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4503521 tn?1400858886 I have been looking for online jobs so I can be at home with the baby. I have no family here in Atlanta and im kinda not feeling this whole daycare thing at all. My husband works a lot also.
1530342 tn?1405016490 At least 178 teachers and principals in Atlanta Public Schools cheated to raise student scores on high-stakes standardized tests, according to a report from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. http://news.yahoo.com/americas-biggest-teacher-principal-cheating-scandal-unfolds-atlanta-213734183.html Award-winning gains by Atlanta students were based on widespread cheating by 178 named teachers and principals, said Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal on Tuesday.
1301089 tn?1290666571 http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/08/23/hire-fluent-ebonics-speakers-dea-jobs/?test=latestnews - FoxNews.com - August 23, 2010 For Hire: Fluent Ebonics Speakers for DEA Jobs It may be raising some eyebrows, but the Drug Enforcement Administration insists it needs to hire at least nine people fluent in Ebonics. fox news It may be raising some eyebrows, but the Drug Enforcement Administration insists it needs to hire at least nine people fluent in Ebonics.
Avatar f tn m looking for a great pediatrician that will come to Northside Forsyth Hospital in Cummings, Ga for my newborn for when I deliver. Any you ladies live in Atlanta or surrounding area that know/ has a pediatrician that will come to the hospital I'm delivering at in Cummings,Ga??? Thank you so much for your help ladies.
Avatar f tn Can anyone recommend an endocrinologist in the Atlanta area that is good? I think I might have Cushing's. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Around what area of Atlanta are you in I go to North Perimeter Obgyn in Duluth and I highly recommend her
Avatar f tn Any moms in Atlanta I'm due June 23rd with another girl, would like to make friends
Avatar n tn I'll be the first to offer...Dr. Natale i think is based out of Texas somewhere and was the original developer of the ablation and trains top dog docs all over the world in the procedure i understand.....there;s my two cents......
Avatar f tn Do you know of any place I could go and get it done in Atlanta? Not having a confirmation is worst than having a confirmation. I have do have insurance Blue cross Blue shield. I want to get a western blot because it confirm hsv1 and hsv2. but to get a confirmation for HSV2 I'll just accept a Biokit. I just need confirmation off of my 3.29 testing positive. SO anywhere in Atlanta where I could get this done. Please help!
1035252 tn?1427227833 http://www.cnn.com/2010/CRIME/08/20/georgia.child.cruelty/index.html?hpt=T2 Atlanta, Georgia (CNN) -- When police walked into the home, they found a 5-year-old girl weighing nearly 160 pounds, her teeth rotting, her skin covered in spider bites. Her 4-year-old sister was lying on a filthy mattress, wearing only a urine-soaked diaper. Police were responding to a domestic dispute call at the Marietta, Georgia, house Monday when they encountered the shocking scene.
395769 tn?1318449682 So if you are close to Atlanta, I live in Erie, PA and my OBGYN moved back down to Atlanta to practice and let me tell you, he is WONDERFUL! Although I never saw him for pregnancy, he listens and is compassionate and funny. Dr Timothy Schaefer. don't know what plans he accepts and what not but if I could move to Atlanta I would just so I could continue under his care.
Avatar f tn My question right now is to find a specialist in Atlanta area. Can someone help me please?! So far I have only been diagnosed by a random neurologist who had looked at my MRI, going to see him to "discuss" my options in person on Monday. I definitely want to have a second or possibly third pair of eyes to look at my MRI before anything else and I would like to go to a Chiari specialist. Please HELP! THANKS.
Avatar f tn Still looking for a good doctor in the Atlanta area to start thyroid meds for very low levels of T4 and T3 but still in range. I mean they are barely in range and I need a doctor who will list to my symptoms and how I'm feeling to we willing to try medication. Please if anyone knows someone let me know!
Avatar m tn And it will be the same people saying it either way. It is sort of funny in a sad way. In this situation with an increase in jobs I am sure some will find a way to make sure he gets no credit for it...after all, it couldn't be due to anything he has done now could it. It's too bad.
Avatar n tn I reside in the Atlanta GA area, and I have read a lot of forums pertaining to b12 injections, and phentermine for weight lost. From my understanding they're not something you can get your regular doctor to prescribe. In the past year I've had a baby gain 75pds, and I have not been able to lose it since. I am looking for a Dr. in the Atlanta area that I can get a prescription from. Please help?
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