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Avatar f tn I am still undx'd and when I get frustrated, will sort of grin and bear it fotr a while. I have a question about the numbness/pain/stiffness assoc. with MS. When my symptoms first began (they are predominantly one sided), I was having a lot of numbness and needle stabbing type pain. The numbness has eased up (for now) and I more frequently will experience intermittent quck, but intense pain in my toes/bottom of foot and other areas of my leg, left hand, upper chest and back.
Avatar f tn But this is a daily, dull ache that gets worse certain days. I was actually considering asking my doctor about fibromyalgia. It's also autoimmune and while I think it normally causes severe pain here & there I wonder if it might be a cause for my continuous aching. Please let us know how you make out at the dr's.
550746 tn?1250130369 Associated symptoms of Fibromyalgia include fatigue ,morning stiffness , sleep disorder , menstrual cramping along with numbness and tingling , dizziness , skin and light sensitivities. If you do not have symptoms other than back pain , it may not be Fibromyalgia . There could be other causes of back pain and headaches that include nerve impingement in the back or stiffness of the neck muscles .
Avatar m tn Associated symptoms of Fibromyalgia include fatigue ,morning stiffness , sleep disorder , menstrual cramping along with numbness and tingling , dizziness , skin and light sensitivities. Please consult a rheumatologist and physician for the diagnosis of Fibromyalgia . Diamox may cause dizziness , lightheadedness , muscle cramps , weakness , numbness and a lot of other side effects . The side effects are common to a lot of people .
Avatar n tn I have been having swelling of the wrists,fingers,and ankles and pain to the point where i can't move anything at all,my knee hurts and i can't put my foot to the floor only the ball feels painful,had bloods done and rheumatoid factor come back slightly high,but consultant is saying its fibromyalgia but its not widespread pain just certain joints that swell and hurt,this has been going on now for over a year and i need to know whats causing the swelling stiffness and pain,had ultrasound on wrist
1961313 tn?1326293964 I have problems with my knees,just general stiffness-but one day I had to get down on my right knee and the pain was extreme,it wasn't necessarily in the knee but to the right side of the knee,it felt like the skin was splitting into,I look and the skin looked fine,so I don't know if it's the tendon or the muscle what ever it is,is very painful,in fact I can't get down on my knees any longer
894326 tn?1279787685 I had to see my doc for a check up after getting out of the hospital. I'd had a knee replacement. I was put on Lyrica at the rehab hospital. I don't remember if I actually mentioned Fibro or the doc just thought it would do me some good, but I'm on it. Thank God. I'm a new woman. Lyrica is the most effective med I have ever had for any problem. Because of it I've been able to drastically taper off of the narcotics which were prescribed for my knee pain which was considerable.
Avatar f tn Major confusion Virtually no short term memory burning/electric pain down back and in left arm and leg (I've don't the 240 shuffle before and it's pretty darn close) on/off tremors (some mild some body wracking) numbness in the face (mostly just the nose and upper lip) horrible fatigue in the afternoon I fall asleep no matter what (not the drained feeling I used to be) chest tight pain that makes it nearly unable to breath major constipation/bladder issues in addition to the pain, headaches,
Avatar n tn Calming the nerve symptoms actually relieves some of the stiffness over a long time. I walked with a very stiff knee for 2 years due to severe tendon/muscle pain that might be like your ankle situation. This made my hip tight also, and began to reshape the bones. With the Neurontin (1 year), continued exercise, and a healthy diet, I have gradually gained range of motion in that knee and have started to be able to strenthen some of the muscles that weren't used for a long time.
Avatar f tn I had total knee replacement surgery 10 weeks ago and am still experiencing significant knee pain, consisting of stiffness and alot of pain in the knee. The pain wakes me up at night. I am going to Physical Therapy 3 times a week and I still do alot of therapy myself at home. I walk, and try to go about my daily routine, but the pain is still there,, some days worse than others. I also had a three disc fusion done in January,, 2007.
497951 tn?1209833333 I have knee problems and will most likely need a knee replacement on my right knee eventually. Also, I have heard the excuse about *scar tissue.* I had carpal tunnel surgery on my right wrist in Oct. 2007, and it still bothers me and the doctor blamed it on scar tissue. I don't know. I'll be honest, I don't really know what to tell you. I have a lot of joint and muscle pain and other problems with blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.
984010 tn?1255799738 wheather it's one or the other or the combination of both, things are finally looking good for me. Less pain, less swelling, less joint stiffness and now my labs are all back to normal. My knee joints got so bad I have been walking with 2 canes on each side, but my doctor gave me the Synvics One injections on both knees and now I barley only use 1 cane to walk. Do you have dry mouth, eyes nose etc. There are products that can be used like Biotine toothpaste and mouth wash.
665881 tn?1248930597 The diagnosis of Fibromyalgia was a complete shock. Now I know why I don't like people touching me! The stiffness in the morning is hard to miss, if you had it, you'd know it. Most people have a hard time walking and functioning, especially using their hands. I too have a lot of problems with balance, walking and muscle weakness. They tested me for Myastina Gravis, but I was negative.
Avatar n tn Over a year ago was in a car accident and my muscles and joints hurt so bad most of the time its hard to have a normal day. Its not arthritis or lupus and Dr's are now saying fibromyalgia..I also have extreme burning in my joints and neck is this also a symptom of fibromyalgia?
Avatar f tn I'm a 29yo female. I want to find out if i have fibromyalgia and would like to hear someone describe the feeling of the pain that comes with it? I am nervous about asking my doctor that he will think i'm a hypochondriac or brush me off. I have had chronic, heavy fatigue for the past 8 years or so. Headaches all the time, brain fog and memory problems. I have kind of just assumed that this was just me but it is extremely frustrating. I've never had a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the forum. We will give you all the required information about Fibromyalgia. The symptoms of fibromyalgia are long term, widespread pain, fatigue, and heightened pain in response to pressure. Other symptoms may include joint stiffness, tingling of the skin, prolonged muscle spasms, weakness in the limbs, nerve pain, functional bowel disturbances and chronic sleep disturbances.
4226456 tn?1354123528 Now, I had hip and knee pain/aches/stiffness prior to Tx which I have since attributed to the Hep C. It was better towards the end of Tx and for a few months after I stopped Tx. However, I notice it is worse again now. The thing is, it is only stiff and painful when I first get up out of a chair, and stairs are difficult. After a few steps, there is no pain and no stiffness. In fact, if I stayed on my feet all day, I would not even have it (except for stairs).
Avatar n tn 11th 2011, however they made it sound like this one was gonna be the one to make it all better. the stiffness and swelling makes my knee fell so fake. I can't sleep i'm never out of pain. does anyone have any sugestions on the swelling like something i can take or drink for swelling to be reduced?
Avatar f tn I got up to walk around to get the sleepy pain feeling to go away, and the sleepy feeling went away, but not the pain. i went to the doctors, he said i had inflammation in the back of my knee. I put ice on the inflamed areas, which seemed to help, but the naproxen did not have an effect on the pain or the inflammation it seemed. other dull pain in my legs came after that and seemed to be centralized/localized around the back of my knee and calf muscle.
Avatar m tn My main daily pain areas are usually in my upper neck/base of the skull, my lower back right below the belt area, and the middle upper part of my back along my spine and shoulder blade tissue areas. I've been trying to research about Fibromyalgia and I keep reading that you must have 11 out of 18 tender points to be dx'ed as having Fibromyalgia (, but the specific areas are never mapped out.
Avatar f tn Hi, 11 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, but my symptoms keep evolving and keep coming! I just found in my records that my neurologist wants to rule out MS vs Lupus vs just problems caused by fibromyalgia. I have a + ANA, speckled, High sediment rate high C-reactive protein. I go see my neurologist for follow up next month so I’m making a list of points to keep in mind when investigating. This is my list. * Had food in my mouth but couldn’t make myself swallow.
Avatar n tn Anyone that has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/CFS, MS, and many other diseases and conditions should be tested for Lyme disease, no mattter where you live in the country. There are tons of myths on this disease, first you don't have to have a bull's eye rash and second, the test your doctor will most likely give you is very unreliable. Please do some research on lyme disease and co-infections. youtube (under our skin) has some informative information as well as other sites.
Avatar f tn I am 28 yrs old and am a healthy active person but for some strange reason have developed pains and stiffness to my lower body and no one seams to have a answer, It started two years ago as a pain in my right butt cheek which felt like a dull ache and hurt with movements especially with walking or running. It then developed into lower back pain and a painful right adductor muscle pain which was only sore when moving or when lying in bed where then I then seeked medical help.
975514 tn?1325001538 section_id=27670#sec_27670 I urge you to introduce yourself below and tell us a little about what brought you to the Fibromyalgia/CFS Forum. Again, welcome to MedHelp and the Fibromyalgia/CFS forum!
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Avatar f tn I have severe lowere back pain and Knee pain mostly in the right knee but get it in the left knee as well sometimes i have really bad night ans day sweats and get really breathless with chest pain i am on tabs for angina and my blood presure as it was high somedays i feel like i have had a kicking my elbows and evrybone in my body is sore i went to the physio the other day and she said the big Muscle in my back has stopped working should i be worried Please HELP
Avatar n tn I have seen a rheumatologist and he is thinking fibromyalgia. I've also been to other forums and people with fibro have similar knots in their legs. My next stop is the neorologist. I have not had any venous testing though. I have had my thyroid checked along with lupus and rhuematoid arthritis (negative). My bloodwork looks perfect. It's really very frustrating. In the meantime, I'm starting some physical therapy this week and getting massages.
Avatar f tn Confusion Short term memory issues burning/electric pain down back and in left arm and leg (I've don't the 240 shuffle before and it's pretty darn close) on/off tremors (some mild some body wracking) numbness in the face (mostly just the nose and upper lip) horrible fatigue in the afternoon I fall asleep no matter what (not the drained feeling I used to be) chest tight pain that makes it nearly unable to breath major constipation/bladder issues in addition to the pain, headaches, sti
Avatar n tn 0025mg estradiol patch. Since then, I have suffered from chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia symptoms, osteoarthritis in knees. About two years ago, unexplained weight gain (15 lbs) and found 11 cm. (not mm) cyst on left kidney. No treatment. Ultrasound tech said a lot of gas in abdominal cavity causing stomach distention. CBCs are fine. Intermal Medicine doc says it's thyroid, Endocrinologist says no. One doc says "divorce denial" & I go to Psychiatrist.