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551343 tn?1506834118 // I was well chuffed as I did the quiz and got 100 per cent lol. I am wondering now if i should perhaps see my GP about fibromyalgia i dont suppose it can do any harm, but i am not sure if she knows what it is either lol.
528396 tn?1217529613 I have had bacterial vaginosis for 7 years. My symptoms are pain in my whole body, muscles, bones, joints, my hair is falling out, I can fill a brush with one brushing, I am so depressed I have not got out of bed in 3 months, my skin is flaky, I have gotten 3 infections, I do not know what they were...2 in Feb.
Avatar m tn Because of how quickly this came on I thought it might be the result of a viral or bacterial infection. Oddly, she hasn't had any flu-like symptoms (head cold, fever) and hasn't been overly run-down or tired. She's had no rashes, which I understand to be commonly associated with lupus. I just went through a 16 question lupus screening quiz and answered 25%. She's very light-sensitive (I often joke that she's a vampire because of how senstive to light she is).
Avatar n tn I was only out of work for 2 weeks and during that time was somewhat out and about. Symptoms of a new illness presented in March, starting with a canker sore, and progressing to flu like symptoms. I noticed greenish/brown mucus and tooth pain and went to doctor for an anti-biotic (I think Bactrim). I took the antibiotic which seemed to clear up what I thought was a sinus infection but I still wasn't feeling better and my glands were very swollen (they still are too a degree).
Avatar f tn Hello, I have alot of neurological symptoms and was wondering if my case sounds like a possible MS? Ok, well i'm a 41 year old woman, who had chronic fatigue syndrome about 12 years ago, i had elevated levels of epstein barr virus and cytomegalavirus), was bad for about 4 years and has gotten less and less over the years.
Avatar n tn I took the quiz for CIFD and don't have that or just Chronic fatigue, nor do I seem to have fibromyalgia. I will definitely have my doctor check on my adrenal gland. Thanks to both.
Avatar m tn I was given the diagnosis of Ebstein Barr over 20 years ago. I also have Fibromyalgia and Polymyalgia. EBV and Fibromyalgia are very real. I had to learn to live differently. I was always looking at what I could no longer do and felt useless and depressed. A therapist suggested instead to look at what I could do each day, even if it was to get dressed and out of bed at first. It sounded crazy, but slowly I stopped trying to be who I once was and learned to love who I am now.
Avatar n tn the last couple of days I have started with twitching all over my body mostly in my feet and legs and a vibrating feeling in my legs Im freaking out about ALS but could this be fibromyalgia? my body is sore from all the twitching and pain twinges! Im a 26yr old female any advice!
551343 tn?1506834118 com/p/articles/mi_m0850/is_n3_v8/ai_9369099/ This is a brilliant piece by Jodi Bassett about MS V FIBROMYALGIA. It makes very interesting reading and I would recommend you follow through on some of the links especially about CFS. Here is a website about functional or dissociative neurological symptoms. Many of us are diagnosed with this: http://www.neurosymptoms.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear that you are having this symtpom! It was one of my most troubling symptoms and happens to me very rarely anymore, but for a few years it was a daily occurance which happened everytime I stood up! The worst time was when I got out of bed in the mornings. My leg weakness/burning was also accompanined by dizziness/faintness, and only one time did they ever give out on me. I never had my circulation in my legs tested, but my docs all reassured me that it was benign.
Avatar f tn I found out that CFS and fibromyalgia are only symptoms from my doc., meaning its a list of symptoms that has been slapped with a name and not the cause of the problem.
Avatar f tn This is creating some uncomfortable 'Side Effects of Vitamin D' that are actually symptoms of an induced magnesium deficiency!
182493 tn?1348056515 there is no blood test, or any other type of test to diagnose with, diagnoses is usually given dependent on your symptoms , where your symptoms are, how long you have had symptoms and the tender point test...i have some really good websites i can send you links for, very informative, i will look for them and get them to you soon, also a rheumatologist should be able to diagnose you also. just pay attention to ALL of your smptoms and write them down for your appointment.
1220571 tn?1274844795 You are hyper only if you have excessive levels of the active thyroid hormones, mainly FT3, and FT4 along with hyper symptoms. Symptoms are what should define your thyroid state. Your symptoms sound like hypothyroidism. We could know a lot more if the doctor had run tests for the actual, biologically active thyroid hormones, free T3 and free T4, instead of the somewhat obsolete tests for total T3 and total T4, which don't really tell very much.
Avatar n tn I have been having all these weird symptoms and no one can figure out what it is. They started July 2006 2 months later, and then picked up again June 2007 and have not stopped yet... I have panic attacks every day about what it could be...I've thought Lyme, fibromyalgia,...and of course a brain tumor... I have seen a neurologist, an allergologist, an ENT, an ophthalmologist, an infectious disease specialist, and of course a one can tell me what is wrong with me.
4128244 tn?1350077211 I'm a 45 year old post menopausal woman, and I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. Doctors have been testing my TSH for 20 years, and the results are always the same. Low Normal. I'm so sick of those words. In July, I had an MRI for back and neck pain, and a multinodular goiter showed up. This was followed by a nuclear ultrasound and bloodwork.
Avatar f tn I'm confused by her wanting me to stop as it was supposed to be helpping me improve my muscles which feel so weak and super tight like I can't relax them. She also said I can stop the neurontin as it's probably not improving anything and not helpping my feeling constantly fatigued. I asked her if this could be fibromyalgia...a long pause with..."I guess it could be". She asked what the rhumatologist thought. I told her a combo of myopothy and fibro.
Avatar n tn Some get better and others get worse. I have CFS and had symptoms after I had mononucleosis years ago. If I could go back.. I would have visited a Naturopath physician immediately after having mono. Just a suggestion you may want to consider. The Naturopathic physicians always helped me through my illness and seem to know a lot more about EBV and CFS than other physicians. I do believe, the sooner you get treated... the better.
Avatar f tn How many neuros have you seen re these symptoms? Has your neuro given any reason for symptoms? You say they can't do MRI and won't do LP - what tests have they done to look for reasons for your symptoms? Sorry for all the questions - but there are some great people on this site who may be able to give you some advice with a bit more info. Take care and all the best to you. Happy Holidays!
Avatar f tn What are your symptoms? Chiari and Syringomyelia can cause a ton of problems, in fact the symptoms are so numerous that it's hard for a doctor to diagnose this at all. I would say the most important thing you can do right now is make sure you have a Chiari specialist! Not all neurologists and neurosurgeons are specialists in Chiari Malformations. Make sure yours is. I recommend to everyone on these boards to get a notebook and carry it with you.
Avatar n tn Now,,,as past 3 days when I wake up in morning,,,from say,, my elbow down to hand feels weak and kinda hot and my fingers I can barely move,,,When I first bend them on waking up at the knucles,,,very painful and I have to kinda work them slowly before getting up. I have never had any problems before tx with this and have relooked up symptoms again of tx and saw the Joint Pain. Could this be that or I'm wondering if this is what people feel like that experience arthritis??
Avatar m tn not too motivated..but I did follow what I read what other people did here to relieve their symptoms and I picked the ones that were do-able for me. I took a hot bath at night (to relieve some pain)- took Tylenol & Volteran, Zinc, did a little excercise, ate only food I really enjoyed (to treat myself) and tried to keep myself busy and not think of taking a pill. For the past 2 years, my life was on a pill schedule. My doctors exact words were "Stay ahead of the pain...
Avatar m tn Hi, I am in the same situation as you, and about to go cold turkey, as well, after tapering down off of Oxycontin and Oxycodone for the treatment of chronic pain (Interstitial Cystitis, Fibromyalgia, and severe undiagnosed GI issues). I have tapered down to 1/12th of the dose that I was at the height of my illness, and have found the end to be just awful anxiety-wise, as well. I, too, have decided not to prolong the process.
Avatar f tn I am being forced to cold turkey withdrawal from all meds I was taking for fibromyalgia and I don't know what to do. I was prescribed percocet 5/325 5x daily, ultram 50 4x day, and Valium 2x/day (final dosing). My pain management clinic kept upping my dosage because of tolerance and also because I take care of my adult son with a TBI as well as work a very stressful job full time.
Avatar n tn I have been down so much these past 2 years with depression symptoms and axiety symptoms. Also me and my girlfreind think I have a possible OCD disorder from these allergies/sinus, when i feel fine which is rare I dont have any anxiety, depression or OCD problems(which makes me believe that my depression/anxiety/OCD is related to allergies/Sinus). My life is suffering dramaticaly from these problems, I really need to find some help very soon.
Avatar n tn Many people have candida and do not even realize it ...the symptoms are many and often people don't show symptoms that others do. Even if you do not practice the candida diet, cut back sugars and take a probiotic. Good luck everyone.