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Avatar m tn I used to live in Glasgow (Scotland, incase you don't already know), and when I lived there I was really active at school, and never really ate a lot of unhealthy foods. I moved at age 5, or maybe 6 to Birmingham (That's in England, again in case you did not know), and obviously moving such a long way for someone so young is hard. I was somewhat active for awhile, but then i went to Secondary School (High school), and a lot of my friends went to different schools from me.
Avatar f tn (i'm hoping i can at least stick with the program for 2 weeks this time...). How is England? How is your man? DO TELL! Are you still buying skirts and purses off of ebay? Any good finds? My husband and I were just on-line checking out Ikea and dreaming of redoing our kitchen. OH! when we were in Italy in September - we kept seeing Ikeas all over the place and I always wanted to go - but he was like - "WE DIDN'T COME TO ITALY TO GO TO IKEA!" and he was right about that.
Avatar m tn I am 28, very fit, exercise regularly, eat healthy, don't smoke, don't do drugs or any other medications, drink moderately, only 1 cup of coffee a day, don't have any allergies, no other medical problems - I was the epitome of health and fitness before this started happening. However, last year when this all started happening was one of the most stressful times in my life.
286034 tn?1201100440 I have had two jobs in 47 years. The Air Force and now with a semiconductor manufacture where I do sustaining work. A step below engineering stuff, basically fix the stuff that someone else messed up if its possible. I work in an electrical testing lab and get to wear a cool white jacket, gloves, hair bonnet and mask. Needless to say I don't come home from work dirty.
Avatar n tn He has not held a job in over a year, and has had to leave jobs because of this odor. TODAY we finally found out that it is a rare genetic disorder: trimethylaminuria (TMAUt) with only 600 documented cases! No cure, only a diagnostic test or DNA tests will confirm and avoiding certain foods helps.
Avatar f tn physical fitness; quality of life; and occupational function. Moreover, we will measure blood biomarkers: serum cytokines; cortisol at awakening and during the day; and leukocytes gene expression. The project will build onto an existing pilot study in HCV patients, an established collaboration with Liver Units across London, and the research-led clinical service for CFS patients at King's College Hospital. "Thus, the project has great chances of success." Click to expand...
Avatar f tn I have never been overweight, never smoked, have always been pretty active, careful with diet, good HDL/LDL ratio, and an excellent fitness assessment result just the week before the severe chest pain which led to the discovery of the narrowing artery. Now I am on 5 different drugs and advised not to do any strenuous exercises (no swimming or riding) for 4 weeks. I am feeling pretty frustrated and am wondering whether it would be fine for me to attend indoor cycle classes after 2 weeks.
299260 tn?1304219705 To: All Just unloaded everything from the RV.. We had a great time!!! I don't know if you guys know but Im a dare devil who loves 4 wheelers, Dirt bikes and love riding. Anyhow we went camping and my butt is sored we rode all day yesterday. I sank my Dirt bike in a pond and god all muddy "You couldnt even see my face... Kids and DH laughed so hard! It was a great because we got away didnt think about IVF,FET ect....
Avatar n tn The docs won't give me more now in any case so I would have to pay a fortune off the internet and over the counter, which here in England are mixed with either paracetamol or ibuprofen (a nasty cocktail) if taken in too great amounts! I have another 3 days before I am back at work, so here's hoping!! Chris, England.
Avatar n tn We moved to this area about 5 1/2 years ago with only regular bills and a house payment. We had everything going for us, a new start, new jobs, two beautiful, healthy children, and so much to see and do in our lives. All it took was a little pill to do so much destruction to my life, if anyone would have told me it would go this way, i would have looked at them as if they were crazy.
Avatar n tn i guess i could post a little history about me too. 29, uncircumcised, excellent health, married for 5 years, 1 sex partner in lifetime (wife). i dont have the greatest diet in the world (high sodium and fat in proportion to other nutrients). have been supplementing with centrum performance off and on for a couple years. i also have a job where i sit for long periods of time (i am a computer programmer). i am not very active away from work either.
Avatar f tn Hi i am a 28 year old man from Manchester England and i was recently in a motorcycle accident. I was told i had been very lucky to not sustain any more injuries than i did at the time (heavy bruising & ground layers of skin from my knee cap). The bike landed on the right side of my body in the accident and 3 weeks later i have started to get burning pains in my right shoulder blade and under my arm-pit which feels like a skin burn as apposed to a burning under the surface of my skin.
Avatar n tn Hello BigalUK Good god tell me about it I live in the North of England, Yorkshire Dales and I don't think I can remember a worse summer! Plus my boyfriend works for G4S so we are fed up of hearing the news hahaha! Very well done for recognising you have a problem with alcohol before you got to far down the line! I tried to moderate my drinking and yes it is no fun at all!
Avatar n tn Furthering my investigations into muscle pains/cramps, I have found another reliever that may help----Magnesium sulphate,Otherwise known as Epsom salts.It is recommended that one to two cupfuls are added to a bath full of water(Warm).This apparently draws out any Lactic acid from the muscles.
Avatar n tn With that said, I know plenty of guys, with fusions and even ADR that are doing bang up jobs right now. I just got mine done on 2/5 and I will say this the initial recovery form surgery was a lot better than the framinotomy, but I haven't seen any improvement. So that is a big fat dagger........... in the neck.
Avatar f tn I am a mum and I also have 2 jobs - one in a supermarket so they just put me on the checkout maybe?, my other job is attending meetings, taking minutes and typing them up. Was it possible for you to still do hoovering, cleaning, shopping and that sort of thing? I suppose everything we do requires arm movements - just wondering if you can shed light on the pain and stiffness we can expect?
Avatar n tn After a few months I was able to play basketball again and run like I used to without getting too winded. I had to rebuild my confidence as well as my fitness but everything seemed to be going OK. The only problem was that I still occasionally got the sensation of shortness of breath even though I was well conditioned and frequently became light headed as well. I became frustrated one day and did a work out even while feeling short of breath and seemed to feel better once I got moving.
Avatar n tn I am a vegetarian really into physical fitness. I am at a loss. Even the much renouned ACAI berry has not worked. If anyone out there has found out why this is occuing it would be great to know. I do plan on seeing a dr but will be out of town for a while so a lenghtly process of elimination is really not in my future... at least for a few months. I am terrified to think what I will look like if I wait a few months. Has anyone had any luck with slimfast or metafast???