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Avatar m tn I went to the doctors office and i got an x-ray it says the bones in my fingers are about to close up witch means that i will stop growing in height the doctor says that i have 6 months before they stop growing and medication wont help nothing will he says i will grow about another inch and half before i stop now im like 5 feet 2 inches my mom is like 5 foot 7 and my dad is like 5 foot 8.
Avatar f tn My son is now almost 13, when he was approx 6 we were told he had webbed feet as 2 toes on either foot appeared to be shorter.
Avatar n tn Hi. I would just like to know if its only areas with broken bones? I had a kidney removed and I've noticed a lot of hair growth on my stomach. Being a young 20 year old its devastating to have this issue..
Avatar f tn It ws an urgent care center, since it was a Saturday. She said it looked like all her bones were broken, because of the growth plates. Should a radiologist have examined the xrays? I understand that the growth plates do not show up on xray. Should I take her to another doctor?
Avatar f tn Will i know I have a plate in my foot? will my foot bend correctly when i walk? ( it doesnt now, I hoping this will fix it) please give me some insite! Thank you!!!
Avatar m tn yesterday i got my cast off which i had for 3 weeks because of skating. i had a fractured growth plate which could not be seen on x-rays so we talked to my uncle who was an orthopedic and he said it was fractured no matter what. the fracture was just a crack. and so he told me to have it for 3 weeks and so i got it off and at first i was really weak with my foot so i gained strength and its back to normal but the only thing i noticed is i cant run or jump or take heavy impact.
Avatar m tn However my question is,other than the epiphysis of the long bones, can Accutane possibly also lead to premature fusion of bones other than the long bones, such as the cranial sutures of the skull? Or is this side effect reserved to the long bones? As you can tell, I am extremely concerned about this issue and would therefore appreciate as detailed a response as possible, calling on your medical knowledge in this area and literature you may be aware of.
Avatar f tn Possibilities that may need to be considered include infections, inflammations, bursitis, neuroma, growth from the bones or the surrounding connective tissue etc. It would be best to have this evaluated by an orthopedician for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar f tn I pulled almost all of my own teeth, myself, so I could afford false teeth. On the bottom of my foot, I once had this giant callous on the pad of my foot, below the middle toe. I determined, myself, to remove it at any cost, and so I dug, and dug, and dug. It had an enormous root! going clear to the bone. It is gone for good, now. I removed an unacceptable growth from near the corner of my nose, and I lanced a huge boil from my ear lobe.
Avatar f tn My daughter is 9 years old, three months back we noticed a bony lump on top of her left foot which was painfull. Her pediatrician recommended an x-ray, & the results said its a kind of benign bony lump. It also had started reducing in size, until recently when my daughter hit her foot on the same spot to a table & now I see that it has again grown back to the previous size. Do I need to consult the doctor again. I wanted to know what kind of lump is it ?
Avatar n tn the first guy never mentioned the fact that I had 2 bones messed up in my foot. The Talis and Cuboid. from what the foot guy said that it looked like those two bones collided in my fall and "bruised" both of them. She and her OS showed me the MRI that showed it best that the one bone had chaged color meaning trauma/fracture about 50% of it and the other bone the talis had about 25% change in it.
Avatar n tn My zygomatic arch has become more prominent along wioth my cheek bones. The other change I have noticed is that I can feel obstruction, I think it is my jaw bone when I stick my finger in my ear canals, this is more so prevalent in my right ear. The other change I have noticed started out with a lot of eye pain and pain at the bridge of my nose. This pain that I have felt is somewhat similiar to the pain I have felt around my face, in my cheek bones and the side of my face.
Avatar n tn My zygomatic arch has become more prominent along wioth my cheek bones. The other change I have noticed is that I can feel obstruction, I think it is my jaw bone when I stick my finger in my ear canals, this is more so prevalent in my right ear. The other change I have noticed started out with a lot of eye pain and pain at the bridge of my nose. This pain that I have felt is somewhat similiar to the pain I have felt around my face, in my cheek bones and the side of my face.
Avatar m tn When you see him, as him to tell you a little more about your injury. Broke your foot is a little vague. There are quite a few bones in your foot and ankle. Also, its important to know how bad the fracture was.
649848 tn?1484935765 They gave their daughter hormones to stop her growth. Then they had doctors remove her womb to spare her the pain of menstruation. Charley is now around 1.3 meters tall (4 foot 3) and 24 kilograms (53 pounds), and will remain so for the rest of her life. The Hoopers' fight to get the hormone treatment — known as growth attenuation — was grueling. Although an increasing number of parents across the U.S.
Avatar m tn About five weeks ago a stone plant stand fell on my foot. No broken bones, but swelling, redness and bruising. The pain is rarely felt, the swelling is way down, my toe remains red. My toe nail hasn't grown since the incident. Should I be concerned.
Avatar n tn Hi there! This could be fracture of one of the foot bones. Other possibilities that may need to be considered are dislocations/ subluxation, ligament/ tendon injuries, infections, inflammations, degenerations, bone growth/ spur formation etc. It would be best to get this evaluated by an orthopedician at your earliest convenience, for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Meanwhile you may NSAIDS to relieve the pain. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn Testosterone increases the density of bones which can make them heavier. Heavier bones need stronger muscles for movement and cativity.This can give an overall impression of growth. This can make a larger shoe size more comfortable considering the changes in ligaments and bones of joints. If you are still anxious or doubtful it is best to get a clinical examination done and get evaluated. Do keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
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Avatar n tn It is directly related to your parents and forefathers height gene which you acquired. Growth hormone and testosterone also control your growth and after 20 years your height will stabilize as after this your long bones would be fused and there will no increase in your height anymore. Take care!
1476455 tn?1287187897 I have ankle pain in the left ankle. It is very puffy and there is no bones broken because the doctor did x-ray on the left foot two week ago. I am in a diabetic walker too. Could there be something else wrong with my left ankle.
1542537 tn?1293210698 Hi, broken bones take a varying amount of time to heal, mostly depending upon the type of bone broken, the age of the person, and the way in which the bone is broken. Larger broken bones, for example the bones in the thigh, or both bones of leg would take a great deal longer to heal, usually six weeks to three months in the average healthy adult. Begin physical therapy as soon as is practical. That will help.
Avatar n tn You may have an accessory navicular, which is an extra bone growth on the tarsal navicular, the bone in the arch of your foot. This can be accompanied by an abnormal attachment of the posterior tibial tendon (PTT) and can cause the sort of pain you are describing. Occasionally, the accessory navicular is injured and separated from the "true" navicular. If this does not heal correctly, it can also be a chronic source of instep pain.
Avatar f tn Why do you think that 6 foot 1 inch is too much for your 17 years of age? How much larger are you compared to others in your class? How tall are your mother and father? I did some looking around and found this type of info on gigantism. "What is Gigantism? Gigantism is a rare condition that causes abnormal growth in children. It occurs when a child’s body produces too much growth hormone. Early diagnosis is important.
Avatar n tn I fractured my cuboid bone over 5 months ago from an injury sustained when I jumped from my boat onto a floating dock, Struck a rotten board that collapsed lodging my foot in place as I fell over. It was not dx for 5 or 6 weeks. A walking shoe was ordered and I continued to work and was told it should be fine in 2 or 3 weeks. I thought it was healing, but for the past 1+ months the pain is increasing - arch/ankle.
301640 tn?1302655934 michelle here i was wondering i have these weird bones on my feet on the inner side across from my ankle i know its got a special name for it but i got told i could have surgery for it but got on the list and then got taken off also got a bow leg condition tat got told will get worse when i get older by a foot specialist is that why my leg muscles hurt when i go uphills
Avatar m tn Last week, my son 11.6yo, had slightly fractured his arm and is still on arm immobiliser. Since its not dislocated, within a week itself the fracture part started covering well. When we visited our Ortho for this, he noticed my son's 2 fingers (the small finger in both hands & his foot shape) is bent slightly. He adviced us to see a Pedioendocrinologist once the fracture story is over. Otherwise his body growth is good and shows signs of puberty here and there.
Avatar f tn Hi there: I had 2 bones bruised in my foot an ankle. The Talus and Cuboid bones it was moderate to severe. I'm 38 so I heal a slower than an 8 year old would. I had x-rays that were negative as well I walked on it with an air cast and the issue was worse with pretty bad swelling also. I went back again and had an MRI ordered and that is where the bruising was found. My Os treated it like a stress fracture. 2 hard casts later and non weight bearing for 7+ week.
Avatar n tn the doctors are now giving me the choice to have her take lupron shots to slow her puberty and stop her period their big concern is her height she is right now 4 foot 8inches they say since she started her period she will only grow to 4 foot 10 inches. i really dont under stand why if they wanted to slow her puberty they didnt suggest lupron earlier. the doctors also said i need to decide within a week because they dont want her to start her period again.
Avatar n tn Hi I fractured my left ankle four weeks ago whilst mountainbiking, ( I was clipped into the pedals and the left clip didnt relsease when I came off, my foot twisted anti clockwise and ended up pointing to about 7oclock) I Fractured my (Distal fibula) my (medial malleolus) and dislocated my (Talus) I have a plate obviously with with screws on my ( fibula) and two screws in my ( medial malleolus) I was put in a split cast and sent home in major pain.