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875863 tn?1271606985 There are a variety of treatments for FMS. For example, the latest issue of the newsletter Fibromyalgia Network ( compares various drugs used to treat FMS. In our studies on FMS we found that over 70% of FMS patients had chronic infections (see our website for more information under Fatiguing Illnesses). If you have one or more chronic infections, these probably need to be treated. Also, for the fatigue we have found that NTFactor can help.
230948 tn?1235847929 Fibro is so confusing and I like hearing from someone who is as confused, I'm not happy your are confused by any means but I've been trying for 15 years to figure this out. I use to get a newletter from Fibromyalgia Network. I saved one newsletter, it was about the sympathetic nervous system. It just seem to make so much sense. It was tying FM to problems with the sympathetic nervous system. Do a search on that when you have time and see what you think.
Avatar f tn I used to read the FM Network Newsletter (a quarterly that looked worldwide at research on FMS) regularly and learned a lot from it; you can still order back issues: http://www.fmnetnews.
Avatar m tn After doing extensive research I started to notice that Gulf War Illness and MS, Lupus, CFS, Fibromyalgia and many AI diseases are exactly alike with overlapping symptoms. I started interviewing soldiers and spouses that were perfectly fine before entering the service, but now soldier and spouse alike are ill, with their children ill as well.
Avatar n tn Photodynamic Therapy for Barrett's esophagus is discussed by the Jefferson Cancer Network in the Spring 1999 newsletter. (Jefferson Medical Center, Philadelphia) It is on page 4 of the newsletter. As to my Barrett's, my gastroenterologist says as long as I take my Prilosec, I can eat and drink whatever I want -- in moderation, of course. I never had any symptoms of acid reflux, to the diagnosis was unexpected.
Avatar n tn When I mentioned about the continuing muscle weakness, she has suggested A.O.R. brand magnesium Malate Renew which is used for fibromyalgia and other neurological problems. All of these are totally natural ways to help the body to heal itself. She tested my reflexes again and assured me that this should run it's course and leave no residual effects. It's always so great to be reassured, because this week it really feels like my muscles are going into spasms more than they were before.