keep me from taking so may OTC allergy meds. For the Circulatory Sys: I take Hawthorne Berries, COQ10, fish oil and GLA.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm from the UK and I could have written your post! Since December 2011, I have been experiencing pain in both feet when I get up in the morning. I find it really difficult to walk to the bathroom and walk down the stairs, but then when I start walking the pain goes away. This can also happen when I sit for a long time and then get up. I have increased my medication, but it hasn't helped. I feel like a 90 year old !!! My MS nurse and GP just said it was nerve pain.
155056 tn?1333642288 Relaxation methods are also helpful such as yoga, meditation and similar techniques. Soy supplements up to 100 mg in divided dosages daily, or a scoop of soy powder blended with fruit and a cup of soy milk is a great smoothy and works form many or try 1 to 2 tablespoons of flax seed on your cereal in the morning. You can also try non estrogen prescription medications such as gabapentin, an antiseizure med that seems very effective for hot flashes.
Avatar m tn - Start to find a muscle relaxant, no difference which brand name, take it each evening for almost 2 weeks. - Gabapentin, starting dose 300 mg then increase it progressively until the total dose become effective for pain (1200 mg - 1600 mg) in divided doses, and also decrease it progressively during many days; this is the best treatment now for your pain. - Take one injection ACTH (Decadorabulin) every 3 weeks for 3-4 months to increase your body mass along with some hard activity.
1535628 tn?1310113390 Last MRI showed no new lesions for the first time!! Tysabri for little over a year. GABAPENTIN changes my life. Lots of sciatic pain all the time and burning down outside left thigh and both feet at night. Started GABApentin a little over a week ago - one cap PM. Now taking one cap PM and one AM and the pain is much relieved - not only at night but during the daytime!!! I wish I'd done this a year ago! Must start assessing amounts of pain better and admitting it and treating it!
1535628 tn?1310113390 Last MRI showed no new lesions for the first time!! Tysabri for little over a year. GABAPENTIN changes my life. Lots of sciatic pain all the time and burning down outside left thigh and both feet at night. Started GABApentin a little over a week ago - one cap PM. Now taking one cap PM and one AM and the pain is much relieved - not only at night but during the daytime!!! I wish I'd done this a year ago! Must start assessing amounts of pain better and admitting it and treating it!
17175264 tn?1454329751 I usually feel like I don't have the energy to even move let alone get out of bed so this is odd. I've been taking the gabapentin and recently increased to 200 mg. I'm a huge light weight so I really have to start low.... like crazy low..... like blow the pharmacists mind low. I just started that drug this month, I can't remember the day but early Jan. They gave me 100 mg capsules so I could take start out taking 1 and build up as needed.
Avatar f tn effect from the powder in the capsules......... I seem to have more indigestion, despite the prilosec in the morning and zantac at night after starting the new dose.. I have not moved into the 2 day doses at the new rate because I have a ton of driving to do in the next 3 weeks and know it will affect vision/concentration til adjusting. Medicare will not give me 2 of the 300mg capsules, they insist "less pill is better".......
1612110 tn?1388168592 I'm scared as hell right now and my anxiety is through the roof. I am also prescribed Clonidine and Gabapentin which I have heard help with withdrawal. Will be attending N/A meetings once the worse is over. This will be a sh**** Christmas but it is probably the best gift I could give myself (and family), I have also taken the next week off so hopefully I am through the worse by the 30th. I will keep posting for sure.
Avatar f tn There are a few over the counter supplements that may be able to help, like Glutamine powder. It is an amino acid body builders use to repair muscle after a workout. I would suggest you talk to your doctor about it first, though. You never want to take anything that could possibly interfere with current medications. Your doctor may also have some ideas for you as this is a common side effect of certain chemos.
Avatar f tn (Keep in mind I knew absolutely nothing about drugs at all at this time and was completely nieve to any information he told me). He decided to used Gabapentin to get off the lyrica. Before this he was the friend i had known my whole life so loving and wonderful. During the change he would get so angry with me out of no where and explosive angry, belittling everything about my body, mind, and soul. I justified that he was in pain trying to get off this drug and it was not him.
Avatar f tn muscle relaxers, gabapentin, cymbalta, vicodin, NSAIDS, yet none of them have touched the pain. The most effective medication so far has been the muscle relaxer. My GP stopped the NSAIDS in fear that it may damage my kidneys. My hx is mild DM currently under excellent control. My exercise has been limited for the past year due to amount of pain and my "unsteadiness" due to the pain and muscle weakening.
Avatar f tn Dr puts me on 600 mg Gabapentin a day and says he can't find anything wrong. Says he will keep an eye on my Heath ms if pain gets worse. More Gabapentin. And hot showers to relieve pain. -2013 first time needing glasses due to blurred vision -2014 pneumonia, saw fatty liver on CT SED Rate in Sept 14 (31), Nov 14 (29) and Janary 15 (45) Medications are Effexor XR 150mg, Gabapentin 600mg, Metformin 100mg and Vitamin D 5000IUI Talked to Dr.
Avatar f tn got through night and pain with gabapentin. they gave this to me in treatment that i was in last month for opiate withdrawal. it does help. thanks for your help and for rickart's help when i first posted. am going to try but scared of withdrawals for umpteenth time. i am going to work today on thanksgiving because i am behind due to pain and pain pills. congrats to redbull for your clean time. hope i can get 10 days clean time.
Avatar m tn ) Well any way I was shopping and had to get some Shower to Shower bath powder and picked up a different kind than I usually get. It contains chamomile. And ever since I've been using it I never once woke up to itchy legs! :) Relief at last!!
3624762 tn?1349398652 Adrienne, "Gabapentin is for stabbing pain in lower legs & feet (due to swelling?) " Gabapentin capsules, tablets, and oral solution are also used to relieve the pain of postherpetic neuralgia (PHN; the burning, stabbing pain or aches that may last for months or years after an attack of shingles).
Avatar f tn Gabapentin 100mg 2x/day & Prozac 10mg 1x/day. The first week after taking it I felt GREAT! Tons of energy, focused, decreased anxiety. Placebo affect? By week 2 (this week) everything took a turn for the worse.
Avatar f tn You name it but nothing really works Liver docs are reluctant (as well they should be) about giving pain meds to patients with liver disease as most are quite harmful to the liver.