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Avatar m tn I can't believe how well gabapentin has worked. I've been thru the withdrawals going cold turkey 3 times in the past without anything to help. I was presribed gabapentin about a month ago for pain. It didn't help for that. I did some research on it and it is used for withdrawals. It has been 90% easier than before and trust me, I know how bad it is. The only syptoms I have had this time is I'm just a little cold and a bit of anxiety but nothing like before.
Avatar m tn Can't sleep with a severe plus happens randomly but averages about every 10 seconds in the lower left knee cap area of my left knee. Tried two Gabapentin 300 mg, along with two Aleeve. Tried Deep Blue and other essential oils. No help.Got through Friday night with less sleep than normal. Saturday morning I was actively working in the garage and the random but severe pulse of pain went away until Saturday afternoon at 3:30 PM.
Avatar f tn I have met pain management doctor at XXXX hospital and have tried Lyrica 50 mg for 2 time daily, but not went well. Then I changed to GABAPENTIN CAP 300mg 3 times daily. It only make me feel like 5% help. Since now the doctor is on vacation, I can't get hold of him, I have made up my mind and changed GABAPENTIN CAP 300mg from 3 times to 4 times daily. For now, I feel 30% improvement. My doctor has been on vacation for two weeks.
576796 tn?1217579856 im taking 10mg of buspar 3x a day for anxiety and gabapentin cap 100mg 3x a day for nerve pains is this ok
Avatar f tn takes tons of medicine daily including Gabapentin and oxycodon is suffering from significant pain in her right knew. She says it feels like something is grinding behind her knee cap and the knee is giving out on her far more frequently. She is not a good candidate for a major knee surgery according to her cardiologist. I don't really want to add or increase her pain medicine...she is not sleeping soundly due to the intermittent pain.
Avatar f tn A Controlled Attenuation Parameter (CAP) value of 263 dB/m is elevated and suggests moderate steatosis (i.e. grade 2 according to the NAFLD Activity Score). Specifically, 34- 66% of hepatocytes are estimated to contain fat. SUMMARY: This FibroScan® suggests moderate fatty liver (grade 2 steatosis), but no scarring (stage 0 fibrosis). The prognosis is excellent. In patients with liver stiffness <6 kPa, the estimated 3-year risk of liver-related complications/mortality is ~3%.
Avatar n tn This after leaving both medical facilities in tears due to unresolved pain and the feeling of being pooh-poohed. Aclovir and gabapentin were prescribed. For the past three weeks, I've been having very bad pain in the path of the peroneal nerve of the same right side. The pain extends from around the knee cap down and around the path of that nerve. Tomorrow I will have a nerve conduction test.
783371 tn?1237891061 Headache even after a sound sleep of 10 or more hours I have tried medicines as prescribed by Neurologist with absolutely no help. Cap. Fulanrizine (calcium channel blocker) Tab. Vosograine (ergotamine, caffeine, and prochlorperazine) Tab. wysolone (Predinosolone ) Cap. Betacap propranolol Tab. Alprax (Alprazolam) Tab xenobid (Naproxen) Tab suminat (Sumatriptan) Tab. Amixide (chlordiazepoxide and amitriptyline) Tab.Ciplactin (cyproheptadine) Tab. Rantac, Tab.
Avatar n tn On July 1st I had minor orthorscopic surgery on my right knee to treat loose cartilidge under knee cap. I was given general anesthesia. Within 2 days of surgery I began to feel extreme burning and pulsing up and down the back of both legs. I returned to surgeon who advised problem seemed unrelated to surgery. Visited PCP he prescribed percoset and sent me to local Neurologist. Pain medications did not stop pusling or burning; only minimized it.
4221986 tn?1351452510 Just don't go too fast and be sure to wean. I've just been off the gabapentin for 55 days now. I got myself down to one 300 mg cap per day and made sure I took it at bedtime. It's not addictive, but if it can help with all the things we take it's only logical when our brains don't have it anymore......they have to adjust. I'm still adjusting..... Thanks for sharing this milestone.....
1535628 tn?1310113390 Started GABApentin a little over a week ago - one cap PM. Now taking one cap PM and one AM and the pain is much relieved - not only at night but during the daytime!!! I wish I'd done this a year ago! Must start assessing amounts of pain better and admitting it and treating it! This is life changing. I got up and cooked breakfast every morning. The day I slept in and didn't get my morning GABA I awakened in real back pain again. It backed off after I took the pill. I'm amazed.
1535628 tn?1310113390 Started GABApentin a little over a week ago - one cap PM. Now taking one cap PM and one AM and the pain is much relieved - not only at night but during the daytime!!! I wish I'd done this a year ago! Must start assessing amounts of pain better and admitting it and treating it! This is life changing. I got up and cooked breakfast every morning. The day I slept in and didn't get my morning GABA I awakened in real back pain again. It backed off after I took the pill. I'm amazed.
Avatar f tn I had EXACTLY the same thing going!! I went to my Dr on Friday and he prescribed me gabapentin. It is a neurontin that works on nerves that create the pain of Fibromyalgia. I started out with a low dose and he has me continuing to add in doses until the pain is under control. Today is Monday and I feel 50% better. Also, Tramadol is recommended for pain relief with Fibro. He said opiates such as vicodin, oxy, morphine don't work well on nerve pain.
Avatar f tn my hair is also natural so i sleep with a bonnet cap on at night to prevent breakage which makes it worst because my scalp never really gets enough air.It itches alot and gets dry so i hardly shampoo my hair,i mostly condition.It usually gets really tender if my hair has been braided or styled for a long period of time,especially when i go to wash it after wearing my hair in braids for a few months.Not sure if this is your problem,hope this helps in some way.
Avatar f tn My doctor prescribed Gabapentin 100 mg cap to be taken 1x each night. This has caused more fatigue, morning fog, and seems to make me feel worse by the day. I don't want to take it any more as I don't feel it is helping me at all. I got my doctor to reluctantly prescribe a catscan of my head, however, he only had it w/o the dye. The results were that my skull and veins looked normal, along with the frag?. He wants to have me in to discuss the next steps, whatever they might be.
2063568 tn?1330965114 I woke with numbness in the left thigh and now I have a combination of numbness, pain and what feels like burning pain from 1/2 my knee cap to the top of my leg without complete relief from heavy duty medications...I was checked for DVT and do not have clots. I retain fluids in my left foot so my ankle is also painful. The pain shoots well over 10 on the pain scale when I try to decrease my pain medications as desired by the Surgeon.
452063 tn?1324078516 I would like to know if you managed. Im withdrawing from heroine now and my friend gave me a few gabapentin. Today I feel ok, i can feel something from it. My stomach is a bit iffy but nothing compared to coming off with nothing. Would appreciate some advice on this.
Avatar n tn I will do the exercises with both legs. I have three more appointments. The main reason for this therapy is because my knee cap got slightly out of its groove. I had one electric shock yesterday morning, then wore a knee brace the rest of the day and stayed off my leg most of the day. No more shocks so far. My therapist actually has heard of the knee shocks!!!!!! and thinks it's probably all related to the knee cap getting out of place, then swelling.
Avatar n tn She touched the vibrating thing to my middle finernails, knee cap area and near my ankles. She had me take three steps each on my tiptoes, heels and heel to toe. She had me touch my finger to my nose then her finger once on each side and then track her finger across, back and then up and down. She had me stand with my eyes closed. She asked me to subtract 7 from 100 which I did easily. Then she asked me to subtract 7 from 93 which I couldn't seem to do, but eventually came up with 84.
440194 tn?1204711957 Multivitamin Cap, Calcium Carb 1.5 mg 2 times a day, Alendronate 70mg once a week, Gabapentin 300 mg 2 in the morning and 3 at nite, Venlafaxine HCL 150 mg 1 a day, Cyclobenzaprine HCL 10 mg 1/2 tablet as needed, Divalproex 500 mg 1 at night, Trazodone HCL 50 mg as needed for sleep, Omeprazole 20 mg 2 a day for stomach acid, Methadone 45mg a day 3 times a day for pain, Percocet 5mg 325 mg aceacillion 2 every 4 hrs for pain as needed.
Avatar n tn Here's a list of med's Daily Medicines 1 Buspirone 10 MG 2 Trazodone 100 MG 3 Atorvastatin Cal 80 MG 4 Diltiazem 240 MG 1 6 Topiramate 7 Quetiapine Fumarate 100 MG 8 Nortriptyline 25 MG 9 Aspirin 81 MEQ 10 Midrin No more 5 12 hours 11 Potassium Chloride 8 MEQ X 2 12 Lorazepam 1 MEQ 3 13 Lamotrigine 25MG 1 14 Gemfibrozil 600 MG 1 15 Gabapentin 500 MG 2 16 Synthroid 0.
Avatar f tn i fell at work off a 4 step ladder in feb 2009 hit head on sink and then hit the floor i have a doctor workers comp. i was fired 5 days after fall, initially my back ,right leg ,pretty much right side of my body would hurt and stayed sore i have had 34 sessions in physi ...
2090601 tn?1334518662 if i felt a little itchy i'd use gold bond medicated lotion. the green bottle with the red cap. at night i take 1/2 benadryl. it helps. also drink a lot of water. best wishes.
Avatar f tn So since that didn't work, he prescribed to me IC Gabapentin 100 MG; to take 1 cap 3x daily for one week, 2 caps 3x daily for another week, then to take 3 caps 3x daily thereafter. This didn't work as well, in fact I feel as if the sensations are getting worse and more intense. So since none of these medications worked for me, my neurologist scheduled me an MRI of the brain. My MRI was clean and normal.
572651 tn?1333939396 The pain can actually be very, very sharp and will sometimes last a quite a few minutes and sometimes seconds. I didn't used to have it every day but this was the sx I started the gabapentin for as recenlty it has been happening every day, several times a day and was starting to involve my face also. The MS nurse and neuro have taken the attitude that it is parathesia and that the gabaoentin should help with this and any other zaps, sings, tingling, etc.
Avatar m tn The EEG measures electrical activity of the brain, both at rest and under stimulation. What they did during my procedure was put this cap on your head lined with sensors in a dark room and have you close your eyes. They read the activity for about 5 minutes or so then, they switch to the stimulation part of the testing. There were two parts, nothing too terrible. The first part is where they had me breathe at a rapid panting pace for about 5 minutes.
Avatar n tn I started taking Gabapentin and haven't had the real bad pain, but the shocking pain is still there but not as intense. I am going to make an appt. with a neurologist in Jan. when my deductable starts over as I will have to pay for an mri. I just wonder if that will show the nerves which is what I think the problem is.
Avatar n tn In July I fell in the shower and sprained my left knee cap. That knee has never been the same. In October 2013 I fell on top of the wood burner in my home and ended up with 2nd & 3rd degree burns on my left forearm. In October I found a new GP and she has been working with me trying to figure out what's going on. I did get an MRI of the brain last June and this Dr looked at it and told me she sees some shadows. I seen her this past Monday and she told me I have all the symptoms of MS.
Avatar f tn it stays, and some white on the right side do they typically run the axial T1 and T2 after everything else, seemed suspect that i had another done, and it wasn't a repeat since the machine sounded and felt different from the side there were dark spots in the white edges of the spinal cord weird thing is that I do have vibrations, my leg muscles will harden for no reason, but I also have crazy fasciculations, started more in left leg, then that leg got weak, I can see such a difference from ri