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Avatar f tn I'm stumped and I've stumped by Endo NP, who has never seen a case like mine. Originally presented as hypothyroid, now have had weight loss and other symptoms that we wouldn't expect to see with my constantly DECLINING thyroid levels.
Avatar n tn She has to stop running for days for the bruises to go away and of course that doesn't help maintain fitness. Does anyone know anything about this problem and if it can be treated? Thanks!
518798 tn?1295215879 Find out some of her pet peeves or sore spots and play on that. If she is put off by dirty jokes..start telling them all the time. If she hates loud music..turn the volumn way up. You get the idea. If she no longer has a husband, tell her your gonna set her up on a computer dateing site. Start telling her about some guys you'd like to fix her up with. Tell her she needs to get a life. Start getting very sexy with your husband around her.
250084 tn?1303311035 God bless if you believe in God, hoping health care get's better, Peace in the world, loved the jokes Willy, sorry some are snowed in, how about that cold in Fl?., Charm-how you feeling? Xenigma, hope your recipes are going well. Merrybe, hoping for log drops/UND for you, CBA51, thanks for info which test Human genome is using, etc., etc., etc! Can I just reply like this :} ? Cover all in one! ( and no way I can cover the political or research-medical info post!!
Avatar f tn Oddly enough when we adopted him I ended up getting very ill and was hospitalized for 3 weeks and when I was discharged he was by my side and because of him I recuperated and started running with him daily to get my strength back. I ended up passing my fitness test with flying colors and better than in previous years (I'm in the military). Now I have lost other pets in the past so it is not my first loss unfortunately.
Avatar f tn I'm still over weight, but my doctor told me about "fit and fat". A few years back I lost 60 lbs. I am still working on it, maybe not as hard as I can. I'd love to lose 40 more but I think I am dreaming on that one. Back to fit and fat. My doctor is in great shape. 5'8" tall, probably about 155-160lbs.... My BP is as good as his, I can do more crunches than he can, more push ups than he can, walk/run more than he was doing....
329165 tn?1515475590 Doesn’t bother me in the slightest. It’s often the subject of jokes at my expense. If anything electronic breaks down or blows up, my pacemaker is blamed! It becomes part of you and you must never view it as some mechanical thing, rather view it as an organ in your body, just like your heart, liver or kidneys.
Avatar f tn Before my car accident, I was extremely active(played sports,skiing, workout 6x week and prior to having my two kids, taught fitness and skiing. I have never been to the doctor for any pain, had perfect easy childbirths, etc. My Chriopractor believes because my back was not straight and some of the discs were bad prior to the mva, that on impact 45mph that it just made all this back stuff come out. I don't know what to think. Depressing!!
Avatar m tn I don't laugh at jokes, I feel I seem odd. My boyfriend said day 6 I seem psycho. Duh. I'm detoxing, and I will remember who was there for me when I come thru this hell. Being I support the entire family financially, I guess I expect support. Thing is. It's more than with drawls. Can anyone please share how long they felt normal 100% normal. Was it months ???? And when possibly will sick days stop?
458384 tn?1295724256 If your exercise is too intense, it can actually suppress your immune system, which is why marathon runners often get colds after a race. What defines overexertion depends on your fitness level. Consult with your doctor to determine yours before starting an exercise program. 7. Avoid Social Isolation The cost of social isolation may be higher than we think.
1742220 tn?1331360327 and it is fairly easy cuz I know it the writing time is precious, we do the journal as I explained it, they are AMAZING with the journals and that time you can hear a pin drop they will work independently for hours Im like MAKE SOME NOISE PPL!!! and during discussions I can act and be funny and tell jokes and they dig it a lot the girls are so awesome ... these three girls especially are just adorable ... they are like little adults.
167 tn?1374177417 :D No Peek, trust me, Ben and I have had our own share of humor over this. We make jokes about how we're going to go get him out of his crib and he's going to say "Hey baby!" In a really deep, Barry White voice! Or, start trying to pick up chicks! I'm sure Mayo knows what they're doing, but I just worry how it will affect him and what I will see in his diaper! Kind of freaks me out a bit. Wish I knew someone who went through it. Oh well...we'll find out soon enough.
188500 tn?1207368551 I've made major life-style changes to accommodate this disease, most of them for the better. I've quit smoking and drinking, begun a fitness program that includes exercise and diet modification, lost weight, etc. I've re-acquainted myself with my adult children; I now take an active roll as a grandparent. I'm taking classes at the local community college, and actually enjoying life for once. I could go on and on (I guess I have :-)), but I think I've made my point....
106886 tn?1281295172 Oh, there is another website that my teacher referenced. It is and it is based in Minneapolis. It is all about fitness balls of various sizes. They sell something called the "thera cane" that they say breaks up surgical adhesions. I have never tried that item. But, I would start with the body rolling first. I measured my ball tonight. It measured 16 inches. Again, though, I did not get the ball thru the website.
Avatar n tn People say just face the wall but as soon as I get naked in the changing room I get a hard on immediately so by the time I take my towel off and walk to the shower I'd be solid by the time I got there! I have an raf tour on thursday which involves a fitness test and will therefore involve a shower and have found the info on this forum very helpful but when it comes to the crunch I'm afraid I'm going to forget everything and by focusing on not getting hard WILL get hard.
Avatar m tn side effects ? what side effects ? never heard of it ! jokes aside i actually believe that my high vit d levels and general fitness have my immunity in good shape. i still hit my excersise bike , do some weights . not bad after 4 injections. my bloods look stable to.
Avatar n tn I looked into adding Tela at the tail end of tx myself . Only problem I am GT4 and the only trial that exists with only 20 something people did not improve SVR and I am at 48wks now. However I did think about this possibility for quite some time before results for GT4 were made public and spoke to my hepatologist about it. He has a cirrhotic GT1 currently on tx and he is waiting for Tela to become available so he can use it on him tail end.
362888 tn?1203267889 When I was 8 I weighed 130, when I was 9 I weighed 140, when I was 10 I weighed 155, 11 over 160, 12/ 170-175, 13/ 180-185, 14 nearly 200 lbs (196-198 lbs). When I was 14... I was in a fitness class and they worked us pretty good and I also had PE class, so I was working out more then 5 times a week.. during the school week I didn't eat very much.. but on the weekends I would eat more.
Avatar n tn Oh by the way I find that physical fitness also seems to help, doing some daily exercise. Good luck I hope you take the time to read this because all the things I mentioned did change my brothers life. And made my parents lives so much happier..
Avatar n tn I remember saying to a friend that going to a meeting is like getting a dose of medicine because I would feel great when I left them. I guess thats my answer, huh?!! I have recently vowed to start a fitness program. A lot of people on this site swear by it. Take care!!!!!!
Avatar n tn I tried many diet pills and Merrida actually worked very well for me but it is far too expensive. The others pills were just jokes. Slimquick seem to curb my appetite very well and the two pills seem to work very well for me. I have a long way to go, I need to lose over 80lbs. and so far this one seem to actually curb my appetite. I am amazed that I am not hungry all day but of course I have the heartburn. But if it works I am willing to suffer through and hopefully it is temporary.
Avatar n tn Sneezing, coughing and lifting set it off like a fire cracker and sex is pretty much no more because its hurts very much and all jokes aside that just ***** (sorry for the blunt words there). The doctor that did the surgery was offending I went back to him so he sent me to a pain management doctor and he tried injections directly at the site of the surgery. OMG do not allow them to try this I have had the most terrible time with urinating now.
286034 tn?1201100440 I enjoy spending time with my children and playing practical jokes,I love to laugh and refuse to grow up. I am one of 4 children,I'm an identical twin,but the better looking one.(lol) I enjoy remodeling my old home and enjoy household projects,I like to quilt,love to cook and have many flower and water gardens. I am an advid football watcher and a seattle seahawks fan.Love the Ohio State Buckeyes I volunteer during football season to do consession stands for the acedemic boosters.
Avatar f tn tube and ventilator. (Family learned how to read lips, she seemed to be doing well. jokes, smiles.) Doc. tried to ween her from vent.on the 2nd now she is back up to 95% 10 peeps rspr. 45-55 . Family can't even touch our talk to her for the last two days.Doc say it is cause she is irritated by all the activity but for the last two day the rspr 40-60 just as high saw them myself and Now is on 3 diff sedatives to slow rspr. doc.
Avatar n tn ), luckily i started so quickly after my last depo wore off and it was a full period - no light spotting or playing jokes on me, AF visited full force! LOL I have found the clearblue easy digital monitor to be an AWESOME little tool in this whole body cycle/calculation game - although it's pricey, it's worth every penny. I only used it for one month (and got pg) and now I have two friends who are fighting over it!