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Avatar n tn I have been trying to loss 60 lbs for the past 2 years and had no result. I have a friend in Tampa Fl. that is on B12 shot and has lost over 50 lbs. Please email the information to ***@****. Thank you for your help.
Avatar n tn to begin a weight loss program here in Tampa , FL which includes the B-12 shots. My goal is to lose 30 lbs. I have heard nothing but good results from the prrogram. The lady who answered the phone said she has lost 21 lbs in 1 month. I plan to exercise and follow the program step by step. TRUST, if I don't see results I will let you all know!! I am very excited.
Avatar n tn With that said, I know plenty of guys, with fusions and even ADR that are doing bang up jobs right now. I just got mine done on 2/5 and I will say this the initial recovery form surgery was a lot better than the framinotomy, but I haven't seen any improvement. So that is a big fat dagger........... in the neck.
Avatar n tn I live a healthy outgoing lifestyle where physical fitness is important to me. I am beginning to see that there is no end to the methadone on her part, I find this as unacceptable. As the relationship chugs along many factors has changed since the beginning of the methadone. I have found that sex and passion has become extinct. Effort to make it out to social gatherings is a stretch. Communication is becoming non existent. Almost like we are now living two separate lives and are roommates.
Avatar n tn Very interesting. I am so sorry that you are still in pain. In the hospital, I remember saying that if the pain would just go away, I could handle the rest. Luckily, I was pain free in about a month. I wonder if that means that you had a worse tear and just need longer to heal? I hope that is what it means (i.e., that the pain will go away eventually). I started back at the gym 6 weeks post dissection, slowly, and my doctors didn't like it. At first, cardio only, no lifting.