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369533 tn?1207588462 went to see rhumo specialst and has diagnosed me with fibro/dercums dont think he realy knows need to go back in 6 months he whants to moniter my condition ,has anybody in the uk been succsesfull in claiming disability allowance for fibromyalgia,
1770280 tn?1314584960 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia Syndrome back in the mid 1990's and was given amitriptyline for it a few years later. I went on a vitamin and supplement regimen which kept the pain to a tolerable level for four or five years. Then I started with Elavil/amitrip for about five years before that wasn't working too well and I was placed on Effexor XR. NOT a good drug.
875863 tn?1271603385 There are a variety of treatments for FMS. For example, the latest issue of the newsletter Fibromyalgia Network ( compares various drugs used to treat FMS. In our studies on FMS we found that over 70% of FMS patients had chronic infections (see our website for more information under Fatiguing Illnesses). If you have one or more chronic infections, these probably need to be treated. Also, for the fatigue we have found that NTFactor can help.
1178983 tn?1279663655 ) Otherwise, I know the National Fibromyalgia Association ( lists local support groups by state on their website and you could probably Google some other resources too. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn If you reside in the USA, have you heard about the Job Accommodation Network? This service is provided by the US Dept. of Labor (Office of Disab. Employment Policy). If you are an Employee - This site provides information on accommodation ideas, your rights under the American with Disabilities Act (keeping in mind that a disability does not mean it has to be permanent. One may become disabled only for a length of time, yet will still fall under the ADA).
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and have many of the symptoms for 18 years. Recently I saw ENT Dr and had hearing test, they have recommended MRI scan as I have worse tinnitus in one ear and is very loud, and I feel dizzy/drunk unsteady all the time and occasionally suffer from vertigo. Plus have slight hearing loss. I am in the UK and the waiting list for MRI is 6 months.
Avatar f tn My obgyn recommended being tested for fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis. The fibromyalgia test came back negative so i am trying to pursue testing for MS, however, my PCP of my HMO refuses to give me a referral to a neurologist and also refused my direct request for MRI. The PCP doesn't believe I have MS. My mental acuity continues to decline. Even had a couple instances of complete mental blockages.
Avatar n tn i have had mri and the dye/mri done as well i had already got fibromyalgia and my doctor has put me on lyric 600mg a day. but i am expercting numbness in my feet and hands more stiffness etc. but it seems like this lyrica d=has stopped helping me. is there another doctor i can go visit that is in my net work? could you please help me!!!!!!!!!!
2116985 tn?1334628542 I am due jan 2013 hubby & I came to canada 3years ago but had our 3 other children in UK. When conceived we decided to have baby in canada. I was in england summer & loved it! Since i've come back i've been having second thoughts of delivering baby in a "foreign" place. I'm used to the uk way of things, miss friends etc.
Avatar f tn Does anyone suffer with Fibromyalgia and optical neutiosis. I have a member who has been told that she has optical neutriosis and just wanted to know if it could be related to fibro. Any info gratefully recieved.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for this link. I was diagnosed in 2000 with Fibromyalgia but suffered many years before being diagnosed. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2003. I always thought the two were connected. The constant vigilance, insomnia, and muscle tension since I was about five has surely caused this condition. It was encouraging to see that studies are proving what I always suspected about why I have this debilitating condition.
Avatar n tn check out the fibromyalgia network on the web. Sometimes fb presents during a mental health problem as well but only a knowlkedgable doctor concerning fb would understand! Good luck!
5142668 tn?1364230745 t know it is a bleeding disorder. Not long after that I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. So here is my issue. With the von Willibrand I can not take anti-inflamitories. I have 4 children at home so I do not like taking certain pain meds. What kinds of things does everyone use to help with painful flare ups. I have a heating pad but that only does so much.
Avatar n tn More doc's are becoming aware that Fibromyalgia(FMS) is REAL, it's just hard to find them, sometimes. You're symptoms do fall under the category of FMS, Liver prob's (as mentioned) and other things. People can have different 'degrees' of FMS, some manage well with occasional flare ups, others are or can become very ill.
757597 tn?1315801812 Today is one of those days when I feel like I need to get off the Fibromyalgia Rolla Coaster.....It seems like it never ends. It's one thing after another. I now feel pain in my right foot that has Morton's neuroma and extra swelling on the left side of my collar bone. It makes it diffcult to turn my head to the left . It's raining outside so you know what that friend stiffness even more....Grrr....I just want my old life back.....
Avatar f tn i only have one shot at this to get it right and not sure what kind of specialist to go to? we have a fantastic nurology center in liverpool uk and a list of nurologists but is the a persific specialist i need to see? if anyone can tell me who and how you where diagnosed with this illness and what the kind of treatment do you get..many thanks hope your all well today and keeping your chins up!
Avatar f tn Hi Hmm in some respects it sounds worse than the uk and in some respects better ! We do get free healthcare in the uk but is quite devisive depends where you live and what your gps like whether you get arefrral in the first place to a specialist. Our private healthcare system is really good but like yours very very expensive . Does sound really complicated compared to ours. Hi T lynn similarities there then in repect of where you live and healthcare ! Shame the insurance youve got is rubbish !
Avatar f tn Thanks for this. I'm in the UK, and we don't really have a problem with Lyme Disease as far as I know, but I'm seeing my GP at the end of the weeks so I'll ask him if I've been checked for it (I have had about a leg full of blood taken over the months...) and if it is active in this region.
Avatar f tn As the US has known more about Fibro longer than the UK,can anyone give me advice on what helps them.I get severe head,neck and back many other areas of the body.Any meds from doc do not work and i just get sent to pain clinic and specialist etc etc over the years..but my pain is getting worse!I am reasonably active but I do not work as i could'nt.My headaches are very severe,at present I get cranial osteopathy and try to stay healthy and sane. The staying sane is pretty hard!