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2126606 tn?1346345124 Fibromyalgia is a musculoskeletal condition that is marked by widespread aching and pain in the muscles and joints. Fibromyalgia affects more than 12 million Americans, and women are 10 times more likely to suffer symptoms than men.
Avatar m tn Aching in your muscles and joints and fatigue. It hurts you to get out of the chair, also fatigued.You wake up tired and go to bed tired. Your head always feels tired. Complaints of fatigue and joint pains are,unfortunately, very common. fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by muscular aches and pains, fatigue, and difficulty sleeping. It is much more common in women, and it can be debilitating. Many conventional medical doctors do not think that fibromyalgia exists.
769745 tn?1345746412 After weeks of trying to diagnose myself i think i have found whats wrong with me?
769745 tn?1345746412 I think i have the symptoms of fibro but will my dr take me serious? After three sick notes, first for 2 weeks next for a month and the next one for another month does he think i will go away?
Avatar f tn Fibromyalgia started when withdrawal symptoms of steroids began on 4/14/08.
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Avatar f tn I have many symptoms undiagnosed. Doctors say all my symptoms are fibromyalgia and conversion disorder. Not buying it.
Avatar m tn My symptoms are severe drowsiness, begining tremour, shakes, blurred vision, slurred speech, profuse sweating and brain racing. My thoughts are normal while alarmed at the symptoms, my mood is normal and perception is fine. Memory is excellent (came with the job). I have found out that one reason for prescribing Zeldox is delusional thinking which I catagorically deny. I want to go back to the neulactal and intend telling my psych such.
3202069 tn?1345404482 I also eat something light like oatmeal, cheerios or a couple of scrambled eggs and take my pain medication. then when that kicks in I stretch, pray and try to move around, My bladder bothers me too since I have Interstitial cystitis. I get up several times to go to the restroom. I have been having alot of pain in my bladder and back and going to the doctor Tuesday. It is so hard to get motivated when your in pain. You don't even want to move.
Avatar n tn Swelling on my face, hands to elbows, ankles to knees.
5856747 tn?1403348682 • The first of these is that with Fibromyalgia there is nothing to measure or to see and doctors love to measure and see. With Fibromyalgia there is no specific blood test, no x-ray or scan that proves the diagnosis. Diagnosis is made only by listening carefully to the patient, having an awareness of the condition in the first place and the fining of a tender spot or spots within muscle masses. • Here is the second problem that the sufferer of this horrible disease may also have to face.
2207073 tn?1338931916 I have a good friend who unfortunately, has become a Zombie from his 14 medications,with multiple significant interactions, and a gazillion side effects. And nobody has bothered to look into any of those interactions and effects. It all started with a heart attack , then got a little depressed, developed some indigestion, experienced back pain, got a little constipated, couldn't sleep well at night and the rest is history. He's never going to enjoy his life again, like before.
1222076 tn?1423027749 After I got insurance I got a new doctor and told her all about my other symptoms and she wanted to do a CT Scan and did a lot of blood work. A few days later they called me and wanted me to come in so she could discuss my test results. My doctor told me my chlesterol was high which is odd because Im not over weight and Im young she said the other thing is my B12 levels was 280 which is low and its not common for someone my age to have.
Avatar f tn I have tried multiple meds such as antidepressants and Gabapentin... always have had multiple side effects. Things like heart palpitation's, anziety and vision troubles. I can take xanax and Soma with no problems. My question is "could it be the Armour Thyroid that I take that causes the trouble?" I also have a movement disorder labeled as tremors/non-epileptic seizures which also gets worse with antidepressants.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia last March. Since then and after trying few different prescription(Neurontin, Cymbalta) I decided I didn't like the way they made me feel and started researching what nutritional supplements could help. I resorted to taking supplements and saw my energy level and some symptoms improve. About 4-6 weeks, I have tingling (pin & needles) in my feet going up my legs and hands. My rheumatologists suggested I see a neurologist, to rule out MS.
Avatar n tn hello i just bumped into this site & i hope to receive some very much needed information here. i was diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few months ago and i've been monitoring some of my symptoms but would like to see if anyone else has the same problems. every month when it's that time of the month is when everything gets the worse for me. my eyes are dryer, skin, mouth everything. migranes flare up, numbness in the face & i have trouble sleeping.
Avatar n tn org/posts/Pain-Management/Abdominal-pain-for-2-weeks/show/1601456 Does Savella seem to help with your symptoms of Fibro? I hope so and I hope that your pain will be better controlled. Please let us know how you are doing. We'll be interested to hear how you are adjusting to the medication.... and if it is effective.
1663595 tn?1303411887 I have been on Ampyra for a week no and so far no side effects.
374573 tn?1199670146 A few weeks ago I found this site and posted a question about Fibromyalgia and antibiotics. Nicole had recently been on antibiotics for a sinus infection and had 10 glorious days pain free. That after 12 months of pain unless taking strong (addictive) pain medications. She had a brief reprive last spring when being treated for pnemonia which she will also have a chest xray for on Monday as it seems she has it again.
Avatar n tn I'm surpose to have Fibromyalgia,my joints pain and muscles, and my head itches and hairs falling out(if this keeps up, I'll be bald in a year. I have depression,anxiety,fatique,I have heartburn and have taken heartburn medicines which caused me to have the depression,anxiety,fatique. I looked up about 5 different heartburn medicines, I have been on and under rare side effects it tells you what the medicines cause, which I have.
Avatar n tn My symptoms began as myalgias and fatigue and I was diagnosed as fibromyalgia and treated with antidepressants for years. I've always had sleep trouble and GI complaints, so I seemed to accept this diagnosis. Over the last 3 months, I began having generalized numbness and tingling with associated burning and hypersensitivity of my skin, a raw feeling in my mouth and painful teeth. My muscle aches and fatigue continue and seem to get worse with weather change and stress.
Avatar f tn I was searching Google for an explianation for swishing noises when I move my eyes from side to side, and I found someone with these symptoms on this site. I have, like them recently stopped taking lyrica, so I wondered if it could be this? I have nausia too. I can't live with the side effects of lyrica any more because I am a carer for my partner, and need to have my witts about me all the time. I am very, very tierd all the time and I have pain in lots of places.
Avatar f tn Hi, A combination of Lyrica and Methadone has been found to be effective in controlling Fibromyalgia pain. Methadone may be administered alone without a combination because it is a potent analgesic. It is a narcotic analgesic similar to Morphine. However it is not used commonly for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. It has some serious side effects. Risk of serious side effects may occur even if patient has used other narcotic medications and if the drug is used improperly.
1550149 tn?1340000730 Description An in-depth report on the causes, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of fibromyalgia. Causes Fibromyalgia is sometimes categorized as primary or secondary. In primary fibromyalgia (also called idiopathic fibromyalgia) the causes are not known, and in secondary fibromyalgia the causes can be identified. Primary fibromyalgia is the more common form.
Avatar f tn When I started treatment they warned me of the side effects, flu like symptoms, depression, headaches and all that good stuff, but the treatment wasn't too bad, they started me on an anti-depressant and medication for my headaches. But for the last yr or more I have been having the flu like symptoms, major body aches mostly in my upper torso, back problems and I have had every test imaginable done to figure out why I am in so much pain everyday. Some days are better than others.
4437322 tn?1354571357 I feel just lost and alone in my struggles to fight this disease. I'm so tired and angry that after all these years of dealing with fibromyalgia that no one really understand all that I go through on a daily basis. It's a struggle to get up everyday and just live. I've been feeling suicidal lately and I just can't seem to get it together. I'm just so tired of being sick. Along with the fibro I've been getting blood transfusions ever 4-6 months.
Avatar n tn Widespread muscle aches and pain, mostly in legs. Widespread skin prickling/buring sensation, mostly in legs and arms. Sensation (not visible) of hand swelling and stiffness. Fatigue. Hot flashes. Dizzy/drugged feeling and head pressure (could be side effects of medications -- see below).