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Avatar m tn He went for a follow up scan at the beginning of this year and some of the bones have not fused and he is in a great deal of pain still. What benefit would another op to fuse these bones give him? Will the mobility he has got back be reduced?
Avatar n tn The three bones under my ankle in the left foot have fused together , my foot has collapsedand i have osteoarthritis in my foot too. Will surgery help?
1558461 tn?1295396201 could simply be the muscles and ligaments of those stressed joints yelling in protest. Or causing other bones to rub together differently and thus cause joint inflammation. Have you been seen for the chronic pain in your toe? It sounds like you need to get to the root cause.
Avatar f tn You will not feel the plates in the feet. There may be some initial restriction on movements. Once the bones have fused back again, you can regain your earlier functioning. You have fractures of the metatarsals. There is probably no joint involvement. Hence, I do not think there will be any problem in bending the foot as you used to do earlier. The best part of all this is that you are getting the proper treatment which you were entitled to immediately after the accident.
Avatar f tn My 11 year old daughter injured her foot. After 6 days she still cannot even put pressure on it, much less walk. It seems to be swollen from her big toe across to the outside of the foot. The dr. said the xrays did not show any breaks. It ws an urgent care center, since it was a Saturday. She said it looked like all her bones were broken, because of the growth plates. Should a radiologist have examined the xrays? I understand that the growth plates do not show up on xray.
Avatar m tn I'v used heating pads , foot elevation. Been to dr. , had xrays, blood test,. negative on dr. visits . foot elevation helps some but as soon as I start moving around the foot swells up again. I've been told that I may need to go to a rumatologist. Need help.
Avatar f tn I had 6 joints in foot fused, bone graft from heel, 2 plates, several screws and fused bones shortened due to deformity and was fine until stitches were taken out and cast put on. A day later my cast is feeling too tight but color of toes is good unless I put it down. Have kept my foot up and mostly above my heart and iced for last 4 days without much relief but situation has not gotten worse. Orthopedic doc said Advil is not good as it keeps bones from healing but I need to reduce swelling.
Avatar f tn Due to the swelling, I started having vasculitis. I also became flat footed because my foot fused by itself. The latest doctors that I talked to were intrigued and puzzled. I am hoping that somebody will read this and might have the solution that I am looking for.
Avatar n tn the first guy never mentioned the fact that I had 2 bones messed up in my foot. The Talis and Cuboid. from what the foot guy said that it looked like those two bones collided in my fall and "bruised" both of them. She and her OS showed me the MRI that showed it best that the one bone had chaged color meaning trauma/fracture about 50% of it and the other bone the talis had about 25% change in it.
Avatar n tn That has now caused me to have really bad arthritis in that foot. They dr told me that I could have the ankle bones fused. I don't want to do that and I wanted to see if anyone knows about any other surgeries beside joint fusion.
1462370 tn?1285939233 I recently suffered a completely dislocated ankle, with my tibia breaking and tearing through the skin of my upper foot, my fibula also had a compound fracture. The first operation plated and pinned the bones and made repairs to the large gash through the tissue. A second procedure was carried out to remove a pin which prevented the ankle rotating by pinning the 2 bones together. Since the accident I have not been allowed to put any weight on my foot.
Avatar n tn Testosterone increases the density of bones which can make them heavier. Heavier bones need stronger muscles for movement and cativity.This can give an overall impression of growth. This can make a larger shoe size more comfortable considering the changes in ligaments and bones of joints. If you are still anxious or doubtful it is best to get a clinical examination done and get evaluated. Do keep me posted. Best luck and regards!
Avatar m tn The best way I can describe it is if somebody fused the bones in my ankle, and there is no flexibility. Even standing for hours at a time can become a challenge. I also get foot cramps where the arch in my foot is supposed to be. These cramps always happen at the worst times- riding my motorcycle, driving, etc. The spot that I feel pain is on the outside of the foot, near the ankle bone. What I'd like to know is how severe is my particular foot? I know the shoes I wear aren't the best too.
Avatar n tn My mother had a triple arthrodesis done about thirty years ago and the other day she tripped and hurt her foot. It wasn't damaged, but we were wondering if it is possible to repair her foot if it were to break now because 30 years ago, her doctor told her it was not possible to fix it. Is this still true?
Avatar n tn you may need to have the implant removed and the remaining bones fused. if there isn't enough bone to fuse to maintain the length of the toe, a bonegraft may help. otherwise, fusion of the remaining bones and syndactilization (sewing the toe to the adjacent one) would be beneficial and keep the toe in place. however, this doesn't work if the affected toe is the 1st one. well, i advise getting a second opinion from another doc ( i guess i shouldn't have replied then).
Avatar n tn Growth hormone and testosterone also control your growth and after 20 years your height will stabilize as after this your long bones would be fused and there will no increase in your height anymore. Take care!
Avatar m tn It seems like the bones in her lower pastern have fused with the upper bones of the metatarsals. When trying to manually bend her paw forward at the joint it will not bend.
Avatar n tn C7/T1 shows a mild broad-based disc osteophyte complex which does appear to narrow the right neural foramen, at least moderately, with mild narrowing on the left. __________________________________________________________________________________ The statement about bones are visualized?? Any reason to be concerned? Had C6-C7 fused 5/1/05 but NS didn't put a plate in to hold it. Changed NS. Had C5-C6 fused with a plate over C5-C7 held by6 screws on 11/29/05.
Avatar n tn Patient that shoots down the leg associated with leg and foot symptoms is often due to a radiculopathy. The spinal cord is encased by bones called vertebra. Nerves start to form as they come off the spinal cord and exit through holes formed between the vertebra. If a nerve is compressed on as it exits through these holes, particularly in an area called the nerve root, a radiculopathy results. Radiculopathies are also commonly known as pinched nerve.
Avatar n tn I am a 22 yr old mother of a 16 month ol and was in a car accident 4 yrs ago wich left me with cauda eqina syndrom , nerve damage and foot drop, i have afos on both legs and my doctor has sugested ankle fusion for me i no longer have controll over my right foot anyways so im thinking of going threw with it but i would like some pros and cons on it and also i was wouldering how long i would be having to were the rocker shoe and how long untill i would be in my own shoe...
13545318 tn?1430425920 I asked the doctor why I got the blisters and he said that I haven't used my foot in the last ten years and that they could of been caused by pressure points, And all I was doing was shifting my bike with that foot. My question is the doctor said that he wants me to walk flat footed from now on and not to bend the toes, When I had my ankle fuzzed my surgeon said that I could walk just like before but that the ankle wont move.
Avatar f tn The Lisfranc fracture is a fracture or dislocation of the joints in your mid foot, here some small bones forms an arch on top of the foot between your ankle joint and toes. I would suggest you to go for a second opinion and try to delay fusion and if possible go for a second surgery. If there is no scope for healing after a second opinion and recent scans then you are left with option for fusion as this will stabilize your foot.
Avatar f tn With ankle replacement you can always strengthen your ankle by physiotherapy and have more range of movements than an ankle fusion procedure where arthrodesis is performed and the bones are fused. The pain will be less in fusion but with physiotherapy the pain will decrease over a period of time with ankle replacement. Ankle fusion can always be performed if ankle replacement fails. Take care!
Avatar f tn Trevor disease most commonly occurs around the knee, talus and tarsal navicular and first cuneiform joints. The tarsal, navicular and cuneiform are bones of the foot for your information. The medial side of the epiphysis is most commonly affected. In osteochondritis dissecans, a loose piece of bone and cartilage separates from the end of the bone because of a loss of blood supply.
Avatar f tn I fractured my T2 through T12 bones and required repair surgery on my muscles and had T11 and T12 fused with screws and plates. Whenever it gets humid outside, I get really stiff. Particularly in my feet, knees, wrists, hands, fingers and elbows. Could this be a result of the hardware or just part of recuperating? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
3243930 tn?1346853306 My triple arthrodesis was done where my foot is fused this way on purpose. (Just imagine walking on your toes, and the part of your foot just under the toes. Nothing more.) So, when I walk, the heel up off the ground wants to go down, but the fusion will not allow it. I ended up having the triple arthrodesis done when I was approx. 8 years old. The doctor made this decision after such rigidity refused to allow correction to take place, despite different procedures, castings, bracings, etc.
1467506 tn?1286416617 One of my foot surgeries stabilized my arch and hindfoot on the right foot, which prevents my foot from rotating side to side. (Basically doing internally what an exernal brace was doing) Sometimes my foot muscles cramp, especially at night. I find that it helps, when I get a foot cramp, to immediately stand on it. I don't know why this works! If I'm in bed at the time, I bend my knee so my foot is flat against the mattress, and press down firmly.
Avatar n tn I believe I recognize that feeling of a hot, sharp sensation - as though someone lit gas on your foot. I broke both bones quite badly in my lower leg and after surgery I had the same feeling you're talking about. In my case it was nerve damage - it felt like someone was lighting matches and tossing them on my foot. Now, in the same area, I have no feeling on my foot. What does your doctor have to say about the problems you're having?
Avatar m tn Our spinal system goes from our tail bones up into our heads. The bones in the back of the head, until the 40's, were believed to be fused, but they move many times per minute, permitting the fluid to move along, something like peristalis in the digestive system. Remarkably, there are still many in the medical field who refuse to believe what has been proven to be the case. Go figure!
Avatar f tn Hence a fusion surgery has been advised. A fusion will eliminate pain by making all the bones grow together into one solid bone. When the bone ends can no longer rub together, there is no more pain. Wrist fusion will result in some loss of motion, but your boy friend will regain a strong and pain-free wrist. Regaining strength is especially important for people who need to work with their hands as they need strength more than flexibility.